The 6 (true) Best Standing Floor Lamps 2019

Posted on March 29, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 6 best floor lamps among a wide selection of models available on the market.
I personally have a small crush for the Cinema Noir floor lamp from Rendez vous déco, but the charm also works for the other 5 models in this selection.
At the end of the article, you will find a buying guide to help you choose a floor lamp that suits you.

The best cheap standing floor lamps
An indoor floor lamp can easily fit into a home whether in a living room, a dining room, a bedroom or an office! A floor lamp helps to give an atmosphere to a room, often soft and warm. It can also highlight your furniture.
In this range, I present you some models at the best price.
Maddy Metal Floor Lamp: The Best Cheap

 Modern wrought iron pattern

 No problem identified

The Maddy floor lamp is a model that is both simple and sophisticated. Let me explain: he is a straight model standing, of solid color, but that is not banal so far. Its shape is singular, as well as its material. In wrought iron, it is a lamp that offers a good stability and remains easy to assemble.
It is compact, with a height of 160 cm and a diameter of 22 cm. Its 27 LED bulb has a power of 40 W and the advantage is that it is included in the pack, which is not always the case. You can turn it on and off via the small switch on the cable. The latter measures 2 meters.
You do not have a dimmer. It is a model that, at this price, is both simple and functional.
This floor lamp will also have a nice effect in your home whether in a living room, a library or a room. This decorative floor lamp is easy to integrate into a room. You can also easily move it, since it weighs only 4 kilos at most.
When you open your package, you will have to assemble the parts, but do not panic, just aim the parts together. In 3 minutes, it's packed!
More than aim the bulb and you will have a good lighting in your room. Users agree that it is good value for money! In summary, it is a modern lamp, easy to assemble, supplied with a light bulb, and all this, for a price that remains lower than most of its competitors.
IDMarket floor lamp: ideal for a mood light


 Nuts deserve to be strengthened

The IDMarket floor lamp is an original model set on a wooden tripod and is in line with the industrial style. It is also a rather decorative floor lamp that, again, will easily match the decor of your home. Its light is ideal for a small cozy atmosphere at home!
It is surmounted by a large gray conical fabric shade (two diameters are available: the smallest is 33 cm, the most 46 cm x 25 cm (h) .The height is adjustable thanks to the steel joints. It is a model that is both chic and mat, perfect for a living room or a dining room.
It is a slender model that features 3 slim wooden feet for warm lighting. Its dimensions are 65 x 55 x 144 cm (W x D x H). The foot is adjustable from 73 to 118.5 cm. The E27 bulb (max 40 W) is unfortunately not supplied with this model.
According to the users, it corresponds exactly to the description that is made of it. His look is quite nice and in keeping with a lot of decor and furniture styles! This model is also available with a white or black shade. It is also very easy to assemble.
The gray shade only allows ambient lighting because it is quite opaque. So do not expect to light the entire room, but it will help bring a soothing atmosphere to your home. You will not be dazzled by the light and you will not have too many reflections if you look at a screen or TV.
According to users, the set is of good quality, but the nuts deserve to be a little more strengthened. It is therefore a pretty contemporary model, rather elegant, but lacks quality as for its finishes. A light bulb would not be too much.
If you like to match your furniture and decorations, you can find other models of matching lamps, including tripod bedside lamps.
Leds VidaXL floor lamp: a sleek style

