The 7 (real) Best Nightlights 2019

Updated on December 31, 2018
The choice was difficult, but after several hours of research, I finally made my selection of 7 best night lights among more than thirty products available at the moment.
If several have caught my eye (I think in particular the beautiful design of the Ansmann Fox), my preference is clearly Chicco First Dreams Next 2 Stars which, given the many features it offers, is certainly the best quality / price ratio of the moment.
At the end of this article, I suggest you consult my purchasing guide, which I designed to help you in your choice – not so futile – of a good night light for your child.







                                                                Chicco First Dreams Next 2 Stars









                    Best mid-range



                                    Chicco First Dreams Next 2 Stars








The best nightlights
In this section, you will certainly not find models of night lights ultra equipped, but I propose you only products of quality, which perfectly fulfill their first function: to light and reassure your little end in the deepest part of the night.
Ansmann fox: the best cheap step


 Long illumination time
 Led lamp (does not heat)
 It's a shame that the base does not light up as well

I must admit that I particularly fell in love with the design of this small night light. It seems to me straight inspired by Kitsune, this famous Japanese fox, chibi version all cute.
Even unlit, this night light about fifteen centimeters high is the most beautiful effect in a child's room, with its bright colors and relaxing inspiration.
The Ansmann is adapted from an early age, in that it has no small accessories, has a battery compartment properly screwed, and that its materials are TÜV certified, a German certification that certifies compliance product for use by younger people.
Its ignition mechanism is also very simple: it is equipped with a touch sensor. So just touch the night light to start it. Certainly, an infant will not be able to light it himself, but a young child within reach of it will be able to easily turn it on again if necessary. The lighting offers only one tone, but the light is warm, thanks to the orange color of the coating. Rather diffuse, it is not a hindrance to sleep.
Once the night light is on, it remains active for 30 minutes before stopping automatically. This is normally sufficient for the child to enter the deep sleep phase, which ensures that he will not be awakened by this sudden change in ambient light.
And since it is a bulb that does not heat, no danger. You can let the nightlight work in your toddler's room without a second thought.
Its announced autonomy is about 120 hours. In fact, it obviously depends on the batteries you use. It should nevertheless be emphasized that this night light is provided with the purchase with the three batteries necessary for its operation, which is rare enough to be mentioned.
Finally, know that if, really, this little fox does not make you an eye (all tastes are in the nature after all, I do not judge you!), This night light is also declined in other forms, such as the elephant, the mouse, the doe, or the Smurf. All are still accessible at a really mini price.
Philips Disney: an ideal night light for Disney fans

 Led bulb that does not heat up
 Very simple ignition / extinguishing system
 Softpal texture very soft
 Very short illumination time (in battery version)
 The coating easily hangs dust

If this nightlight is a success, it's not for nothing. A collaboration between Philips and Disney can only dream. The quality of manufacture that has made the reputation of the Dutch group associated with the creative world of Disney has indeed enough to delight the youngest and the greatest.
These are small night lights about 8 cm high, with soft silicone coating called "soft pal". This one has several advantages.
First of all, with its soft texture, it is extremely resistant to falls. This is obviously a good point for an object for toddlers. But again, with its soft coating, this night light can also serve as a small blanket.
The flip side? Silicone easily hangs dust. Arm yourself with patience to give your offspring its night light delivered from all impurity after an intensive play session!
This nightlight is adapted from birth, since it is safe, being deprived of small parts, the battery compartment is correctly screwed, and the lamp does not heat with its LED bulb.
Nevertheless, I think it will be around 2 ½ years or 3 years that she will reach his full potential. Indeed, before this age, it is rare that the child is already constituted a passion for a Disney character.
But still, the ignition and extinguishing system, if it is accessible to the little ones, can only really be optimized with a young child who understands perfectly how it works. In fact it's very simple: just tilt it in one direction to turn it on, then in the other direction to turn it off. The light, however, is strong enough to allow the child to look into a picture book, but weak enough to not disturb him in his sleep. There is only one color of lighting, but the effect is rather warm.
And autonomy in all this? It is there that the Romans seized.
There are two versions of these night lights: one on batteries – the cheapest – to which I gave you the link, and the other battery rechargeable via a USB cable. If the seconds, once lit, can hold a full night before being recharged, the first only take 5 minutes.
It's a little bit to my taste, unless you have a child who falls asleep (very) quickly. Now – and this is again why I said that these night lights are more suitable for an older child, nothing prevents him from returning it as many times as necessary, until he 'asleep.
In the end, the Philips Disney are excellent night lights that should delight your child. But if you have the budget, I can not recommend recommending you to go instead to the rechargeable battery version. It is just too bad that the figurines proposed are not the same in both versions.
If you, like me, have a little fan of the Snow Queen at home, you'll have to settle for a battery-powered version.
The best mid-range night lights
It is in this section that I propose you the most interesting night lights. Indeed, without constituting too much investment, these night lights are endowed with a multitude of options sometimes (often!) Very practical, as well for baby as for parents.
Chicco First Dreams Next 2 Stars: the best mid-range


