The 7 (real) Best Blenders 2019

Posted on February 12, 2019
To find you among the wide range of devices available on the market, here is my selection of 7 best blenders among more than thirty models available at the moment.
I have a preference for the model Duronic BL10, which has many qualities … for a price still very reasonable!
A little shopping guide at the end of this article will help you choose the model that suits you to prepare smoothie, milkshakes or other drinks of the kind!








                                                                KitchenAid Diamond 5KSB1585









                    Best upscale



                                    KitchenAid Diamond 5KSB1585







The best cheap blenders
Here are two perfect blenders for the budget. If you mix very rarely, a model of this range will be more than enough!
Aicok: the best cheap

 Travel container with spout

 No food added during operation

For an affordable price, the first blender of this selection is a 4-in-1 multifunctional machine that has a blender, meat grinder, chopper and grinding cup. Level look, this device is everywhere with its black and gray colors and will not stain in your kitchen.
With its 570 ml portable cup and travel lid, nothing is easier than taking your formula anywhere with you and enjoying it wherever you are!
Attention, for the blender function, the container is put upside down and so to say that it is impossible to add food along the way without stopping and remove the lid. Not very practical so if you have hard foods that need to be mixed before others.
The 200 ml grinding cup provided allows you to finely powder hard foods such as coffee beans (interesting if you do not plan to buy a coffee grinder).
Its 1200 ml chopper gives you the opportunity to prepare large quantities in no time. With all these accessories, you can easily use many foods. Be careful though, this device is not suitable for use with ice cubes; big fans of crushed ice will have to pass their turn or be equipped in parallel with a special mixer.
For the rest, the preparation is achieved quickly, thanks to the 700-watt motor and 4 stainless steel blades. However it is not possible to select several speeds or operating mode (pulse, turbo and others), you have to be satisfied with the single mix, without really being able to control the mixture! Pity !
All parts are removable and can be easily cleaned (by hand or in the dishwasher) and reassembled. In addition, the portable cup is tritan BPA free (Bisphenol A) while the other accessories are guaranteed BPA free plastic, which ensures durable and healthy compounds without being too heavy.
For the price, it really offers a lot of interesting possibilities and accessories, which will certainly be ample for most of us.
Russel Hobbs 22340-56: the nomad

 Travel containers with spout

 Containers not suitable for large quantities
 No food added during operation
 Power of only 300 W

For a sweet price of almost 50 euros, the famous brand Russell Hobbs offers here an ideal blender for people who wish to take their drink on a mop.
Level look, this blender is pretty with its white and black tones and should blend without much trouble in any kitchen.In bonus, with its non-slip feet, this blender is perfectly stable and is very easy to use on n ' it matters surface.
Indeed, this blender comes with 2 personal bottles of 600 ml mixing that fit the car cup holders, equipped with a lid mug style thermos that opens and closes easily with one hand to drink any or. Perfect for those who want to bring their drink for sport or car or other!
You will thus save the cost of transport mug or intermediate container.
This blender also comes with a special grinding attachment for hard foods like ginger or nutmeg. The accessory can even get rid of nuts, coffee beans and crushed ice (but only in small amounts).
Obviously, these small bottles do not allow the preparation of large quantities at one time, it is really made for drinks on the run, single people or for meals of children who will be satisfied with 600 ml. Attention also, mixing is done by inverting the container, which does not allow the addition of food en route!
With 300 watts of power and specialized blades, it effectively mixes most foods that are not too hard. The power provided is not huge, however, and I do not think food should be too hard to expect a good result.
Unfortunately, the transport bottles are also quite narrow and tall, so that it is sometimes difficult to mix everything well. It would have required either more power or larger containers with an enlarged grinding surface.
I think, however, that with easily grindable foods and the container not too full this should not be a problem. So be careful with smoothies made with frozen food or crushed ice: it will not be too busy to start, to be sure that everything is well mixed!
Made of rigid plastic without BPA, and easily washable in the dishwasher, this blender is perfectly healthy and hygienic and not too heavy containers and therefore perfect to carry everywhere.
The best mid-range blenders
With prices from 60 to 80 euros, here are 3 mid-range blenders that stand out and that will give you a famous hand when making your smoothies.
Duronic BL10: the best midrange

