The 6 (true) Best Stepladders 2019

Posted on March 10, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of 6 best stepladders among more than thirty models selected beforehand. I personally have a small preference for the Step Garden step stool which can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its hooves that do not sink into the ground, and his large basket. Convenient and beautiful at the same time You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find a step ladder adapted to your needs.

The best cheap stepladders
Getting high, it does not cost expensive. And yes, for a price less than 100 euros, you will certainly find your happiness.
In this range, I chose quality affordable stepladders that are easily transportable and secure. The price varies according to the brand, the quality, and the number of walks.
Songmics 5 steps: the best cheap

 Lack of stability depending on the use and quality of the soil

The Songmics step ladder is an ideal model to start this selection. It is a folding model that has 5 aluminum steps and is offered at a very affordable price.
It can support a maximum load of 150 kg, like most stepladders. The Songmics offers good stability with its steps securely attached to the uprights of the ladder. It is certified by TÜV SÜD GS, an independent body recognized for its certification services of very diverse products!
This is a DIY ladder for people who want to tinker at home, whether to change a light bulb, paint a wall or do other small jobs. Its tool holder is very convenient to keep your equipment at your fingertips.
Unfolded, this stool is 102 x 46.5 x 165 cm (W x W x H) and 48 x 13 x 178 cm when folded. You can easily put it away in a corner of your house or garage, no worries aside!
Having a similar step at home, I can tell you that this model is really easy to move from room to room, especially since it weighs only 4.8 kg.
Its design is simple, with anti-slip sawtooth feet and grooved steps for extra security. These last ones however are rather narrow, so stay vigilant when you use it: it would not miss that you miss a walk!
In short, it is a model that is easy to manipulate and very accessible. If you want to buy your first stool for some occasional crafts, the Songmics will do the trick!
Finether Stepladder: an affordable 2 x 5 step stepladder


 Solid and lightweight at a time
 The last step is narrow

If you are looking for a reasonably priced step ladder for your work at height, the Finether 4 step ladder is a model of choice. It is known that it can support a load up to 150 kg.
Its silver design with black edges is classic, but quite elegant. But what counts above all is that a stool must, above all, be useful and secure enough!
This one is intended for a domestic use, and I am sure that you will not miss any ideas to find it a utility that it is in an office, a kitchen (to catch the boxes of biscuits above a cupboard? ) or in a library to find the deposited books that you had deposited on the last shelf …
This stool complies with EN131 standard. On the other hand, it is easy to maintain and transport because it weighs only 3.5 kg and folds. So you can easily find him a little place somewhere!
Made of aluminum, it is resistant to water, rust and corrosion. This stepladder is available with 2, 3, 4 or 5 steps. You are therefore spoiled for choice according to the use you wish to make.
The inclined legs are slip-resistant and stable, the steps are slightly ribbed for more security. The small upper platform can be used as a booster seat or a tool rest, always handy when you tinker!
Some users, however, rightly believe that this platform is quite narrow, and therefore inconvenient for that. Unlike other models, you will not be able to stand on it.
No assembly or tool is required for installation, just open it by holding it securely in the open position. The corners protect your furniture and walls from scratches. In summary, a beautiful stepladder for its price!
The best mid-range stepladders
Among the mid-range stepladders, you will have models that offer a little more comfort (larger steps or non-slip rubberized surface), but also greater stability. And who says more stability says more security!
Step Garden Stepladder 3 steps: the best mid-range


 Convenient to work outdoors

 Large storage basket

 No inconvenience

The company Centaure started in 1936 with Léon Cubri in Courbevoie in a metal workshop, and has continued to grow ever since. In 1950, Léon Cubri launched the manufacture of ladders to meet the reconstruction needs of the time. Built to be both flexible and manageable, these ladders have been very popular and are now sold all over the world.
The Centaur stool with wide steps is a model both suitable for outdoor use in the garden and for indoor use. This stepladder is no shortage of arguments, including clogs that do not sink into the ground and offer great stability on uneven floors.
It is equipped with a suitable tool holder for those who wish to put some accessories, and a very spacious basket that can accommodate some gardening tools or some fruit if you go picking. A real plus I find! You can even detach the basket if necessary.
With a small weight of 4.80 kg you can easily move it! What more ?
For maximum comfort, the steps are very wide, wider and more comfortable than traditional stools with a width of 13 cm. Its structure is aluminum and its non-slip steel platform.
It is a model according to the EN131 standard which can support a maximum load of 150 kg. And the users who have tested it are particularly satisfied!
The plus is that it is guaranteed 3 years. It is a beautiful investment that can serve both indoors and outdoors. This model is available with a larger number of steps, such as the Step Garden Stepladder 4 Steps. Very practical and aesthetic, I validate!
Wenko 601012100: compact and practical

