The 7 (real) Best 2019 Baby Care Kits

Posted on February 18, 2019
It is very convenient and reassuring to have a care kit specially adapted for baby, in order to have everything at hand, which is why I propose here the 7 best baby care kits, among more than fifteen models available at the moment on the market.
The Babymoov kit, as beautiful as functional is a must-have in my opinion!
You will also find a little shopping guide at the end of the article to help you choose the perfect care kit for you and your baby.

The best baby care kits at no cost
For the budget, here are three care kits that will certainly please.
Badabulle: the best not expensive


 Many useful care accessories
 Place to add other little things
 No electronic thermometer to take baby's temperature

The first cheap baby care kit in this selection is from a big brand, Badabulle and for a price similar to the kits that are present in this range.
With its look and organized storage, it looks a lot like the kit of care offered by Bébé Confort, the second of this selection. Indeed, it contains all the visible elements that are organized with numerous pockets and elastics, so that you can easily select what you need, and check in the blink of an eye that you have everything what you need before traveling.
Ideal for a minimum of head!
It's also much more hygienic than having everything loose that touches you. In this kit you can find seven accessories such as a bath thermometer, a brush, a comb, a file, a nail clipper, a pair of rounded scissors and a silicone gum.
I must say that the file and the comb are welcome because, especially just after birth, it is not possible to cut the baby's nails, it must be filed. So good to add it to the kit.
Similarly, it is sometimes difficult to brush baby hair and a comb is sometimes much more convenient (especially for babies with a lot of hair). Apart from the digital thermometer again, there is nothing missing from this kit I think. In addition, it is always possible to add cotton swabs, wipes and medicines and other if necessary because there is still room.
In a format that is fully compatible with changing bags (23.2 x 6 x 17.5 cm), you can easily carry it everywhere and hang it easily thanks to its handy handle.
Made of phthalate / polyester-free PVC, this kit is easy to wash by hand, so it's easy to keep clean no matter what, ideal for a baby. All pretty with its soft colors assorted, so it is, in my opinion, the best baby care kit cheap of this selection.
Baby comfort: the basic


 Many useful care accessories
 Place to add other little things
 Bath thermometer too big
 No electronic thermometer to take baby's temperature

The cheapest kit of this selection is offered by the famous baby comfort brand babycare. For a very small price, this kit contains almost everything you need to clean baby with peace of mind.
This care kit includes a playful bath thermometer in the shape of a turtle, a pair of round scissors and its base, an ergonomic nail clipper and its base, a brush with soft bristles and integrated mirror and a comb to the teeth rounded.
With its clever storage, this kit can also accommodate additional accessories, such as cotton swabs, compresses or cardboard nail files.
Everything is tidy in the little cute kit, you can easily take all this small equipment with you on a trip (31 x 18.2 x 3.8 cm). With its tidy storage, you'll find what you need at a glance and do not waste time digging around to find what you need (while baby gets impatient)!
With their beautiful colors (this kit exists in blue, sky blue and coral) the tools are matched with the kit for a very cute look.
The kit itself is machine washable, allowing you a very easy wash.
In my opinion, this kit is well thought out and contains many elements, but it is still missing an electronic thermometer to take the temperature of baby, essential element of care, especially the first weeks, and it is good to keep with either on the move.
The turtle bath thermometer is a good idea and will certainly appeal to baby, but unfortunately seems difficult to empty its water between two baths. Not ideal because the stagnant water makes this thermometer not very hygienic with risks of mold not insignificant.
This bath thermometer is also quite large, and could have left a little room for another thermometer (no bath this time). A good base, but with some defects.
Nuk: for the older ones


 Many useful care accessories
 Place to add other little things
 Many items for 6-12 months
 No electronic thermometer to take baby's temperature
 No organized storage