 Large capacity carafe and glass
 3 operating modes


At a price of just 60 euros, Duronic offers a rather powerful blender, with no less than 1000 watts and 8 stainless blades, which allow to mix efficiently and quickly all types of ingredients during the production of smoothie or more complex mixtures such as almond milk, peanut butter, oilseed mash or even flour.
Level look, this blender is very pretty with its steel and black colors that allow it to blend seamlessly in many kitchens. Quit having a large device on the table, as much as it is aesthetic!
Unlike other "cheap" blenders, this one has three modes of operation (pulsation, ice pounding and smoothie) as well as a knob to control the power in continuous use in order to adapt the mix to the food and control the consistency of the mixture.
With its 1.5 liter glass decanter, this blender can prepare a good amount of what you want, without having to divide in several times. A detachable drop on the lid allows you to add ingredients along the way, which is really handy for mixing hard foods first (like ice) and thus ensure a very homogeneous preparation and fine. A spatula is also provided to facilitate the mixing of the ingredients!
The blades are made of stainless steel and can be removed for thorough cleaning. No need to contort to reach the bottom of the container!
The glass has the merit of being very resistant, very healthy and especially to clean very easily: you do not take any risk of releasing residues harmful to your health in your preparations (and that's important!).
Nevertheless, the disadvantage is that the carafe is heavier than if it was rigid plastic, which can be a problem, especially when it is full, for people who have problems in the arms (or your children if it comes to them to help you prepare the morning juice).
Given the qualities of this blender and its look, it is my favorite of this selection and its price makes it the best value for money.
Black + Decker BXJB1000E: the quality

 Carafe of great capacity
 Auto cleaning in pulsed mode


The famous brand Black and Decker offers for about 70 euros, a blender, the first approximation quite similar to the previous device.
Look level, its fine and delicate design with its black and dark gray colors will find its place in your kitchen very well. Its base has a stainless steel anti-fingerprint finish that stays clean for a long time, an important point to note!
With 1000 watt power and 4 heavy-duty stainless steel blades, you can worry-free prepare all types of drinks, purees and liquids, even with ice!
This blender is also equipped with a 1.5 liter glass decanter graduated, to easily prepare large quantities as smaller. A small measuring cup of 500 ml is also included to facilitate the preparations.
The carafe also has an opening on the top that allows you to add food along the way, without having to open the lid. Very practical so when you do not want to put everything in one go, and that mixes in several stages!
With 2 speeds, you have mastery of textures for your smoothies, juices, and creams.
The Turbo function allows you to mix even faster, for fine and creamy results in seconds. The Pulse function is ideal for a completely homogeneous mixture.
The carafe has a spout, which allows you to easily empty the contents without putting everywhere.
Its glass material makes the carafe very easily washable and perfectly hygienic, especially since all the items are removable and dishwasher safe. No headache so for cleaning!
Moreover, the pulse function also allows you to easily clean the carafe and blades after use. It will only pour a little water and let the blender clean itself.
Rinse the glass, dry it and voilà! Not necessarily need to go all in the dishwasher: ideal to prepare several drinks in a row.
Nutribullet 600: the multifunction!