 A bit heavy for some users

The step ladder Wenko 3 steps is one of the best models of this selection. You have the choice between different options when buying, since it is available with a different number of floors. The dimensions of the 3 steps are 44 x 122 x 64.5 cm. It can support a maximum weight of 150 kg. To work or grab objects in height, it's an ideal stool!
With its large steps (31.5 x 14.5 cm) non-slip, its rubberized surface will prevent you from slipping. You can go up and down without difficulty, or take comfortably on its platform of 31.5 x 23 cm. This stepladder is TÜV / GS certified.
Made of sturdy aluminum of good quality, it is a solid material that folds easily and can be stored safely. It is not only equipped with plastic protectors on the feet, but also a support bracket so you can adopt a secure standing posture.
Some users find it a little heavy with its 6.2 kg, but it's the price to pay for its stability and strength. It is a stepladder that you can certainly keep a few years!
In summary, it is a very compact model when folded, practical and offers some security. You also have the same step ladder version 1, 2, and 4 steps. The 3-step model is highly appreciated for its stability, even if it is a bit heavy. In addition, it has a look that is not displeasing!
The best high-end stepladders
In this range, I chose stepladders that are both practical and solid. I selected high-end models that remain at a relatively affordable price.
These are two DIY ladders (bigger than the previous models) that have a platform to accommodate tools or other equipment.
Hailo Profistep XXL: the best high-end


 Tool shelf and bucket
 Light compared to its height
 No inconvenience

The step ladder Hailo Profistep XXL is a safety equipment made in France. Made of aluminum, it offers 6 steps of 13 cm anti-slip, a shelf to accommodate your tools, a hook-holder bucket and a greenhouse cable. You are well equipped, are not you?
You also have a large non-slip platform that allows you to take comfortably or will be adapted if you want to stand up.
This stepladder can support a maximum load identical to those of the models we reviewed previously, that is to say 150 kg. You benefit from a working height of almost 3 meters. Happy are those who have vertigo … And who can feel reassured with this stool!
The first step is at a height of 18 cm from the ground. Its weight of 6.2 kg is not the lightest, but it is not the heaviest model either.
Once folded, it will not be cumbersome either. Its folded dimensions are 208 x 51 x 14 cm, and 190 x 51 x 120 cm when deployed. Sturdy enough and stable, you can tinker serenely.
Note that the pads are interchangeable with the accessories "Hailo Easyclix Garden Skates" and "Hailo Easyclix Living".
Hailo ladders comply with the EN131 standard for safety. When buying, you have the choice between different models, from the 3-step version for the smallest to the 8-step version for the largest. Ideal and functional for small jobs or home DIY!
Pro'Up Centaur Stool: Centaur for DIYers


 Has two ramps
 No inconvenience

The Pro'Up stool from Centaure (scale and scaffold specialist) is a very secure model with two aluminum access ramps and ergonomic handles for comfortable use. Centaure is the name that Leon Gubri gave to the first range of aluminum ladders in 1955.
It is a robust material of good quality. It offers a tool tray with good capacity and rounded shape.
You also benefit from a platform to support or deposit tools. The Pro'Up step ladder is suitable for various types of domestic work and is available in several formats: from 5 to 8 steps (from 6 to 8.8 kg for the largest). Note that the number of steps indicated includes the platform.
You have wide non-slip pads for your safety. This stepladder can support a maximum load of 150 kg and complies with the EN131 standard. This model is guaranteed 5 years.
The aluminum steps are securely attached to the posts by crimping, and the wide pads offer you good stability. The joints are also designed so that you can not pinch your fingers.
This model 5 steps is still manageable, and easy to move despite its 6 kg. By cons, it must be admitted, it is a bit bulky. But hey, we forgive him … Maneuverability, stability, and robustness, that's all you expect from a stepladder worthy of the name!
In short, it's a practical and functional stool that offers a little extra benefit with its two support bars. Ideal for indoor work or on a flat surface outdoors!
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