For a comparable price, another famous baby brand, Nuk, is also offering a small baby care kit.
Very different in its contents compared to the previous kit, it contains a genius t1 lollipop with carrying case, an extra soft brush, scissors, a double teething ring, an educational kit for dental hygiene with a brush learning, a cleaning brush and a safety ring adaptable to the two brushes.
For my part, I find that, if not the soft brush and scissors (which we appreciate the protective cover), the rest is rather superfluous and does not really care for baby, or not at once. birth (the brushing of teeth does not begin until the arrival of the first, around 5 months).
The teething ring and the lollipop are clearly not classifiable in the care of baby and therefore take the place of important elements that are missing here such as the thermometer and a bath thermometer for example, which they will use as soon the first days.
The kit is certainly very pretty with its gray tones and fluo green, but in addition to being much less convenient than the previous kit (everything is loose in), does not contain, in my opinion, the essentials for baby care.
It is therefore, in my opinion, a much less sensible choice than the previous kit, unless it is intended for a baby a little larger about 6-12 months.
The best mid-range baby care kits
For slightly higher prices, but still reasonable, here are two health kits that stood out.
Safety 1st: the best mid-range


 Digital thermometer included


The famous Safety 1st babycare brand introduces us to her baby care kit. If at first glance the look of this kit is, I must say, much less attractive than the previous ones, it remains pretty pretty even if clearly more imposing (20.5 x 5.5 x 21.5 cm) .
If visually it does not pay too much mine, I find it very well organized, with compartments of zipped storage very practical and, by their transparency, allow to quickly visualize what is inside and therefore quickly find what you are looking for.
This kit is, moreover, the most complete of this selection for the moment with its 9 care accessories: digital thermometer with protective case, disposable tips for electronic thermometer (x10), nail scissors, emery files (x10), forceps , nail clippers with anti-slip handle, baby fly with a clear tip, medicine spoon, medicine syringe and travel kit. So, in my opinion, there is just a lack of brush and comb, which are not necessarily essential for baby care (unlike the digital thermometer and baby fly).
The digital thermometer can always be used to take the temperature of the bath.
I must say that for the price, it's a pleasant surprise and a real care kit, which is not filled with toys like many others. What reassure new parents and easily have everything you need for the welfare of baby in a jiffy.
I just hope that the price is not at the expense of quality, which seems to be sometimes the case, to see the use therefore.
Sophie the Giraffe: pretty, but a little limited

 Real children's toilet bag that leaves room to add other things

 No electronic thermometer to take baby's temperature
 No pairs of scissors or nail clippers

The famous Sophie la Girafe comes in almost everything and the care kits are part of this trend.
As always when it comes to this brand, the design is very pretty and attractive. With its kit clearly thought to be the kit for baby for many years since it has the size and look of a small toiletry bag (21 x 23 x 8 cm) and not a simple care kit.
Its opening on the front and its small handle will surely make a practical toiletry bag and very popular with your child. The elastics inside allow to organize the kit, for a practical storage.
Unfortunately, when it comes to care accessories, I find it really limited and quite disappointing. Coming from this brand I was really expecting better.
This kit contains a brush with ultra soft nylon bristles (with ergonomic handle), a comb with non-aggressive rounded teeth Sophie la girafe, a bath book Sophie la Girafe, a bath toy at the same time float and sprinkler, a bell to tingle to stimulate baby's hearing and a bath thermometer Sophie the Giraffe that also indicates the room temperature when out of the water (without battery).
Although I am pleasantly surprised by the bath thermometer, I find that the toys could have been replaced by a pair of scissors and a nail clipper for example, and I do not even speak of a digital thermometer or a fly nose.
Not very complete kit as I think, the toys are really not essential.
What is on offer remains quality, that's for sure, but not exactly what I'm looking for baby care. Too bad, the designs, as always, are pretty.
The best high-end baby care kits
With prices that are reasonable and not much higher than those of previous kits, here are two baby care kits that will certainly make emulators
Babymoov: the best high-end

