The 7 (Real) Best Milk Frothers 2019

Posted on February 14, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 7 best milk frothers among more than twenty models available at the moment. Even if you want to make a cappuccino or a hot chocolate with marshmallows, all well sparkling, as well as having a suitable milk frother! My favorite is the Aicok which subtly combines quality, efficiency and price. You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you make the best choice for your purchase.

The best cheap milk frothers
Inexpensive but quite effective, these 3 models of entry-level, including my personal choice, are at the height of what can be expected of a milk frother for his small daily capuccino.
Aicok: the best cheap


 Easy to use and clean


Here we are in front of the device that I selected as being my favorite for this selection and to be honest, this choice was not very simple.
Indeed, other models I like too much in those proposed here, certainly even more given the quality of some entry-level machines.
The choice is essentially based on the speed of heating and foaming of this excellent milk frother Aicok 3 in 1.
It is quite compact, like most products selected in this entry-level, with a capacity of 240 milliliters for warming and 115 for milk foam, all you need for 3 or 4 cups of coffee latte, hot chocolate or other!
Side operation, it is obviously a childish simplicity.
Three markers (minimum and maximum for foaming, maximum for heating) are present: one to not overfill the device, a simple button with a blue or red LED indicator depending on the need for hot or cold milk and an automatic shutdown for avoid overheating.
Just note that a one second pressure (red LED) indicates the warming of the milk to about 65 degrees, while a three second pressure (blue LED) means that the milk stays cold.
All this is done in less than a minute, which I find quite impressive for such a small model of just 400 watts!
Second thing that impresses me is the sound of this Aicok foamer, which is barely noticeable and makes it pleasant to use in all circumstances, especially since your espresso machine or coffee probably makes a lot of noise on its own for cover any conversation started in the room where it is!
Finally, let's talk about cleaning, since it is also an important criterion in the acquisition of such a machine, that we select for its practical side and that we expect a certain ease for washing.
This is the case here, even if the dishwasher is to be avoided, as is the case of most entry-level machines. The Aicok is easy to wash by hand, with a minimum of effort thanks to its internal anti-adhesive structure which leaves almost no room for resistant stains.
It is worth remembering that the base of the foamer is an electrical resistance and should ideally be simply cleaned with a damp cloth, then dried with a dry cloth, but I suppose it is not not your first device with this kind of resistance.
In short, light, practical, very fast to heat, the foamer Aicok (which is also delivered with two accessories respectively provided to foam and simply stir milk), is for me the best model that can be obtained for a price derisory 39 euros.
I also could not find a real weakness, which makes me even more comfortable in my choice. It seems to me that it's the best milk frother for everyday use, if you do not have to make cappuccinos for an entire office!
Bialetti Cappuccinatore: Italian quality


 No benchmark for maximum filling

If you know a bit about coffee and coffee makers, which is, I admit, a topic that does not interest everyone, then you probably know the name of Alfonso Bialetti.
He is the inventor of Italian mocha coffee makers also called "macchinetta", designed in 1933 and still sold today among the range of Bialetti products.
This milk frother, Bialetti Cappuccinatore, is a stainless steel appliance with a modern design reminiscent of pre-war mocha coffee makers, giving it a retro look at the same time.
It is one of the cheapest models, but still allows to obtain excellent milk foam, provided of course to adhere to a few rules!
First of all, you must avoid filling it to the fullest and the weakness of this Bialetti Cappuccinatore is the fact that it does not seem to have any mark or mark to determine this filling and it is a bit of a shame because it is really a necessary addition to this kind of product.
This foamer nevertheless has a steel base provided specifically for induction plates, since we are here in the presence of a foamer which is not electric, it must be made clear.
And if you prefer to do otherwise, simply pour milk, warm preferably, this is where it seems most effective, then beat vigorously for a moment.
You get a milk froth that should normally be enough for about 4 cups of coffee, cappuccino or other.
The Bialetti Cappuccinatore comes with an aluminum stem, 2 plastic discs and of course a lid also made of steel and can theoretically hold up to 1 liter of milk, but I strongly advise you to make your own experience by filling it not up to the top, as I explain a little earlier in this article.The whole thing is very easily washable, but it must be washed by hand, only.
A very good cheap and non-electric foamer, for those who prefer the traditional method, while keeping a good Italian style.
Arendo: PPP, small, practical and cheap!

