The 6 (true) Best Milk Dispensers 2019

Posted on February 28, 2019
Parents who give milk powder to their little one say it without hesitation, the milk doser is a must. Here is my selection of the 6 best baby milk dispensers among more than fifteen models available at the moment.
The mini-price dispenser from Nuk is for me the best quality / price ratio of this selection, not only for its pretty design, but also because it is not gendered.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide that will allow you to make the best choice.

The best cheap milk feeders
For very small budgets, here is a milk doser that will please many.
Nuk: the best cheap


 4 stackable doses (10 measures / pot)

 No individual lid for each pot

For a really mini price, the famous brand of baby care Nuk offers a milk dispenser that has 4 compartments stackable on top of each other, enough to leave a good part of the day out of the house with milk needed for baby bottles .
Each compartment holds up to 10 scoops of powder, which is sufficient even for large bottles (10 pods for a 300 ml bottle).
Thanks to the included pouring spout, you can easily pour the powder in the bottle without risking to put it everywhere (and therefore to have no more powder for baby's bottle). Convenient and well thought out so you can feed baby wherever you are or just do not have to measure with each bottle preparation (perfect for nighttime awakenings)!
With its compact size (7.5 x 19 cm), especially knowing that there are 4 compartments, this tower does not take up much space in a changing bag.
The screw cap allows the preservation and the hermetic transport of the powder, in order to always offer a quality milk to your child.
Made of plastic without bisphenol A (BPA), this small pod is ideal and is a must. Its gray / white colors make it a pretty all-purpose object, and its transparent plastic makes it possible to see if the dose has been used before even opening it. Very practical, therefore!
The cleaning is also without headache since it all goes in the dishwasher without worries. What greatly simplify the life of parents!
The only negative point is the absence of individual closure for each dose, since the top dose serves as a cover for the one below. In itself, I do not think this is a major problem, but it would have been better and more hygienic to have a lid for every little pot.
For the price, this milk doser is still very efficient and does its job perfectly. This milker is, according to me, the best quality / price ratio of this selection and with a rather pretty look.
The best mid-range milk dispensers
For slightly more expensive, but still at a very good price here are four milking machines that stood out.
Dodie: the best of mid-range

 3 stackable doses (9 measures / pot)
 Removable spout and screw cap


Based on the same principle as the previous milk doser, this metier from the famous brand Dodie offers here 3 stackable compartments that may contain a little less than the previous doser (9 doses and not 10, damage). This dispenser does not allow to prepare as many bottles and as big as the model from Nuk
However, unlike the milk dispenser above, the compartments are individual and separable, each with its lid: enough to transport and prepare baby bottles optimally and hygienically!
The spout included is also very convenient when preparing baby bottles.
Just like the previous one, this dispenser is made of BPA-free plastic and transparent, which makes it possible to know at first glance which compartment is empty. Here too, everything goes without worries in the dishwasher, an essential for the hygiene of baby products.
Perfect for baby powder, the compartments can also be used later for small snacks when the child is growing up. This dual use can really make the purchase profitable.
Level look, Dodie decided to propose a doser typed girl (pink and purple) and a typed boy (blue / green) instead of doing in unisex colors. Personally, for the principle and also for the look, I find this a shame, especially that the colors chosen are really commonplace and cliché.
I prefer the final Nuk doser to this one, much bigger and especially more beautiful for my taste, all for less.
Béaba Nude: the pretty

 3 stackable doses (9 measures / pot)