The penultimate kit of this selection is that of the famous brand Babymoov. Its look with its beautiful colors and especially its small kit in polyester heather fabric (22 x 18 x 5 cm), make it immediately (at least visually) an elegant product and upscale.
Clearly the prettiest kit of this selection in my opinion!
In addition to being beautiful, this kit is quite complete and very well organized, all to please! With its size and its handle, you can take it everywhere with you!
This kit contains everything you need, such as a soft-tip digital thermometer, a suction baby fly (much better than a pear), a pair of round-toed scissors (with protective case), a nail clipper, a file , a bath thermometer, a hairbrush, a chilled teething ring and finally a gum massager. Apart from a comb everything is there and even more!
If the teething ring and the gum massager are not, in my opinion, essential, they are always welcome if the rest of the essential accessories are there. There is even room to add products if necessary, such as cotton buds, pipettes, a comb and others.
Everything is perfectly organized thanks to elastics, a plastic pouch inside and a zipped pocket on the outside, perfect not to look too long what you need. A small kit that will become your child's toilet bag without any problem later that's for sure.
With its modern look and super nice, she is my favorite of this selection and, I think, the best value for money. This gray and blue version is also available in gray / peach if you wish, indulge yourself, it will serve you a lot!
Philips Avent: the complete

One time is not custom, a great brand of baby care offers its version of the baby care kit. The famous Avent brand (which I usually like a lot and do not hide it), presents us here its version, which, I must say is the most complete of this selection so far.
Indeed, with its 10 proposed accessories, nothing seems to be missing. This kit contains a digital thermometer (fast and effective measurement, flexible tip and professional precision, which can also be used to take the temperature of the bath), a manual fly-baby soft and flexible tip, a finger massage gums, a complete manicure kit (scissors with round ends, nail clippers, 3 nail files) and all the necessary for the hair (comb and brush with soft bristles). I would say that nothing is missing from the essentials, and that's what we're looking for!
Everything is very well organized in the kit thanks to elastic and net compartments, perfect to find what you are looking for immediately and also add other things (cotton stems, cotton, physiological water pipettes for example).
This small kit (12 x 17.5 x 5 cm) is a condensed accessories that will be useful from birth and you can take it with you anywhere.
With its plastic material it is easy to wash and therefore hygienic without worry. The only negative point in my opinion is the overall look (which is certainly incidental, but a little bit anyway) with a kit that is a little too glasses case according to me and therefore not really upscale, and especially the color palette chosen.
If the yellow and gray are unisex and go everywhere, it's not necessarily what I prefer (especially yellow). I would have preferred a color a little more pastel, or just white, but this is personal and does not change the fact that this kit is very complete.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

At the birth of the baby, you will need many accessories to take care of him. These accessories will be used to make his toilet, care, and others.
These tools are often scattered in the baby's room. The baby care kits can store and organize all these small accessories in one place, to make the time of care less stressful and much easier and saves you a lot of time.
You can even carry everything with you on baby outings or holidays, being sure you do not forget anything. Peace of mind that is priceless. Here are the few criteria that I think are important when you choose this kit.
The necessary accessories
Whether it is for a newborn or a baby of several months, some accessories will serve you constantly, whatever the age, and it is them that you must have in your kit of care, while having the possibility of add other little things, a little more specific to your child (teething ring, massage finger).
These essentials in my opinion are: a digital thermometer (which can also take the bath temperature so not necessarily need a bath thermometer), a baby fly (if possible suction by mouth and not a pear, this will give you more control over the suction), a pair of scissors with round ends, a file (the first few weeks you'll only use that), a comb and / or a hair brush. Here !
In terms of nail clippers, I personally do not use, the cut is less accurate than with a pair of scissors and impossible to go around without having to file afterwards. With this plus the addition of cotton stems, saline pipettes and cotton you are ready for baby care.
Small advice, take care of the quality of scissors and nail clippers, which can really make a big difference on the ease of cutting your child's nails. Little trick, cut his nails after bathing or showering, they are softer and therefore much easier to cut.
The organization
To avoid having to search the kit for long minutes to find what you are looking for and be sure to have everything at a glance, prefer kits with elastic storage, where each object has its place, with also, if possible, a plastic compartment for cottons and others.
Having an overview directly will make it easier for you and baby (who is not known for his patience) will thank you for sure. So avoid school kit style kits where everything gets loose in it.
Keep in mind to have some room for small additions on your part, so that you do not have to multiply the kits.
The interview
To keep a kit and accessories always clean and hygienic (essential when it comes to the baby's toilet), choose kits that are easy to clean, polyester / plastic for example or that pass to the machine.
Similarly, the accessories must be easily washable after use and especially do not rust, of course.

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