 … too much to prepare large quantities
 Low power for harder foods

For even a little more expensive, the last mid-range blender of this selection is the nutribullet 600. For this price, this device does not just grind food, it offers a juice extraction and nutrients of your fruit and vegetables (one would almost be entitled to an extractor, despite the power too important).
Its compact design, very special and recognizable among all, shaped rocket allows it to take up very little space in the kitchen.
Thus, thanks to Nutribullet, you preserve all the nutritional qualities of your preparations for a minimum of calories, so that they are easier to absorb by the body and better for the health!
With its small cup of 700 ml, you can easily take your preparation with you, but unfortunately, it is not possible to prepare a large quantity at one time.
And, since the cup closes and overturns before mixing, it is also impossible to add food along the way without stopping the device. Not ideal for complex preparation in several stages …
With its 600 watts, 6 blades and 6 functions in 1, it allows you not only to mix, but also to slice, mix, whip, grind, and grind. I doubt, however, that with 600 watts, the power is sufficient to easily mix food a little hard as ice, nuts and others.
This all-in-one, switch-free mill blender is very easy to use and saves time by putting an end to the chore of cleaning. The elements that make it up (cups, lids) are disassembled and cleaned in the blink of an eye, by hand as in the dishwasher and the blades made of stainless steel simply rinse with warm soapy water.
Easy to use and pretty, this device is still quite expensive for what it offers (not very important power, small cup, few accessories), I find, especially compared to previous products.
For preparations in mop I still prefer the very first of this selection (Aicok) or a big decanter with opening on the top for the other preparations.
The best high-end blenders
Here are two high-end blenders that stand out and will certainly be emulated, as their quality and design are successful!
KitchenAid Diamond 5KSB1585: the best high end

 Different speeds and modes of operation

 Large carafe with opening on the top


KitchenAid, the well-known brand of kitchen appliances, offers, at a price of nearly 130 euros, a clearly high-end blender! KitchenAid offers here a red blender with a worked design, like its other appliances, which is also available in cream, black or gray, at variable prices.
For this investment (as it is clearly one), this KitchenAid blender has been designed for hot liquids and thick sauces, to be mixed to perfection thanks to its powerful and fast mixing action. Capable of blending any ingredient, its stainless steel triple blade also allows you to pound ice cubes, crush fruit or blend very thick milkshakes, giving smooth, consistent results every time.
Equipped with the Intelli-Vitesse function (special hot food), the blender starts the engine slowly before increasing its power once the ingredients have begun to mix. This "Soft Start" feature allows for a gradual increase in speed, preventing hot liquids from splashing and spilling out of the lid, while preventing food from getting stuck in the blades.
With its 615 watts engine, 4 speeds, pulse and turbo modes and special functions crushed ice and hot food, nothing resists it!
Its large carafe of 1.5 liter allows to prepare large quantities, while being able to add food during operation, thanks to the opening on the lid.
If the carafe is made of plastic (guaranteed BPA free), it is still solid, while remaining light. This breaks a little upscale effect, and I think that glass would have been more appreciated, although it is surely much heavier.
Unfortunately, the blades do not pull out of the carafe, making maintenance more complicated than most previous blenders, although cleaning with the pulse function is usually quite effective.
Attention, it seems that this blender is still quite noisy, but personally it does not bother me too much if the result is at the rendezvous (a noise after all short time!).
Honestly, I'm not sure I want to invest so much in a blender, but if money is not a concern, it seems rather interesting level features, not to mention the fame of the brand, which is clearly a guarantee of quality.
Smeg BLF01: the retro


 Different speeds and modes of operation
 Large carafe with opening on the top


The last blender of this selection is a device of the big brand of household appliances Smeg which, at the price of nearly 195 euros is significantly more expensive than all the previous blenders.
Level design, this blender is clearly out of the lot with its retro style of the 50s. Proposed here in cream color, it exists in a whole palette of colors (black, red, azure, pink, green and gray metal), of what satisfy all tastes in this matter!
For this price, Smeg offers a powerful 800-watt blender that, with its 4 blades, 4 speeds, pulse function, smoothie and crushed ice programs allows you to mix most foods in a short time.
Like the KitchenAid blender, this one is also equipped with a carafe of 1.5 liter and this time again plastic of good quality, although plastic anyway (tritan), unfortunately. This clearly detonates with the rest of the blender, clearly of high quality.
Indeed, this material, even if very durable, will present scratches as and when uses, which will spoil the final result obviously. For the price, it's a shame!
Equipped with four effective non-slip feet, the device does not move during use.
Unlike the kitchenAid blender above, everything is disassembled, even the blades and dishwasher safe for easy and efficient cleaning. One more that we appreciate at its fair value (and that we found yet already on cheaper models).
Besides that the retro style is not really my cup of tea, I do not think this blender deserves such an investment. For a comparable high-end device, I still prefer the KitchenAid which is, ultimately, much cheaper.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

