The 7 (True) Best Toothpastes 2019

Posted on January 25, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 7 best toothpastes among a wide range of products! I have a small preference for Parodontax which has been recommended to me several times by professionals, and for the dough saline Weleda. These toothpastes are not renowned for their pleasant taste, but are widely approved for their effectiveness! You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you choose a toothpaste that suits your needs.

The best cheap toothpastes
Toothpastes, you will find tons on the market! For everyday use, you can find relatively affordable products that will allow you to properly take care of your teeth.
Here are some very different products, but which, in my opinion, each offer their benefits.
Colgate: the best cheap


 Progressive whitening
 Protects tooth enamel

 No visible bleaching for some

Colgate is a recognized brand in its field. The company has indeed created the first flexible tube toothpaste in 1896, a format still widely used today!
Max White One Optic Toothpaste has active ingredients that will help prevent tartar and plaque. Optical brighteners absorb UV radiation not visible to the naked eye, and induce a "white" effect. They will make your teeth visibly whiter, but do not expect to notice a result after a few days!
Another interesting Max White toothpaste is Expert White. While ordinary whitening toothpastes help to reduce recent or surface stains, it is designed to work more deeply: its whitening active ingredient (a formula based on hydrogen peroxide) acts beneath the surface of enamel for fight the older spots.
In the long term, Colgate toothpaste contains granules that will polish the teeth and eliminate stains without harming them. The components of its formula, which mingle with calcium and magnesium saliva, involved in the mineralization of your teeth (which enamel can sometimes be damaged by bacteria).
Fluoride (which protects your teeth from the acidity released by bacteria) strengthens tooth enamel, allowing them to better resist cavities.
In terms of its texture, the dough contains small granules which are not harmful in principle to brushing. For daily use, this toothpaste can be quite suitable. As long as you use it daily with a suitable toothbrush!
Oral-B Pro Expert: an extra fresh taste

 Taste too pronounced for some
 Not suitable for children under 12 years

Oral B addicts, you may know this multi-protection toothpaste! Oral B Pro Expert is a toothpaste developed by the world-famous brand of toothbrushes, recognized by dentists.
Its action aims to protect your teeth against the erosion of enamel, forming a shield against sugar. The goal is to protect your teeth against acid attacks, and prevent the formation of tartar. Oral B also highlights the effectiveness of its product to remove surface stains and whiten teeth.
If you want an extra fresh taste, its minty aroma may please you, even if some testers find its taste surprising. Its gel texture is a little grainy without being disgusting.
If however you do not like its texture and its bluish color, you can turn to other toothpastes of the brand like the 3D White Luxe. By the way, the fluorine content in the latter is 1100 ppm (lower rate than other brands).
This toothpaste contains stannous fluoride supposed to reduce (at a certain dosage) a large part of the bacteria present in your mouth.
Some users find, after prolonged use, a slight whitening of their teeth and a good efficacy against scale. The multi-action side of the Oral B Pro Expert is suitable for many people, although the results are obviously variable.
Note that this toothpaste is reserved for people over 12, because of sodium lauryl sulfate it contains. This component is irritating to the mouth of the youngest and can cause canker sores.
Logodent: an organic toothpaste

 No inconvenience

Logodent toothpaste is from the Logona range. This toothpaste, with organic mint, cleans your teeth gently thanks to its mineral particles.
Your email will be less aggressive. If you are looking for a toothpaste with more natural components and which acts smoothly, the Logodent could be suitable for you. In addition, its chamomile extract has anti-inflammatory properties acting on the gums.
The mint aroma leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness after the brushing and its texture is pleasant according to the testers. This gel provides effective cleansing with its lightweight foam and mineral particles, while caring for your teeth and gums.
This toothpaste contains neither fluoride nor synthetic preservatives. This is one of the great strengths of this product because it does not irritate the mucous membranes! For the most skeptical of you, the ingredients of this toothpaste are certified organic by the labels BDIH and Natrue.
In general, the brand's toothpastes are made from plants known for their protective actions against caries and dental plaque bacteria (clove essential oil, green tea, etc.). In 2006 and 2011, Logodent received the distinction of the German magazine √Ėko-Test, which defends consumers and the environment.
Its very affordable price, and its quality makes me in my opinion one of the best value for money.
A little advice in passing as to its use: because of its components, its content must be used within 12 months, but it leaves you plenty of time to use it!
For younger children, Logodent offers a Kids range. The dyes and aromas that are used are based on essential oil of sweet mint and strawberry. So no hassle if your child accidentally swallows (well, maybe your child will tell you) toothpaste!
Elmex: ideal against cavities!