 Hand wash sometimes a little complicated

Offered at less than 40 euros, the Arendo Milk Frother is an automatic model of small size and capacity, but really practical and effective.
A small tour on the technical side, to begin with, reveals a compact stainless steel machine of just 700 grams that delivers 500 watts of power, with a discreet electric cable 70 centimeters long, which can not be place close to a power outlet.
With Arendo, you can easily prepare delicious milk foams, not only with traditional cow's milk, but also with coconut milk or almond milk (or just about anything your imagination has in store). but limited to only 115 milliliters, unfortunately.
You have the option of also simply heating milk, about 240 milliliters. A very clear indicator tells you if the minimum or maximum capacity of the container is reached. It is then sufficient to choose a tip included in the delivery which serves either to stir and heat or froth the milk.
The final process is very simple, since simply pressing a button longer or longer determines whether the milk poured into the aerator must be warmed or not (it presses longer to keep the milk cold) with an LED indicator for make sure.
The machine also turns off automatically, avoiding the constant fear of overheating your preparation, a fear associated with models that are not electric.
It must be admitted that the Arendo is really effective, with a foam usually obtained in just a minute or two, depending on the heater and the chosen liquid.
No need to prepare your coffee well in advance, you can definitely make drinks and milk at the same time without any problem!
At the level of washing, the wall of the machine is anti-slip, which facilitates its grip, but I must admit that the rather dark interior can sometimes hide some stubborn stains with which it is necessary to insist a little.
Note also that the dishwasher is to be avoided and that the cleaning must be done by hand, stating that the base of the product is not to be cleaned with large water since it is an electrical resistance a little bit of damp cloth is enough.
Available in a black or red model that blends easily into almost any kitchen, the Arendo Automatic Milk Frother is perhaps one of the best choices for a compact and inexpensive machine.
The best mid-range milk frothers
In the mid-range, one can find a selection of two excellent products with similar designs and prices, with which making milk foam becomes extremely simple.
Lavazza MilkUp: the best mid-range

 Dishwasher safe container

 A little more expensive than average
 Heating time a little long for some

Lavazza, do we need to present this brand?
We will still do it, since the label and quality of the product go hand in hand with this mid-range lather, the Lavazza MilkUp.
The Italian brand, founded in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza, is one of the pillars of the coffee market with 1.47 billion euros turnover which is still held today by the family of the same name thanks to Alberto Lavazza, still President today, 124 years after his ancestor opened his small local shop in the city of Turin.
All this to indicate that Lavazza is a brand of importance in the field and that one can expect even a small device like the MilkUp aerator a certain quality.
And we are not disappointed on this point!
From a design point of view, first, this little machine is very beautiful and looks like old Italian coffee makers, "as in time".
But it also separates the part of the aerator that takes care of heating the milk and the stainless steel container that contains it.
This separation has a very important double advantage, which makes this model probably the best of our mid-range …
In the first place, the container can easily be emptied into a cup, especially as it is embellished with a spout provided especially for this, which is remarkably lacking on cheaper models.
Second, it is fully dishwasher safe. It is still more noticeable for a device that heats the milk, which tends to leave traces sometimes complicated to clean effectively, especially if we tend not to clean it immediately after use!
I can not praise enough of these two points, as they have advantages that are well worth the Lavazza MilkUp price.
I can however add that the total capacity of this foamer is 180 milliliters and that the whole heats the milk quickly, even if it is not the most energetic of the market at this level … but I do not hold it to him rigor , given its so practical side!
No other shadow comes to the table, this is almost perfect foamer and I highly recommend anyone who has a dishwasher and is willing to pay 60 euros for this kind of device.
Melitta Cremio 2: it is lathered

 Whisk goes in the dishwasher

 Heating time a little long

For the record, Melitta Benz is the first designer of the coffee filter, which has obviously changed forever the way coffee is prepared and to which the brand continues to bring its touch in the field, and includes, in addition to filters traditional, a lot of accessories, including this nice foamer.
For a few extra euros, compared to the entry-level models, this small model that can be categorized as belonging to the mid-range has a small advantage over its cheaper friends: the whip and the lid are washable in the washing washing up.
Otherwise, he looks a lot like his fellow inexpensive.
Melitta is actually lathered with this product, the Melitta Cremio 2, which happens to be a frog that does its job very well for a price more than reasonable.
We quickly focus on its technical aspect first talking about its weight a little higher than most other models, with 944 grams weighing.
There is also a power of 450 watts, largely sufficient, a solid stainless steel container on a traditional electrical resistance support for this type of device.
The container, available for sale in 3 colors (stainless steel, white and black) is quite traditional, but still offers a handle to avoid entering directly into contact with the machine is still hot.
It is graduated and allows to obtain about 150 milliliters of milk froth, or to heat up to 250 milliliters of milk, since these machines generally offer both functionalities.
The operation is simple and intuitive, with a simple button to press more or less long depending on whether you want a milk or foam hot or cold and that indicates this choice by means of a red LED for hot, blue for cold .
The Melitta stops automatically at the end of the foaming or heating cycle, which in my opinion is a little bit below what other models do, as this process can sometimes take up to 3 minutes to complete. finish and sometimes gives after all this time a lukewarm milk. I could find other models much more effective on this point!
But its big plus point is that cleaning is not a complicated task here because the accessories (lid and whip) of the Melitta Cremio 2 are dishwasher safe and that's good. No need to worry about any traces and stains, if your dishwasher is of good quality, of course!
The container and the electrical resistance are obviously to be cleaned traditionally. I know, it seems logical, but it is always useful to remember, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
In summary, a traditional milk frother, a little slow to heat the milk sometimes, but is practical and partially dishwasher-safe, all for less than 50 euros, it's still a good deal!
The best high-end milk frothers
The cream of the crop, or the foam mousse, it's you who see. In any case, these high-end models are the best for all who wants to put the price to produce the creamiest milk foam possible.
Séverin: the best upscale