 No individual lid

Just like the Dodie Milk Feeder, this model of the famous brand Béaba has three boxes of milk stackable, which is ideal when you go on a ride with baby, and you do not want to prepare a bottle in advance.
Each of the 3 compartments is 100% airtight, and can hold up to 9 doses of milk powder, the same amount as the previous doser, but much less than the first of the Nuk selection.
This dispenser has once again a spout, essential accessory to make sure not to spill powder everywhere. Again, the dosing box can then serve as a snack box, a reconversion very appreciated and practical.
Sterilizable and washable in the dishwasher, the cleaning is done here too easily!
With its Nude model, Béaba offers three sets of different colors, a set typed girl, a rather boy and a neutral. If the colors are nice and different for the three compartments, the plastic doses is unfortunately not transparent and it is impossible to know which dose is full or empty. Not very practical if you have to open the three to find the remaining dose of milk!
In addition, this tower is still very bulky (7.8 x 25.5 cm), and takes a lot of space in the diaper bag, much more than the tower at Nuk which yet includes four compartments and not three. Not ideal so when you go on a mop and the bag is already full …
Baby comfort: can do better

 3 stackable doses (9 measures / pot)
 Removable spout and screw cap

 Ability to rather 6-7 doses / compartment

Another brand very famous in the world of baby-care, B√©b√© Confort, proposes its version of milk doser. Like most previous dispensers, this one also contains 3 stackable compartments that can hold up to 9 doses of milk (but apparently in fact rather 6/7). Not very high level capacity therefore, especially compared to the metering Nuk who offers 10 …
These 3 compartments are separated and all equipped with a lid to avoid the risks of mixing milk doses. Practical and clever, so they can even serve as individual little pots for cookies or other as baby grows up.
Very compact (7 x 17 cm), this little trick of doses of milk will sneak without worry in the baby diaper bag. Like the previous dosers, this one is also equipped with a pouring spout for an easy preparation of the bottles.
The washing is also easy because, once again, everything is in the dishwasher.
Level look, I must say that Baby Comfort disappoints me on this model. Indeed, if the compartments are transparent to easily see which is empty, the colors are unfortunately not very attractive.
Available in two models, this dispenser is available in white very basic or blue, which strangely has touches of bright red and green colors (which are not at all for my taste, by the way). A little work on the look would have been beneficial in my opinion … $
I confess therefore disappointed with this milker, yet a famous brand and in general I like a lot.
Tommee Tippee: the specific


 Be placed directly in the bottle

 Compatible with some baby bottles
 Requires to be transported in a bottle

Another famous brand well known to parents! Tommee Tippee, as usual, offers a milk dispenser that is out of the ordinary and not at all like those presented so far.
Indeed, far from the usual tower, this infant milk dispenser fits directly into a bottle Tommee Tippee, ideal to save space on a trip.
These dispensers are compatible with all bottle sizes of the Closer to Nature range of the brand (150/260/340 ml) and therefore unfortunately can not adapt to bottles of other brands.
With this dispenser, you can measure up to eight spoons of infant formula in advance, then prepare the bottle when the time comes. Attention, this announced capacity of 8 doses is actually only 7 maximum, or even less if you use powder for thickened milk. It is therefore not possible to prepare big baby bottles in the morning and evening if your baby takes it.
However, finish the tower that takes up space in the diaper bag! Beware this system means that you must obviously take as many baby bottles as the number taken by baby, since each dose must be in a bottle, unlike the towers that allow you to take only one bottle that is sufficient to wash between feedings.
This dispenser is therefore practical when you only have one bottle to prepare, unless you choose to take the doses separately, outside a bottle (which I think must be possible).
BPA free and phthalates free, this plastic doser is fully compatible with the baby's diet and is easy to wash in the dishwasher, for the happiness of the parents.
Too bad by cons it is not universal and it can not be used as a pot for snacks when baby no longer uses infant milk.
Delivered in a batch of 6, this product is I find too specific and the capacity not important enough. Too bad: the idea was pretty good, but ultimately not the most practical.
The best high-end milk dispensers
For a still reasonable price but significantly higher, here is a high-end milk dispenser that stands out.
Babymoov Babydose: the best upscale