 Protects against cavities
 Reduces bleeding from the gums
 Indicated from 12 years

Elmex products come from the ranges offered by the Colgate Group, which has become, over the years, the world leader in oral care. If you are sensitive to hot or cold, here is a toothpaste that will help you.
Elmex anti-caries is particularly well suited if you want to fight against the appearance of cavities. In fact, it contains Olafluor amine fluoride which, thanks to its surfactant properties, attaches directly to the teeth to form a homogeneous and adhesive film that protects the tooth surface and enamel of your teeth.
This toothpaste has a remineralizing action that helps eliminate acid attacks, responsible for the production of bacterial acids. It also promotes the remineralization of carious lesions that begin.
So if you often eat sweet, or if you already see cavities forming, you now know which product to turn to! Except for children under 7 years for whom this toothpaste is not recommended.
The Elmex leaves you a minty taste in the mouth and a real feeling of freshness without giving you a chill when rinsing! You will agree, a fresh breath is always more pleasant for you and your entourage.
This toothpaste has been designed to protect and strengthen sensitive teeth and bare dental collars.
Because of age, the gums can retract and the dental collar (normally protected), becomes more vulnerable to cavities and pains caused by the aggressions that your teeth undergo daily. These attacks can be due to temperature variations, the acidity of your diet, etc.
And if you are a fan of the brand, you can also find a wide range of products at Elmex including toothbrushes, dental floss or mouthwashes.
The best mid-range toothpaste
Among the mid-range toothpastes, you will find products a little more expensive, but highly recommended, especially by dentists for their components and their effectiveness.
Weleda saline: the best of mid-range


 Reduces scale formation


Weleda toothpaste helps maintain good oral hygiene. It not only cleans the teeth gently, but also acts preventively against scale formation.
The components are mainly of natural origin. The sea salt crystals that compose it, combined with sodium bicarbonate, have a smoothing effect on the surface of your teeth and limit the formation of dental plaque.
Its components stimulate the secretion of saliva to strengthen the process of self-cleaning the mouth. Without fluoride added, this toothpaste has the advantage of being compatible with homeopathic treatments.
Myrrh resin extract, used for its soothing properties, helps reduce tooth sensitivity, especially in the gums. Esculin, ratanhia extract and horse chestnut extract provide astringent properties to limit small bleeding that may occur during brushing.
This toothpaste, with a salty taste, also contains peppermint essential oil which leaves you a pleasant sensation of freshness when you brush.
If you have never tested it, the taste may seem surprising at first use. But those who tested it are particularly satisfied: the breath remains fresh, the teeth are whiter, and the gums more reinforced (after daily use of course).
In summary, Weleda Saline Toothpaste can effectively fight against tartar and dental plaque to prevent you from complications such as caries or periodontal disease. It effectively cleans teeth while having a slight whiteness effect thanks to sodium bicarbonate and salt crystals it contains.
What is reassuring, too, is that it has been clinically tested and NaTrue certified.
Parodontax: an effective toothpaste!


 Smooth teeth after brushing


For the record, Parodontax toothpaste was developed by the German dentist Dr. Focke in 1937. Since its inception, the base of their toothpastes is sodium bicarbonate, used for its cleansing properties. The range has now expanded to include toothbrushes and mouthwashes.
Parodontax toothpaste is especially suitable for people who have bleeding gums. Its weakly abrasive sodium bicarbonate formula physically removes bacterial plaque, a leading cause of gum problems.
Brushing twice a day with Parodontax helps eliminate plaque and prevent gum problems.
The texture is thicker than other toothpastes and its salty taste is quite special. This toothpaste has been recommended to me several times by oral health professionals.
I can understand that his taste is not appreciated by all, but for my part, I got used to it quickly. After brushing, it leaves the teeth smooth and clean, which is not to displease!
Note in passing that the salty taste Parodontax comes from its concentration in mineral salts, recognized and appreciated for their neutralizing and cleansing action.
Comprised of six plants and fluoride, this toothpaste aims to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth but also to protect, tone and strengthen the gums in the long term. And when you have healthy gums, the teeth are better!
I found this toothpaste rather effective after daily use (over a period of a few months) against bleeding gums.
The best high-end toothpaste
In the high end, some toothpastes can also provide gentle care to your teeth! In this selection, I present the Coslys gel for sensitive teeth.
Coslys: the best upscale


 Gentle gel with natural aroma


Coslys toothpaste gel is enriched with mineral salts and is intended for everyday use. It helps prevent tooth sensitivity and fortify enamel.
This gel combines the natural benefits of trace elements and mineral salts with a basic pH formula. Its formula reduces occasional gum bleeding, but also soothes inflammation and irritation. Minerals and trace elements naturally remineralize and strengthen the teeth.
Non-abrasive, its very soft gel is respectful of enamel and gums, which you could certainly appreciate. Its freshness and natural mint aroma are very pleasant according to the testers.
Better yet, the Coslys does not contain SLS or fluorine, and as a bonus, this product is certified by Cosmebio.
If you have areas of your mouth that are more sensitive, you can directly apply some gel on it, before rinsing with clean water. Its texture is less pasty than traditional toothpastes without being too liquid either. Just remember not to press the tube too hard when using it!
According to the users, the little extra of this gel is its lack of deposit at the base of your toothbrush. If you want to test an organic toothpaste, this toothpaste may be the first one you could test!
Coslys offers other dental treatments if you feel like it: a toothpaste gel with fluoride orange, another with strawberry for children, and a fluorine-free charcoal gel (mint and lemon bio).
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