 Model with two lamps

 Good manufacturing quality

 No Allen key for mounting

VidaXL sells low-cost products for the home and its environment. The company distributes products in Europe, the United States and Australia via 31 online stores. VidaXL seeks to offer products at low prices, without neglecting the quality. Here is an example.
The VidaXL Led Floor Lamp, at an accessible price of around EUR 70, has a design that is both simple and modern. It is a floor lamp that is able to illuminate an entire room thanks to its LEDs and its dual dimmers, easy to use.
So you have a lighting up (LED 18 W) and a reading lamp (LED 5 W) which can both light, provide good lighting to your room. Their energy consumption is low. A good point for your electricity bill!
The warm white light (3000 K) it produces gives your home a relaxing atmosphere. It is a durable steel model with satin nickel finishes. The luminous flux up is 1620 lumens, while the luminous flux of the reading lamp is 450 lumens.
Its dimensions are 180 x 25 cm (H x diameter) and the cable length is 1.8 meters. When you start the installation, make sure you start the assembly upwards so that you do not have to start the assembly again. An Allen key, on the other hand, for mounting would have been appreciated by users.
His style is uncluttered, no extravagances for this model. Ideal for a living room near the sofa! If you want to benefit from different types of lighting, this is a model to consider. Its light is not dazzling.
The best standing floor lamps
In this range, you will discover lamps of good quality as functional as decorative! These models will bring a touch of originality to your home decor, and for a price that remains relatively affordable!
Floor lamp Rendez vous déco: the best of mid-range

 Model on tripod with switch


 Bulb E14 of max. 25W (not supplied)

Now put the spotlight! In the spotlight: the Cinema Noir black floor lamp by Rendez déco. Rendez-vous déco is a site dedicated to the sale of furniture and decoration. They offer design and unusual products at preferential prices. On their official website you will find not only bar tables, wall shelves, light fixtures, but also garden furniture.
This Cinema Noir floor lamp can bring a studio atmosphere to your home, inspired by the cinema projectors of the past. Its design in wood and chrome metal can, for example give an original touch to your living room or your office!
Its dimensions are 71 x 56.5 x 140 cm, a model that is not very high so! The wooden tripod and articulated metal is adjustable in height from 96 to 142 cm max. You can even use it on a terrace as a backup lamp, it is easy to move.
This is a floor lamp that your guests will certainly envy! On the other hand, if you are looking for powerful lighting, do not rely on this model. Do not consider testing another type of bulb, as this may damage it. The bulb is not delivered with the lamppost, too bad! It will therefore be necessary to provide a suitable bulb: E14 of max. 25 W.
The light it diffuses is soft and adjustable. The shade is adjustable and allows you to create different moods.
By cons, no need for tools for mounting. It is therefore a model that is both aesthetic, easy to assemble and well made, even if users believe that the tips of the feet should be reinforced. Otherwise for a mood light, it's the best!
Zanflare floor lamp: an arched model ideal for a living room

 No inconvenience

The company Zanflare offers here a floor lamp in classic design, no frills, particularly appreciated by users who have purchased. Zanflare is a company specialized in the sale of lamps: closet lamps, salt lamps or solar outdoor lights.
The arched standing model they offer is adjustable and rather economical. Its design can be easily matched with different types of decor: its simplicity and elegance make it a simple but timeless model. Especially well suited for a living room, bedroom or office!
The lampshade is beige and the round metal base is black: its discreet design and warm light can bring a touch of elegance and a rather relaxing atmosphere to your room. The base offers good stability to the whole. Its maximum height is 150 cm.
This floor lamp weighs just 4.5 kg, which allows you to easily move it if you want to use it in different places. The editing is fast.
You have this model with a foot switch to turn the lamp on or off. The E27 bulb produces a warm white light of 3000 K. It consumes little energy and lights up more than 50 000 hours!
This floor lamp is ideal if you want a soft and warm lighting while being powerful enough to illuminate a room properly.
If you are looking for a standing floor lamp with adjustable brightness that you can easily move and install near a reading corner, you also have this floor standing Zanflare which is around 50 euros. Zanflare offers a 3 year warranty on its products.
The best standing floor lamps
And yes, you also have high-end for this type of furniture! And you have a wide choice!
Many designers have looked at the case of street lamps to give them a unique and original touch. I present you in this range, a vintage lamp post which remains affordable.
Parola vintage floor lamp: the best high-end