A ladder is a small ladder with articulated hinges and wide flat steps (unlike ladder ladders) that you can use for all small jobs that require a little height. At home or away, it's a tool that can make your life a lot easier.
At the same time light and stable, you can paint a wall, change a light bulb on the ceiling, catch objects over a cupboard for the smallest of us, pick some fruit … In short, its usefulness is more to demonstrate!
Compact enough, the stools are foldable and easy to store. They are often equipped with wide steps, and non-slip materials for your safety.
Here are some things to consider when you want to buy a step ladder.
The different types of step ladders
There are three main types of stools depending on the use. You first have basic or domestic stools, then DIY stools and finally, professionals for more regular or intensive use.
Stepladders are very useful tools. Think of booksellers or librarians when they have to catch or put a book on the last shelf above, or when some shopkeepers have to put away their shelves.
Stepladders are usually at least 3 steps, below, we speak rather of foot-steps.
The number of walks
Most stepladders usually have 3 or 4 steps, but other models have many more (up to 10). These are usually equipped with a tool slot so that you always have what you need on hand.
Most of the time, you have a platform at the top of the steps to support you, stand up or drop the necessary.
If you plan to work on the front of your house, a model with 6 to 10 steps is recommended. But if you want to access the shelf of a cabinet or clean a glass, a low stool 3 to 4 floors can suffice.
The advantage of stepladders is that they are compact, foldable, and convenient to store. A stepladder can be installed wherever you want, even in the middle of a room to change a light bulb for example, unlike a ladder.
The shape is often the same, but remember that the V-shaped stepladders are more robust and stable.
Materials and robustness
Generally, household or household ladders are lightweight so that you can easily carry them around the house. They can be aluminum or steel, and have narrow or wide riveted steps.
These stools are equipped with anti-slip pads, and are more suitable for occasional work (installation of curtains, change of bulb, cleaning).
DIY ladders usually also have an aluminum structure for more lightness, while being strong enough to withstand horizontal stresses.
Small important point: you often have a locking system for your safety. When you open your stepladder, the upper platform has just clipped on the two sides, so that it does not close when you work.
What would a handyman do without his tools? Not much, of course, why DIY stools are equipped with a tool compartment. They are also equipped with anti-slip pads.
For professional models, these have wide non-slip pads, steps (about 12 cm deep) and reinforced uprights. You also have stabilizing bars on the sides, or even wheels on the platforms.
You can also find wooden stools, they are robust models, but I do not necessarily advise everyone because they are heavy. The same goes for plastic models, which, conversely, are not the strongest.
In summary, the most practical are the aluminum models because they are light and those in steel because of their robustness.
The maximum load
Regarding the load supported, two points must be taken into account: your weight, but also the weight of your tools. Most stools available on the market can support up to 150 kg.
Some models can support up to 200 kg, but these are more for professional use. Current regulations provide a limit of 260 kg for step stools.
In conclusion, which stepladder to choose?
The modern ladder is light and compact in terms of dimensions and features. Once folded, it can be easily stored along a wall, standing or lying down. Often made of aluminum, its weight will not be a problem either.
Level height, the ideal, in my opinion, is a stepladder that includes 4 or 5 steps as the Hailo Profitsep XXL that combines both lightness and practicality, without limiting your operations.
For your safety, remember to lock the two steps of the stepladder before climbing on it, and make sure you are on a flat surface.
If you are going to tinker in the garden, it is rather the model Garden Step 3 steps sold by Centauri that I advise you. I really appreciate its design, and its practical side with its feet that do not sink into the ground and its large basket.
Finally, if you have the budget, I suggest a stool like the Centaur's Pro'Up for regular use over the long term. At the same time solid and secure, he will know how to accompany you in your small works.
Honorable Mentions
ALVE Step ladder 4 steps: a classic and light ladder with 4 steps, what are you looking for? With its grooved steps, a large platform of 26 x 26 cm, and non-slip feet, it is a stool that is both simple and functional.
Stepladder Tools Saint-Etienne (OSE): it is a model with 4 wide non-slip steps, and a support bar on both sides. Ideal for those who are afraid to get high and want safe and reassuring equipment.
Costway Stepladder 4 steps: it is a foldable stepladder steel which has 4 steps and two safety handles. It can support a maximum load of 150 kg.
Finether 5 M 2 in 1: The Finether 5 M stepladder is a 2 in 1 aluminum model. It can support a load up to 150 kg, and complies with EN131. It is an extensible model, and resistant!

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