Using a toothpaste is a daily gesture that we repeat about 2 to 3 times (ideally) a day to eliminate food debris and avoid bacteria that affect the health of our teeth.
For good tooth health, the choice of a toothpaste must go hand in hand with the use of a quality toothbrush to effectively remove plaque when it builds up after meals. Brushing ensures a protective role against dental plaque and the enemy we all fear: bad breath.
As you can see regularly, brands are raving about their products: aromas with the most diverse scents, shine, … These claims do not make it easy for you to choose!
So here to help you some indications so that you can choose a toothpaste adapted to your needs!
The use of toothpaste as prevention
A toothpaste can act in prevention against the formation of tartar, yellow teeth, bad breath (halitosis), caries … All these inconveniences that sometimes prevent us from smiling to the fullest! There are different types of prevention that can be complementary.
To provide proper care for your teeth, take a regular dental visit to the dentist who will provide you with the advice and recommendations you need.
Caries prevention and repair of fragile areas
The fluoride in some toothpastes helps fight cavities by helping to remineralize enamel and by slowing the action of bacteria in the mouth.
The prevention of tartar
Combined with the mechanical action of brushing, toothpaste helps remove plaque. The anti-tartar components contained in some toothpastes delay the appearance of dental tartar.
Reduced risk of gingivitis and dental sensitivity
Some pasta contains antiseptic agents that destroy germs and delay the formation of dental plaque, responsible for inflammation of the gums. These toothpastes numb the nerve of the tooth and thus block the pain signal.
Stain prevention and whitening of teeth
"Whitening" toothpastes should be used moderately because they are abrasive. They are recommended for stains caused by tea, coffee and cigarettes, but do not affect the natural color of the teeth.
The age
The use of the toothpaste must be adapted to the age of its user. A child who always has small baby teeth should not receive a lot of fluoride, as an excess could cause stains. Be careful also parabens present as preservatives that can cause allergies!
For a child, choose a product whose fluoride concentration does not exceed 500-1000 ppm. Several brands such as Elmex (up to 6 years old), Phytonorm or Elgydium offer toothpastes or gels adapted to their little quenottes.
One of the main components of toothpastes is fluoride, used to fight cavities by protecting tooth enamel (the protective layer of teeth).
Fluoride can be mineral (sodium fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate …) or organic (Olaflur). It has become established in most forms of commerce, even if some toothpastes do not contain.
In addition to fluoride, an antibacterial is also present in the composition of toothpastes. Most often, manufacturers use chlorhexidine to combat the production of toxins that cause gingivitis and the general sensitivity of the gums.
Sodium phosphates
Sodium phosphates slow down the mineralization of plaque, to prevent scale formation.
Organic or natural toothpaste
In order to avoid unwanted substances, consumers are increasingly turning to natural solutions. Toothpastes are trying to meet this demand.
Organic toothpastes contain 95% of ingredients of biological origin and do not have synthetic chemical preservatives. They are often certified by a label like Cosmebio, BDIH or Natrue.
The component, most often present in organic toothpastes, is baking soda which gives it a different taste of traditional toothpastes and a grainy texture. Do not expect a pleasant taste!
You can watch from local producers near you! For example in Belgium, you have local producers like the Little Witch who offers cosmetics and handmade soap with ingredients of biological origin. The shop has the originality of offering powdered toothpastes: for everyday use, sensitive gums, or whiter teeth. Always good to know and test!
So-called "natural" toothpastes sometimes have the advantage of being compatible with homeopathic treatments. To replace synthetic flavors, these toothpastes are made from essential oils, plant extracts or special ingredients such as anise, lemon or amica. Some plant extracts have interesting soothing and antiseptic properties.
The mini tubes for the trip
If you are traveling, opt for a mini toothpaste that you can easily slip into a kit or purse (if you want to keep it with you when you fly for example).
Compact and very light, mini toothpastes are handy when you're on the move! Some are offered in travel kits, such as Frescoryl.
Solid toothpastes
For people who do not want to take the time to brush their teeth, solid and natural formats are available! For example, the Lamazuna brand has been distributing (since 2010) a range of ecological and strong cosmetics.
With natural ingredients, they have made solid toothpastes in the form of lollipops (suitable for children from 3 years old).
Toothpaste toothpastes
In addition to solid toothpastes, products that you find in supermarkets or pharmacies, are generally available in two formats: metered or tube.
Doser formats deliver a single dose of toothpaste at the touch of a button. It is not necessary to press several times because the quantity distributed is usually sufficient.
It is a simple and fast format, and in addition, the tip remains generally clean. This is a particularly well-designed format for children!
Tube toothpastes
For the tube format, you have to press the tube between your fingers and put the desired quantity of paste on the brush. It's easy, you say, but toothpaste can build up around the cork or drain faster than expected.
This type of packaging is the most widespread and the cheapest.
But no matter what format you choose, the amount contained in a tube or a doser is usually sufficient to allow you a certain number of brushings!

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