The 7 (Real) Best Footwear 2018

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 7 best football shoes among more than thirty models available at the moment. My favorite is the Umbro Speciali Eternal Pro, which offers a value for money difficult to beat in my humble opinion. But remember that in football, a shoe suitable for one person will not necessarily fit another, make fittings and your research before you decide! You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find the shoe that will make you the new Messi or Ronaldo!






                                                                Nike Mercurial Superfly VI

                                                                Umbro Speciali Eternal Pro

                                                                Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0







                    Best cheap



                                    Nike Mercurial Superfly VI






                    Best mid-range



                                    Umbro Speciali Eternal Pro






                    Best upscale



                                    Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0







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This shoe is perfect for beginners.
Nike Mercurial Superfly VI: the best deals


 Suitable for several types of terrain

 Design that will not please everyone

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Academy MG cleat is the combination of excellent touch and good speed on both natural and man-made lawns. Its textured surface is designed to improve ball control.
The durable synthetic leather and Dynamic Fit collar is designed to be tailored to your foot to ensure a contoured and natural fit. I like how the micro-texture on the entire surface of the shoe can better control the ball even when at its maximum speed.
The versatile multi-terrain plate is manufactured to ensure good adhesion on both natural and artificial surfaces. Multi-pitch crampons are suitable for short grass and synthetic pitches.
So be careful, because some users have complained about the difficulty of putting their foot in the shoe. But do not worry, after the lock installation, the shoe is very comfortable!
So against the design of the shoe is … Yes, it's all orange, like some kind of big … orange.
Good. There are some traces of black here and there but otherwise it's very flashy.
Not sure everyone appreciates this kind of design. For my part I'm not very fan but the most important with a football shoe is its usefulness, not its design.

Do not be fooled by the lower price of these football boots, they are of excellent quality and are as much to consider as high-end shoes!
Umbro Speciali Eternal Pro: the best midrange


 Protects the foot very well
 None identified yet

The main highlight of Speciali Eternal shoes are their brute force. The leather with which these shoes are made is crucial. He ensures that any contact with the ball, be it a shot, a pass, or even a strong tackle is not felt. It gives perfect protection.
This is a real plus if you are a player with fragile feet or if you have injured your foot before because these shoes will help you play with confidence and safety.
With the slogan "always leather", it is no surprise that leather is the main component of the shoe. Much has been done to the padding he gives to the shoe.
This adds massively to the level of comfort. Touch is also improved because the energy of the ball can easily be absorbed during the impact.
Finally, the shoe includes "Wishbone" technology. This technology makes it easy to keep your feet safe and comfortable. No need to worry when tackling and contacts a little muscular!
Umbro is not known for making the most beautiful shoes, but the design of these is nice. I appreciate how Umbro made the decision to make a sober design at a time when we are left with all these neon colored shoes.
They have a refreshing and old school design. The common design is black, which is both sober and intimidating. Basically, either you will like them for their simplicity or will not like their lack of flamboyance.
It is rare to have access to such good quality shoes at such a low price. Do not be fooled by the fact that they do not have all the little modern stuff that other models have today.
Instead, you'll have a more classic style that may not look better on paper, but it's still high-level and can shade the Nike and Adidas shoes with no problem!
Adidas World Cup: a classic

 Insole a little too thin

Inspired by classics, the Adidas World Cup is made of excellent materials. It offers quality leather that offers superior durability while being lightweight and fit like a glove.
It is also designed to provide optimized ball control.
The insole uses a Die-cut EVA foam (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) to bring a cushion feeling to your foot. The shock absorbing polymer reduces the pressure on the foot so that the user can enjoy long hours of dribbling, tackling and running on the football field.
In addition, a synthetic lining that dries quickly is there to provide additional comfort to the foot.
At the base of the shoe, a thermoplastic polyurethane plate is there to ensure reliable traction and light performance. This shoe is equipped with screwed crampons which give an excellent grip on soft to very soft natural soils. This shoe also offers the option of replacing these crampons when it becomes necessary.
Because she wears real leather, this Adidas World Cup shoe is comfortable around the foot. A lace-up center fastener adjusts the tightness of the closure while the EVA foam padding provides comfort to your foot.
The TPU outsole marks the base of this football boot. This lightweight outsole allows you to have a smooth and sturdy ride on the ground while screwed studs are there to bring the necessary traction on soft terrain.
The Adidas World Cup uses excellent leather-K for its upper part. Besides the durability and lightness it offers, this material conforms to the contour of the foot like a glove. In addition, the soft leather facilitates the control of the ball.