 Light intensity and adjustable sound volume

 Adaptability (bed rail or night table)
 No possibility to adjust the intensity of the crying sensor

Is it still necessary to present Chicco, the famous Italian brand specialized in baby products? With its Chicco First Dreams range, it offers a series of smaller lights than the others, but it is probably the Next 2 Stars model that wins the most success.
And that's not surprising. Despite its very affordable price, this nightlight embeds multiple features.
Let's talk about design first. Available in blue and pink, it adapts quite easily to the nursery. This is a light module, which is suspended a small teddy bear-shaped detachable (in case baby wants to appropriate) and washable (convenient for parents!). It can be installed in two ways: either you put it on a bedside table next to the bed, or you can hang it on the horizontal bar of the latter, as long as it does not exceed 3.8 cm.
This night light also has both a light function and a musical function, which can operate independently (the light without music and vice versa). She can easily adapt to baby's needs!
On the light side, there are three modes of operation: night light, mood light or star projector. Basically, it is mainly the intensity of the light that changes in the night mode only the small moon is lit and the stars are already visible (if the night light is near a wall) in light mode. atmosphere. The projected light, it, automatically varies in color (and it is not possible to illuminate only with a predetermined color).
As for music, there is also the choice: classic melodies (which includes 7 melodies each lasting a few minutes, which allows a good roll without too much repetition), New Age melodies or sounds of nature. The volume is also adjustable, so as not to bother baby once he has fallen asleep.
And if the night light goes off automatically after 30 minutes (which normally allows baby, as I already pointed out, to return to its deep sleep phase), the crying sensor automatically switches it on if your baby wake up at night. Just set the type of brightness and the song you want it to revive with, and you can stay comfortably in your bed for a little wake up call (well, if baby agrees to go back to sleep, of course!).
The only downside about this is that there is no possibility to adjust the sensitivity: impossible, therefore, to set a trigger threshold of crying, depending on the ambient noise in the baby room (depending on that you live in the country or in the city, it can quickly make a big difference).
In the end, the night light Chicco First Dreams Next 2 Stars has almost everything to please: light and sound varied, ability to adjust the light intensity such as sound volume, nice design and adaptability, crying sensors …
It lacks a rechargeable battery via USB and a possibility to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor crying to be perfect. But at this price, we are not going to quibble!
Summer Infant Slumber Buddies: a night light that can act as a blanket