 No individual lid for each pot
 Compartments sometimes difficult to screw

We remain here again in a well-known brand of baby care which, for a still very affordable price, offers its version of the milk dosing box.
Here, the system is very similar to the previous rounds, since it has 4 stackable and totally sealed compartments. Since each compartment can easily hold more than 6 doses of milk, you can prepare all the bottles of the day with this tower, which is ideal for mopers.
It remains however of an acceptable size (dimensions of 8 x 21 cm), even if higher than are equivalent of Nuk (which is only 19 cm). This is the price to pay for a reserve of powder for the whole day at your fingertips!
Like the previous ones, everything is dishwasher safe and sterilizable. This milk dosing box is therefore ideal not only for the preparation of baby bottles, but also for its small snacks when it is a little bigger.
Level design, I must say that this tower is really pretty, with an even more ergonomic design that is ideal to facilitate the payment of milk with the pourer slightly off-center.
Color level, it exists in versions Cherry and Artic blue which, even if a little too gendered for my taste, remain very pretty. Too bad however that the compartments are not transparent because it is impossible to see if they contain or not powder.
Well, you will have to remember which ones are empty and which ones are not!
In addition, it appears that the compartments are not always easy to screw, which is really a concern, especially when there is a risk of losing powder because the compartments do not have individual cover.
Not sure therefore that this box really justifies its price, even if it is undeniably very pretty.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

Small purchase that seems innocuous before the arrival of baby, it can be more than essential, especially if your baby drinks milk infant frequently. For a more than minimal investment, the milking machine will make life easier for parents and it is therefore important to choose the one that will be most suitable.
Here, then, in my opinion, are the criteria to be taken into consideration in the selection process.
The capacity
The first thing you need to think about before buying is the capacity you want, not only for today's consumption, but also for the one your little one will have in several months, in order to have a measuring cup which can serve you a long time.
If most feeders have three or even four compartments, which theoretically allow you to make as many bottles as compartments, you must also make sure that each of these compartments is large enough to accommodate all the milk powder needed for a bottle. baby bottle. Otherwise I do not see the usefulness of such a milker.
So, be sure to choose a model that can accommodate as much powdered milk as possible per dose, so you can prepare the big bottles in the morning and evening. In general, most can contain at least 6 milk pods, often more, depending on the type of milk (thickened milk takes a little more space). It is better to choose too big than too small.
Logically, the capacity is the main parameter that will influence the size of the milk feeder, although some towers are larger than others with greater capacity (which is often due to the design and especially to the cap) .
If space is a limiting factor in your case, be sure not to choose a tower that is too big and that will not fit in the changing bag. In general, the dispensers have a diameter of around 7.5-8 cm and a height between 15 and 25 cm depending on the models and the number of compartments.
Some milk dispensers are positioned directly in the bottle, ideal to save space, if you only need to prepare a single bottle. If the idea is pretty good, I find that this solution is in the long run much less convenient.
In addition, these dosers are often very specific and only fit on some models of bottles of some brands. A very limited use therefore.
The material
Like anything that comes into contact with food and even more so when it comes to baby, make sure that the material used is completely harmless. Most often, you will find BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic dispensers, ideal for such use.
A doser is above all supposed to make your life easier and not complicate it. It is therefore important for me to choose a model that is easy to wash and dishwasher safe. Of course, you will also need to sterilize it before the first use and from time to time thereafter.
I also advise to choose a doser whose compartments are closed individually and not just with the compartment above. If this is not mandatory, I find that it adds an additional level of hygiene and will also prevent the worries of powder that escapes unintentionally unscrewing.
You will also be able to use these small individual pots for small snacks when your child has grown a little.
Other important points
For obvious practical reasons, I advise to choose a model whose compartments are transparent to see at first glance and without having to open them, whether they contain powder or not. This will prevent you from having to look for the dose of milk and risking to spill.
Please also choose a model with a measuring spout or a help so you do not lose powder when you pour it into the bottle, which would ruin all your efforts to guarantee a dose of milk powder adapted to your baby.

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