 Compatible with different bulbs

The Parola vintage floor lamp sold by Hofstein is an elongated and curved model in gold – black metal, with an E27 socket head lamp of max. 60 W.
This socket allows you to install a wide variety of bulbs. It is particularly compatible with LED bulbs, A ++, eco-halogen or energy saving. No light bulb is included in the pack again …
This Parola floor lamp has a foot switch on the cable. Adopting a retro style, it is made from robust metal, with a plain black base and a large round matching shade.
Its golden color on the inner wall brings a singular and elegant touch to this model. This floor lamp can ideally be placed in a bedroom, a living room or even a corridor to accommodate your guests. It will definitely catch more than one look!
The lampshade measures 25 cm in diameter, for a total width of the lamppost of 80 cm and a height of 163 cm. It is a model rather resistant to the dust which is certified IP20.
If you are interested in this black-gold contrast, Hofstein offers other original models such as the vintage Saturn XXL floor lamp with black and gold metal shade with bulb E27 max. 40 W (LED compatible). Or even more daring, the Cetona Floor Lamp on tripod in black metal and wood.
In summary, the Parola floor lamp is a very aesthetic model that offers a beautiful light. Only the absence of light bulb can unfortunately do a little stain at this price!
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

Streetlights are not only functional – they illuminate a room more or less strongly – but also decorative! A floor lamp contributes to the atmosphere of a room: it is a little extra warm touch, whether placed near a sofa or in a corner of the room.
When buying a floor lamp, you will have a choice: from the classic model to the modern model, there is something for every taste and every living room: vintage lamp posts, in wood, with or without a dimmer, with LEDs, etc.
I will, in the following guide, dissect all this to help you find a lamp that is adapted to your needs!
Different models and types of lighting
The first thing to determine before buying is whether you want a mood light or a powerful light that can light a room. Depending on the model you choose, you can have a floor lamp equipped with a halogen lamp or integrated LED bulbs.
You have three main types of street lamps depending on the lighting they offer.
Streetlights recommended as main lighting
In main lighting, you have the choice between an arc lamp post, a right lamp post or a directional model.
The arc lamp post adapts easily to all types of rooms. You can place it in a corner of the living room, above a bar, a sofa or a coffee table. In the form of an arch, longer or longer depending on the model, it flies over the part to be illuminated. At the end of the stem, you have a shade, a globe or other glassware.
A right lamp post is obviously composed of a right foot (not curved unlike the first). It illuminates the ceiling directly. This is the most common model. These models are often made of metal and available in several colors.
Regarding the directional lamp, it also often consists of a right foot on which are positioned several directional light sources so that you can simultaneously illuminate several places in your room. Ideal for reading a book for example!
Streetlights recommended as extra lighting
For additional lighting or a dimmed atmosphere, you have the choice between a reading lamp, a lamp tube light or dimmer.
The reading lamps are equipped with a large fixed foot and a small swivel arm, so that you can fully enjoy your reading after dark.
The tube of light model offers a more subdued light, because it escapes mainly from the top and the bottom. The shape of these models is usually rather refined and their length gives the impression that it extends the height of your room. These models are inexorably reminiscent of Asian lamps – an Asian touch that can match your decor, if your interior lends itself.
Finally, the lamp dimmer is often equipped with a dimmer that adjusts the power of the lighting, a feature that I personally find very convenient! You can, in fact, adjust the intensity of the lighting to your liking to create a mood tailored to your needs.
Just note that if you install an LED bulb, it must be dimmable to withstand light variations.
Decorative floor lamps
If it is the decorative aspect that you prefer in the first place, a paper, design, wooden or connected floor lamp can then suit you.
The paper floor lamp consists of a metal rod on which are fixed sockets that accommodate the bulbs themselves. These models have a thin colored or plain paper covering that allows a more or less intense lighting depending on the models thanks to the semi opacity of its envelope. These paper models are round, square or twisted, patterned or otherwise uniform.
The design floor lamp is, in turn, often made of metal, chrome or brushed aluminum. This type of floor lamp is generally well suited to all contemporary style interiors. Often adopting an original form, it is a centerpiece in your living room that stands out from the rest of the furniture.
Some floor lamps give you the opportunity to put books or other decorative items on shelves like the Kenneth Floor Lamp by Maisons du Monde.