 Timer 15/30 or 45 minutes
 Repetitive musical repertoire

With the Summer Infant Slumber Buddie, here are the first teddy night lights of my selection. That's why their design is particularly worked.
The model that I propose to you here is the elephant, because I confess that it wins my preference. But many models exist, among which the most famous are the hippopotamus, the butterfly or the rabbit.
It is therefore a night light in the form of plush, that the child can take take safely in his arms (the compartment for the batteries is well screwed), or that can be deposited on the bedside table.
It is for this reason that the brand Summer Infant, unlike many teddy night lights, placed the light module on the back of the animal: once placed on a piece of furniture, the projection towards the ceiling remains optimal, while the animal seems to be sleeping quietly.
It is therefore, you will understand, a projection night light, whose motives are stars and moons. Three projection colors are available: blue, red or green. The blue and green projections are quite aggressive for the eye, but the red projection is very soothing. You can also choose a dimming position between the three colors, or completely turn off the night light to leave only the musical mood.
Because it also makes music: you have the choice between 5 options. Three music, sounds of nature (a sound of water) or heartbeat.
I find, personally, that if the melodies are pretty, they are a little more nasal than the Chicco presented above, and the repertoire quickly becomes quite repetitive. The volume is adjustable on three levels, but some users find that even at the lowest level, the sound remains quite high.
On the other hand, a big advantage of this night light is the available timer: it leaves you the choice of an automatic stop after 15, 30 or 45 minutes. This way, you can easily adapt it to your child's sleep, depending on how easy it is to fall asleep or not.
In the end, it is a good compromise between the night light and the blanket. The advantage of these night lights is, in my opinion, the fact that they can easily be carried everywhere by the child, even when he sleeps elsewhere than in his room. This allows him to keep wherever he is a comforting atmosphere.
Nomad Pabobo: the portable night light that illuminates until the end of the night


 Long battery life (about 70 hours of autonomy per charge)

 It can not be turned on or off manually

Pabobo night lights have been designed as nomadic nightlights par excellence. Compact and lightweight, they fit easily in the hand, and their led bulb without heating allows the child to slip under his sheets without worry.
They are obviously adapted to the little ones, offering them a soft lighting, which allows to see in the room without being dazzled and without disturbing the sleep. But they were especially thought for the older, who around 3 years are often afraid of the dark as they start to be clean at night: neither one nor two, just take his night light with himself to light his way up to the WC. Some users have even reported having invested in 2-3 nightlights, to illuminate all night that path to the toilet.
All night you said? Yes ! Because after a recharge of about 5 hours, the night light can then light up for nearly 70 hours, the nights of a full week.
How it works ? Alone in fact: the night light is equipped with a brightness sensor. It is activated as soon as night falls, and goes out when the dawn comes. Of course, it consumes nothing while it is off, which allows him to save his battery.
It is also very solid: not only it resists falls, but also time: some users have testified to have used the Pabobo daily for several years (3 years on average) before seeing battery defects. The night light remains usable, but only on mains. It is less convenient but we will not lie, it is already an excellent performance.
Finally, again, this night light comes in multiple models and many colors, which allow it to fit almost any child's room. My preference, I believe, goes to the green model with the owl and the rabbit, but all are adorable.
The best high-end night lights
Beyond a certain price, I made the choice to offer you only nightlights with irreproachable material quality and proven durability.
Nevertheless, given their higher price, it is probably not here that you will find the night light at the most interesting price / quality ratio.
Skip Hop Moonlight: the best upscale


 Many settings possibilities

 It is not possible to use music independently of light

Skip Hop is an American company founded in 2003 that has quickly established itself as a flagship brand of baby care in the United States. Their night light owl is also a bestseller across the Atlantic.
First, I must admit that she is really cute (provided you love the owls, of course, but after Harry Potter, rare are those who are not in the case). The design, sober but elegant, is still rather childish, and fits any room.
This is the first nightlight sector of my selection. It must therefore be placed near a power outlet. On the other hand, the arrangement with respect to the wall and the ceiling poses less problems than with other models.
Indeed, even if it has a projection function, the projector is adjustable, which allows you, without moving the owl, to move the projection of stars along the wall or ceiling in the best disposition for baby and with optimal clarity.
In addition to the projector, you can also use this nightlight as a "traditional" night light, simply illuminating the owl's belly. It is also possible to adjust the intensity of the brightness according to your convenience (and that of baby especially).
On the other hand, it is not possible to completely extinguish the belly to let only the music work. It's a shame if baby wants to be in complete darkness while listening to his favorite tune.
As you can see, this night light also has a musical function. 4 melodies are proposed, as well as 4 natural noises (noise of the rain, sounds of the forest, waves or white noise with heartbeats). The volume is also adjustable according to your needs.
What I like in this nightlight, it is its multiple possibilities of adjustment: adjustment of the luminous intensity, the sound volume, and timer. 4 positions are possible: automatic stop after 15, 30 or 60 minutes, or operation until manual stop. This latter option is often adopted by parents in combination with white noise, which seems to work well with the sleep of many babies.
Once you have found the baby's favorite combination, you can save it so that when the next night arrives, it automatically activates when you turn on the night light.
In the end, this night light of Skip Hop, with its nice design, its many settings customization options and its white noise function has something to seduce. I just find it a bit too austere for a child's room, but that's all about personal taste.
Lumie Bedbug: the original night light devoid of blue light