These shoes are preferred for seasoned players who play regularly. No need to grant such a budget for occasional use, however.
Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0: the best high-end

 None identified yet

These shoes are after Adidas "designed for game makers". Offering high locking, these football boots have a super light skin reinforced with underlay at the forefoot to ensure greater stability and, Adidas insists, it's "designed for playmakers".
The Sprintframe plate provides enhanced traction when you stop, cut and pass the defenders. In case you did not understand it, it's for the "game makers", not for the defenders and others.
The top of the Sprintskin shoe is designed with revolutionary lamination to provide excellent support and reduce the weight of the shoe to the maximum.
The Speed ​​Spat sewing tape is positioned to elevate the lock and to favor a natural bending of the top of the shoe. The Sprintframe plate with its heel counter features Sprintstuds and a rotational traction zone designed for maximum traction.
The structure of the laces is anatomical to ensure a foot maintenance of the most effective.
These shoes are really effective for keeping your foot and preventing you from slipping.
Like many shoes, this pair of football boots is a little stiff at first, but after wearing them a few times things will happen much better and user reviews can attest.
In terms of design we are in the presence of a very simple and classic design, old-school limit. The shoes are all black and have an elegant aesthetic that will satisfy lovers of simple design.
Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG: well-designed crampons


 Good quality crampons
 Excellent foot support
 None identified yet

The kangaroo leather of this shoe is treated with delicacy to ensure the preservation of its natural texture both ultra-soft and soft. We also have a fitmesh inner lining just at the toes and also at the level of the midfoot so we can keep the initial cut of the shoe without stretching it when the leather softens.
The outfit is personalized thanks to a heel and a Flyknit tongue. This provides more breathability but also more elasticity and support where it is needed.
Soft stability reinforcements have been placed at the collar to ensure a better support of the ankle.
These shoes also feature the exclusive Nikegrip technology, which uses interlocking textures to prevent the foot from slipping into the shoe. You are also entitled to a Hyperstability plate with Pebax reinforcements to guarantee a light support and a feeling of reactivity.
Finally, let's talk about crampons. These are rounded to the forefoot to ensure good grip in rotation and also a flexible stride even on firm surfaces. Chevrons are also placed on the crampons to ensure a good grip during the impulse on the foot of call.
In terms of design there will be something for all tastes with fluorescent colors as is the fashion today, but there are also models with more sober colors like yellow and black shoes that do not jump to the eye like the fluo blue version "icy".
By the way, I really like this fluo version, which usually is rather refractory to this kind of design.
Nike Mercurial Vapor 360: Flyknit do you want, here it is!


 Excellent ball control
 None identified yet

The Mercurial is a shoe designed to ensure optimal support. The Vapor 360 is designed to wrap your foot in a Flyknit design that allows the shoe to react naturally to all your movements.
Indeed, this shoe has been designed to eliminate unwanted movements, with a Flyknit construction that is made to wrap the entire foot. A sockliner is also there and it has a new internal structure to ensure maximum responsiveness.
ACC (All Conditions Control) technology is not applied as an outer layer to eliminate unnecessary thickness. As a result, it is directly integrated with Flyknit technology while maintaining optimal weather protection and allows you to ensure optimum ball control whether in dry or wet conditions.
The Flyknit upper is micro-textured and provides precise ball control even at full speed. The Swoosh has been revisited on the tip to present a textured finish that will ensure optimal control during sprints with the ball.
The Mercurial football shoe has a minimalist sole designed to ensure optimal grip at strategic locations. Indeed, the forefoot is designed to ensure quick acceleration and the heel is made for sudden stops.
The soleplate has been removed from this version of the Mercurial to replace it with a fitted Flyknit between the crampons.
The manufacturer assures that "in terms of sensations, it's as if the shoe was gone from your foot. ". According to user reviews that I could see, it does not seem that far from reality even if it is of course still somewhat exaggerated.
The shoe also features a Podular plate system with an internal frame that folds for dynamic grip.
It should be noted that this shoe is the first to wear a 360 degree Flyknit construction. Hence probably his "360" in the name you will tell me. Logic.
This Flyknit material is also designed to make the ball feel easier. It helps the player to get better control of the ball, especially during high speed play.
Level design, I like the shape of this shoe. It has an aspect halfway between leather and fabric and just looking at it you want to touch it.
I also appreciate the fact that its design is rather sober, all black with a hint of orange unlike the Mercurial we saw previously and its orange peel.
Nike Hypervenom Phantom III: Speed ​​Shoes