 Dishwasher safe container

 Lid open in the center
 Large capacity less intended for individual cups

Severin does not do things halfway when it comes to offering a true high-end model that has all the desired features for a good milk frother.
The Severin does not make fun of us either at the price that is, at the time I write this line, barely 72 euros (for 150 euros initially on Amazon, especially). In short, before starting, I recommend it if your budget allows.
We have here a milk emulsifier made of stainless steel and black plastic that is distinguished in two parts, a bit like our other model of this selection, brand Lavazza.
The first part is the stainless steel graduated container, which can hold between 120 and 700 milliliters of milk to heat or between 120 and 350 milliliters of milk foam, making it the most capacity of our entire selection .
It is therefore better for people who want to use it very often or those who make cappuccino for all office staff.
There is also a spout which, in my opinion, should be present on all models that exist, without which pouring the foam or hot milk in a cup is sometimes worthy of one of the 12 works of Hercules (I barely exaggerates).
This accessory is fully dishwasher-safe, which makes me particularly happy because I hate doing dishes like this!
The second part of Séverin is the heating base, into which the container is inserted. It can be used with a simple on / off button, which makes it stop working automatically after a certain time, to avoid the milk burned.
Its main advantage compared to other models is the presence of a temperature setting frame, which gives the possibility to choose a cold or hot milk between 50 and 65 degrees.
It's quite simple to set up, I guess, but it's totally essential in my opinion, because some people like their milk hotter than others and getting the desired temperature with traditional electric foams is sometimes impossible.
Too hot, too cold, it is no longer a problem for you with Severin!
Finally, there is also a little more magic: the fact that the lid of the container is open in its center, to add cinnamon, cocoa, sugar or whatever you want (as long as it does not overflow) without having to lift it. , get burned and curse the purchase of the foamer.
That's about all, but it's already a lot, if you can put the price, do not hesitate, it's the best high-end product of our selection!
Philips Senseo CA6500: simple, basic


 Not dishwasher safe


I'm going to be pretty straightforward with this high-end model, which works very well, but is certainly too expensive for what it is: I have the impression that with the Philips Senseo CA6500, we pay a little more for the brand than anything else …
Be careful though, for 80 euros, we offer a basic device, but with the guarantee of quality and reliability of the brand.
If you have already made a tour in the entry and mid-range of this selection, you undoubtedly already have most of the specifics of this Philips Senseo, which resembles the others on several points.
If you start reading or particularly like my articles, here is the description of the product.
Here we find a device of 20 x 13 x 13 cm, compact and providing 500 watts of power, which comes in two separate parts. First, a container for milk, 120 milliliters with a nonstick lining, for a rather simple cleaning, by hand and especially not in the dishwasher.
We also have a button that we press more or less long to get a hot milk or a cold milk and whether or not lather, it's up to you to see.
A simple electrical resistance, then, concealed by a rubber surface. The kind of resistance that is currently found on most electric kettles, in particular!
This piece can only be cleaned by hand, using a barely damp cloth and obviously not under water, since it is a piece connected to an electric cable.
That's all for its use, simple and basic, as advertised.
What I like here is the modern design present in many Philips brand products, which goes very well with less traditional kitchens and is also available in slightly less typical colors than black and white. white, such as pink or green, which can be nice if the kitchen is of comparable color.
Strangely, these models that are not white are cheaper than the original, with a price that varies currently between 55 and 70 euros. It may be interesting to go to these, since they are exactly the same devices.
This is also this point, as indicated at the beginning of the article, which leaves me a little skeptical. I can not understand what can justify a price of 80 euros for a Senseo foamer that is comparable in all respects to some entry-level models.
The brand is probably guilty here, although the quality of the manufacturing materials may also be responsible.
To be clear, I think that even if this product has no defect, it presents little additional qualities to the entry-level models, but it offers the choice of colors and style a little more modern, because it must for all tastes, is not it?
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