 Not towards light therapy

If this night light seduces, it is undoubtedly first thanks to its original design. Is it a ladybug? A cute spider (she has eight legs)? Impossible to say, but it has a boiling frankly friendly, able to reassure the little ones with its soft texture (the plastic is covered with a kind of rubber soft to the touch).
His little plus? It emits a light almost entirely devoid of the spectrum of blue light so harmful to our sleep.
Two brightness positions are available: either a reduced position, which acts as a night light, or a strong position, which allows the Lumie Bedbug to be used as a bedside lamp for reading.
Once the sleep time has arrived, it is possible to activate the progressive twilight function: it is a smooth transition to sleep, with a light that gradually decreases while adopting the colors of a real twilight (orange-red). It lasts 15 minutes, after which you can choose whether the lamp goes off completely (if your child tends to fall asleep quickly) or that it continues to illuminate in reduced brightness until you switch it off manually (again, it will is a lamp on mains, which allows lighting all night).
This, of course, is not without reminiscent of light therapy lamps, and therefore we can only recommend a night light that combines with its comforting side for baby the benefits of this technique.
However, in addition to this, the Lumie Bedbug lacks options: no musical function, no nomadic function, or even a progressive wakeup function (which would have been perfectly suited to the light therapy trends it offers). It would not matter (after all, it fulfills the primary functions required of a night light) if its price, by the side, was not so high compared to other models.
In the end, I would recommend this night light to those who really fear the harmful effects of blue light, or those who have a baby quickly disturbed by this spectrum of light or having difficulty falling asleep in a too bright or too dark environment (here, this is done gradually).
But even if its design and trends towards light therapy are very nice, it is clearly not the best quality / price ratio of this comparison.
The products of my selection on offer for the moment