The creators are not lacking in inspiration: you will, for example, have original creations such as the Kushi Floor lamp by lberto Saggia and Valerio Sommella composed of brass rods surmounted by opaline glass diffusers for a chic effect and a soft light.
As for wooden models, they are generally popular because they are suitable for various environments. They are often equipped with lampshades of varying shapes and colors. These models find their place very easily in a living room or bedroom for example. Equipped with a right or triple foot, these wooden models can bring a soft and soothing touch to your interior!
Finally, we have the lamp connected. What can be hidden under this name? If you like modern deco, you probably already know that the connected floor lamp simply designates a model equipped with a remote control that allows you to adjust the lights (intensity, colors, etc.).
Halogen and LED street lamps
You have either halogen lamps or integrated LEDs. So, which model to choose?
The halogen floor lamp is part of the right foot lamps on which is positioned a metal cup. You often have a dimmer to change the intensity, so a light more or less powerful depending on your settings. On the other hand, it is those that obviously consume the most.
Integrated LEDs are more economical and less energy consuming than the previous ones. I recommend a white light, above 4000 K, for a main and rather yellow lighting, below 3500 K, for extra light or dim. You also sometimes have a dimmer for intensity and color.
You can also take a look at the energy class of the bulbs compatible with your model, the most energy-consuming being those of class A.
In conclusion, which floor lamp to choose?
So you have several styles of floor lamps. Curved, straight, with shades, etc. You will certainly find a model that will make you happy!
You have low or high lighting fixtures. For a model intended to offer a mood light or extra lighting, I recommend the metal Maddy floor lamp for a small budget and the Zanflare floor lamp which is, in my opinion, a timeless model.
For a powerful model, intended to illuminate an entire room, I recommend a floor lamp like the vintage lamp Parola. A model like this will be an undeniable decorative element in your home.
In the end, everything is a matter of taste. Personally, I very much appreciate the floor lamp Rendez Vous déco for its design that breaks with traditional models. You have retro lamps, chic, refined, rustic, classic with spotlights, lampshade, finally, everything you want!
The important thing is to define the type of lighting you need. Also take into account the dimensions so you do not end up with a lamppost too big or too small. For small spaces, opt for a discreet reading lamp.
Honorable Mentions
LED vintage copper floor lamp: this floor lamp offers powerful lighting of 60 W (energy class A +). This model is surmounted by an industrial retro lampshade and is placed on a metal stand. This English floor lamp comes with an adapter. At a very competitive price!
Nacatin: With the Nacatin floor lamp, you have an integrated touch control and a remote control to adjust the color of the lighting, but also a timer (1 to 10 minutes to turn off the light automatically). The 9W LED is ideal as lighting for reading or a desk. The head rotates 360 °. In particular, you have 5 levels of brightness and 25 types of lighting. The Memory function allows you to preserve your settings.
Deuba arc lamp: it is an arc lamp with a marble base and a foot switch. The design is reminiscent of the style of the 70s. The movable rod can be adjusted. The dimensions are 146-220 cm; the cable measures 195 cm. An E27 lamp of max. 40 W is required (not supplied).
Homcom: The Homcom floor lamp adopts a neo-retro industrial style with adjustable height. The wood is combined with metallic steel for a look that is both aesthetic and solid. This floor lamp is equipped with anti-slip pads to prevent the risk of scratches on your floor and provide good stability to your lamp.
Hofstein Machaila floor lamp: the floor standing Machaila Hofstein floor lamp is a floor lamp that evokes the photo studios with its spotlight. It is suitable for A ++ energy class bulbs, but no bulbs are provided for purchase. Its dimensions are 52 x 172 x 42 cm (W x H x diameter), the height being adjustable. One of its main features is that the spot is adjustable!
Globo floor lamp 15057S: if you like feathers, then this floor lamp may be able to adorn your living room! Made of metal, with a plastic lampshade and white feathers, it is a floor lamp that will not go unnoticed. It is adjustable in height.
Lampenwelt: its Fiby silk fabric is ideal for decorating a living room or a dining room. Its cylindrical fabric shade and three-legged metal stand provide good support. The bulb has a max power. 60 W (energy class A ++). Lampenwelt GmbH, active in the sector for more than 10 years, is today one of the European leaders in online sales of lamps and luminaires.
QAZQA Rustic: The standing Qazqa floor lamp features classic Tripod lighting and a black fabric shade with a floral pattern. It is compatible with 60W bulbs, incandescent, halogen, LEDs. It is not very sensitive to dust (IP20).

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