 Excellent balance
 Particularly suitable for firm ground
 None identified yet

These shoes are qualified by the manufacturer as "Nike's most misleading football shoes". What do they mean by that? The ways of marketing discourse are sometimes somewhat impenetrable …
Equipped with a "Hyper Reactive" plate, these shoes are designed to help you maintain balance and control your skids. With a Dynamic Fit collar and Flywire cables, you get a good quality fit. In addition, this technology allows the shoe to adapt to your movements in the field.
These shoes are especially designed to increase your speed and agility "to dominate the game and conquer the ground under your feet" (ah, what would you do without these marketing expressions). Hypervenom Phantom 3 FG is particularly suited to firm ground to ensure greater stability.
These shoes are a little complicated to put on first, but after having worn a few times, they fit perfectly the foot and are super comfortable.
In terms of materials used, this shoe gives pride to synthetic leather and textile, the tops and lining of the shoe and the insole being made in these materials. The outsole is made of synthetic material and the shoe is also equipped with a lining protecting the cold which is always welcome.
Finally the crampons are designed to be adapted to terrains ranging from soft ground to hard terrain.
In terms of design, these shoes have something that exudes comfort and support.
The orange and black hues are not too aggressive to the eye and are rather good in my humble opinion. The shape of the shoe would almost think of some kind of reinforced socks. I find that Nike has done particularly well with the design of these shoes.
The products of my selection on offer for the moment

Here are some simple tips to choose your football crampons in store, with some small features to keep in mind.
The dressing
First, try several models of football shoes, several brands. It will then evaluate the comfort of these football boots. Are they too big, too small, too narrow and does your heel tend to slip?
If this is the case, I advise you to try another size or a different model.
It will then look at the characteristics of the football shoe, is it faux leather or real leather? Will the crampons match the type of terrain you will be playing on? Then try to put yourself in a match situation by making a few small starts, small jumps etc.
If you do not feel comfortable in the store, you will not feel more at home on the field so avoid this model.
The length of the crampons
There are two types of football crampons: long crampons and short crampons. It will be necessary to be careful with the long crampons because they are a greater source of injuries.
Injuries are also usually more serious than those caused by short crampons.
The type of crampons
It will depend on the type of terrain on which you operate.
If it is winter and the surface is greasy, then choose screwed studs. An important point when you put the pair: be careful not to feel the crampon that is in contact with the soles of your foot.
If you feel it is that the sole is not of sufficient quality.
Choose the shortest cleats possible for this type of cleats and take them in rubber or nylon instead of aluminum.
If the ground does not make you slide too much during a change of support, I recommend molded crampons, but really only if the overall stability makes it possible.
These are more suitable for use on dry or stabilized ground. This type of crampons allows a better adhesion between your football boots and the ground, making it possible to change direction more easily.
Depending on the position you occupy
We will now review the different gaming posts and see what kind of shoe suits them best.
What's more important for a goalkeeper is that the shoes have a good grip, are comfortable and have a rod capable of withstanding powerful shots.
Most goalkeepers will not have to run as much as the players, so the weight of the shoe is less important for this playstation.
Lateral rear
A player in the back nowadays must be as good in defense as in attack. This means that a wide selection of football boots match this type of player.
There are shoes that will be more focused on the attack aspect of the game, others on the defensive aspect. It will depend mainly on which shoe suits your foot and also your style of play.
Central defender
A central defender must protect the team from any adverse goal opportunity while providing attack dynamics where appropriate. It will therefore require a comfortable shoe, which protects the foot properly and provides sufficient ball control to make accurate passes to the midfield and wing.
As a midfielder you control the game. The football boots you will need will bring you the best conditions for good contact with the ball as well as good stability and a smooth shooting surface.
It will of course be so comfortable!
The winger will generally display a fast and / or technical game. The best players will combine both aspects in their game.
The winger needs a shoe that brings a good grip of the ground as well as a touch of light ball. If we had to choose two keywords for the choice of winger's shoe, it would be lightness and finesse.
The most dangerous attacker is the one who knows where the cages are, regardless of the direction or position from which he is running. It will be necessary to privilege shoes having a surface of smooth shooting, as well as a good stability in order to be able to follow technical gestures and dribbling.
It will also have close contact with the ball and a good grip on the surface to accelerate and exceed the defense.

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