This is not the number of nightlights missing on the market. And after all, is it really important to choose the night light? In a word, yes! Here's why.
The benefits of a night light
The benefits for baby
Of course, the first function of the night light is to reassure the toddler, who will probably quickly integrate it into his bedtime ritual. During the night, if he wakes up, it allows him to easily locate his blanket. And when he grows up and begins to fear the dark (I believe that all children go through this stage), she will be an ideal companion to reassure him.
The benefits for parents
It's not just baby who enjoys the benefits of a night light. Parents too, and maybe even more so than baby himself!
So, with a night light, it's useless to light a big lamp for the change of the night, which usually completes waking baby completely. The same goes for lactating moms, who can easily take baby and rest for a feed at night without having to change the lighting.
But still, it allows you to quickly take a look at him, without having to light or feel it in the dark to see if he is well, which is likely to wake him up too. And, once sleeping baby, it allows you to easily return to the front door, without walking on this damn lego en route (it smells the lived …).
Finally, during the period of bad dreams, it saves you from leaving the corridor door ajar with the light of the landing lit, which turns out, after a night, not very economical.
Of course, there are night lights for all tastes. And if the choice of design is important (after all, you probably have at least 3-4 years to use this small device), I leave you free judgment on this point according to your personal tastes (or those of your child if he is already old enough to speak).
The light spectrum
Let's talk directly about what is perhaps the most scary, but probably the most important to consider: the color of the light of your night light.
Contrary to what one might think, a night light diffusing a blue light (which has a soothing connotation) is far from being optimal for baby (nor for an adult besides). Why ?
Blue light (which is a natural part of the light spectrum) is shown to have adverse effects on the body. Studies have shown that it can be a source of many health problems, such as a mood imbalance, hormonal imbalance, loss of energy, suppression of secretion of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and therefore the decrease in the quality of sleep, … It is even suspected of constituting an increased risk of cancer!
And without going so far in the allegations, it has just been proven that blue light stimulates attention, which is obviously contrary to the purpose for a night light.
In fact, even if your instinct pushes you to believe the opposite, you have to favor a spectrum of red or orange light.
But do not make me say what I did not say: there are many night lights offering a spectrum of colors, changing as time goes by. Of course, blue is usually part of it. Do not ban that nightlight. This blue light simply does not have to take precedence over others.
The power
The power of the night light is important. Not powerful enough, it turns out to be useless. Too powerful, it will prevent baby sleep (this is often the case with bedside night lights).
There is a fairly simple test to judge the power of your night light. Once in complete darkness, turn it on, position yourself roughly where your child sleeps and close your eyes. Turn your head in different directions and see if you "see" the light from the night light through your eyelids.
If so, it is probably too powerful to guarantee a good sleep for your child.
There are three types of power supply for a night light: mains, battery (often with a possibility of recharging via USB) or batteries.
The advantage of the first is that it often has a better longevity, since it does not have a battery likely to wear out with use.
The advantage of battery or battery operated night lights is that they can be placed almost anywhere. You are not dependent on the distribution of the shots in the room.
The type of bulb
Some nightlights work with a replaceable bulb, like a traditional lamp, while others have an immovable bulb. If you want a long-term investment, the former are probably preferable.
But again, the type of bulb can be important for the safety of the child. Indeed, a Led bulb will heat much less than an incandescent bulb or a halogen lamp.
The options
The number of options available is almost as large as the number of nightlights on the market. And while some may be "gadget", others are rather practical, even indispensable.
The musical function
Although this is often the case today, not all nightlights offer a music feature. Yet this is a point often appreciated by baby in his bedtime ritual.
In my opinion, two factors are important to consider in this regard. On the one hand, it is preferable that this function be dissociated from the light function, so that it is possible for you to turn on the light without necessarily turning on the music and vice versa. Baby, like you, sometimes enjoys moments of silence … But that does not mean that he does not need to be reassured by his kindly light!
On the other hand, it is important that the melodies are repetitive enough to introduce a comforting ritual for baby, but varied enough to not make you goat every time you turn on your little one's night light (believe I knew this with my daughter, and I'm glad she finally stopped using this night light to fall asleep, my hair bristles as soon as I hear it!).
The light projection
As the name suggests, this feature allows you to project an image on the wall or ceiling. It is often a spectacle appreciated by baby, especially when this projection varies, whether in its forms or in its colors.
The only constraint is the placement of the night light: if it is not at a good distance, the images can be too small, deformed, or even invisible.
This can quickly be problematic if it is a mains light, which must be positioned at a time depending on the placement of the socket and the ceiling.
The timer
Some night lights continue to operate until you turn them off (most of them are on mains lights) while others have a timer.
If this one is generally set by default for an immutable duration (for example: 30 minutes), some propose a real adjustable timer according to your needs.
The noise sensor and the brightness sensor
There are models that automatically restart at certain times: either when they hear noise like the baby crying, or when they detect that it is really too dark in the room.
The night light teddy
This is a special type of night light, where the light module is integrated in a real plush, in the manner of the cubs Chicco Firs Dreams, where the teddy belly serves as both a light projection module and a 'musical ambiance.
The advantage of such a night light is that it is a two-in-one: baby has both a blanket and a night light to accompany his nights. If I am personally a fan (it is the one that owns my son), I recognize that it can have disadvantages: baby can thus directly stick his eyes against the source of light, which is far from being optimal, and positioning in the bed makes the projection on the ceiling sometimes quite random.
Other options
Other options may be present, but they are often, in my opinion, redundant in that they are usually already found on other devices such as baby monitors.
En voici quelques-unes en vrac : thermomètre, capteur d’humidité, capteur de mouvements,… À vous de voir ce dont vous avez réellement besoin et ce que vous n’utiliserez jamais. Inutile de mettre le prix pour rien !

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