A milk frother is very handy if you like cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and even just hot chocolates.
We do not necessarily think about it, because still many people use a manual frother that does not allow the heating of milk, it's a shame.
Nevertheless, since you are here, it is that your decision is made and that you seek to acquire the best possible emulsifier.
This is good, we will together go around the criteria to consider for the purchase of the milk frother that suits you.
The brand
While it is true that devices of lesser or unknown brand, which are generally less expensive, are easily available, they are also generally of lesser quality, with a few exceptions.
In the field of coffee and accessories that revolve around, some brands stand out (I did not even do it on purpose) and are a guarantee of a certain quality.
This is the case of Bialetti, Melitta or Lavazza and even Séverin or Philips, the latter being perhaps less prominent (still not on purpose) in the world of coffee, but we know for their reliability.
There are obviously other possibilities that are particularly present in our selection, but if you decide not to head to one of the products described in this article, I sincerely believe that to move towards a known brand for electrical equipment that we want to use a certain time and that works optimally is probably the way to go.
This is obviously your choice in the end, but remember that the guarantees can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another, especially in the case of low-end brands (to distinguish with the entry-level , It's not the same thing).
The capacity
This is a criterion that seems obvious, since we have seen elsewhere in the article, all the frothers do not offer the same capacity, even if many of them are quite comparable at this level.
For your daily use, if you only make one to two-three cups a day with milk or foam each time, the entry and mid-range models are really cheap and typically offer about 120 milliliters of foam. This should be sufficient for said daily use.
If, on the other hand, you prepare the coffee for some colleagues or you use the machine mainly for occasions, with family or friends, there are models that are often a little more expensive and upmarket, such as the Severin of our selection .
These offer to prepare up to 350 milliliters of foam or 700 milliliters of hot milk, or more, depending on the device.
Not worth it in my opinion to spend 80 euros for a device that makes foam for 15 cups of coffee if it's for your latte macchiato late afternoon.
But this is also obviously your choice, the budget allowing or not, I just advise to take a look at the amount of milk foam you need every day before spending without counting, like John Hammond.
Critical criterion, in my opinion.
Yes, I'm one of the people who pays attention to this kind of detail before buying any device that is dirty at one time or another.
And I imagine that in 2019, when we are all very busy with work, children, studies or any activity that takes a lot of our time, we simply love to simplify life.
Who wants to spend 30 minutes cleaning a simple milk frother, I ask you?
There are two schools when it comes to cleaning these devices.
Either we are on the side of those who are only moderately or not disturbed by the fact of having to clean the device with each use, by hand, under water (but not the resistance, I repeated it all at along with my article, I repeat again here).
Either we are among the people who want a dishwasher-safe frother because it's so much easier and more practical!
I'm part of the second school.
It must be admitted that most models have a nonstick lining, supposed to avoid milk stains that still resist the invader, but sometimes leaves something to be desired, especially when the drummer or engine are in the base of the container and not in the lid.
If so, good luck, you're going to need it, too hot milk spots make me have nightmares.
On the other hand, if you buy a 2-part model with a steel container that separates from the rest, there is a good chance that it will fit in the dishwasher, for maximum comfort, perfect cleaning and no effort aside from bending down to get it into the dishwasher.
My choice is made, but note anyway that my favorite device is a traditional model, so although this criterion can strongly play for me, it does not prevent me of course not prefer in this case a frothing that cleans itself to the hand.
The accessories
We must distinguish the most basic foamers with an aluminum mixer that is already attached in the bottom or the cover of the machine, or those that come with "blades" or a separate drummer (know that other options are sometimes available).
The vast majority of entry-level milk frothers are in the first category and of course do their job very well.
Nevertheless, the mid-range and high-end foamers generally offer a specific accessory if you want to froth the milk or simply mix it to warm it up: it is rather appreciable and practical not to use the mixer when it is not necessary .
I also recommend that you choose between a frother that offers a spout or not, with a preference for the first choice, which greatly simplifies life when it comes to passing the milk from the container to your cup.
These are small details, but they can significantly improve the smoothness of your foam, the ease of cleaning or the transfer of your liquid.
Last small recommendation: if your budget allows, make the choice of a machine that offers the possibility to adjust the temperature of milk seems convenient, but as I said, it is probably a little more expensive.
I hope that these few small recommendations help you to see more clearly in the middle of all this milk froth!

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