A blender is a rather affordable and simple household appliance, usually consisting of a base and a pitcher, at the bottom of which are fixed blades. It is used to crush ice cubes and to mix cocktails, soups, purees, sauces, coffees, smoothies, liquid pasta.
Who says blender says mixing, and it is, unsurprisingly, one of the most important criteria.
The efficiency of mixing depends partly on the power of the device, but many other elements (bowl shape, blades …). Here is a short guide to know the important criteria when selecting.
The type of pitcher
Certainly the second most important criterion, the pitcher will depend greatly on the use you want to make of the blender. So you have to pay attention to the mixing capacity, the shape and the material of the pitcher.
The rigid plastic model
If you want to use the blender to make mainly drinks to go and drink during your travels / walks and others, prefer a mix & go system, which usually offers small pitchers rigid plastic around 500 ml and with a lid with opening to drink directly.
It is always possible to choose a large pitcher and then transfer to a container of your choice for transport, but this allows you to eliminate a step, and thus save time.
The glass model
If, on the contrary, you intend the blender to make larger mixtures, opt for a model with a pitcher of about 1.5 liters, and if possible in glass. This will allow you to not have to divide the liquids in several batches, not to mention that the glass is still much more resistant and hygienic than the plastic (even the rigid plastic without BPA which is likely to scratch a little gradually).
It is also often more resistant to high temperatures and allows mixing hot liquids such as soups (with a plastic jug, always wait until the liquid cool a little).
Be careful, however, a glass pitcher will obviously heavier than a plastic pitcher, which, especially once filled (in total, one can reach 3.5 kg), can cause some concern to some people. In addition, they often break in case of a fall, unlike plastic pitchers.
The type of mix
Ideally, if you choose a large pitcher, prefer a model that mixes from the bottom and with an opening on the top to be able to add food while mixing without having to stop the device. This allows you to mix in stages, and thus ensure that the hard food is well mixed before adding the rest.
You will have a good control of the mixture.
The power of the engine that equips the blender often determines the recommended operating time, another criterion to look closely.
Of course, for the most common preparations, no need to mix for long minutes. Some devices unfortunately can not turn more than 20 or 30 seconds in a row, and you have to pause for several minutes before restarting!
Other blenders with a stronger motor can run without risk of overheating for up to three minutes. One tip, avoid blenders unable to hold more than 60 seconds. Attention, do not mix longer than the maximum duration indicated by the manufacturer, because the motor is likely to heat up!
The number of speeds
In general, the more speeds there are, the more the mixture is homogeneous, and the different speeds make it possible to adapt the mix to the density of the liquid and to the desired final consistency. So choosing a device with four or five possibilities is a good thing.
If you intend to mix food a little hard (ice and others), you will have to turn to a blender with a powerful motor but also if possible many blades, some preferably notched to have a satisfactory result.
Some blenders even have a special ice cream program, which can really make a difference. If you plan to make crushed ice regularly you will certainly invest in a high quality blender.
Similarly, if you want to mix a little difficult food, prefer a pitcher not too narrow, so that the blades have the largest span possible.
The ease of cleaning
Which of the mixing usually says cleaning not always simple. Today's models are fortunately rather simple to clean, especially if you choose a device that is completely and easily disassembled and is dishwasher safe.
Some blenders also have the pulse function, which in these cases can easily clean the pitcher and blades, while allowing you to mix several different mixtures in a row without having to wait for the end of the dishwasher cycle.
Just make sure that as many items as possible are dishwasher safe and that the blades are removable so that nothing gets trapped underneath.
The sound level
A blender is a powerful device, and in fact, often noisy. Some are less so than others and special attention must be paid to this aspect to avoid waking up the entire household by preparing the morning smoothie. Unfortunately, this data is not always available.
In conclusion, think about the use you want to make the blender before choosing it because this will greatly affect the model to which you will turn.

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