The 8 (real) Best Bedside Lamps 2019

Posted on February 16, 2019
After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 8 best bedside lamps among more than thirty models available at the moment.
My favorite is the Philips Hue Go, a high-tech model extremely flexible, since it allows to precisely adjust the lighting to all circumstances.
You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you choose the most suitable model for your bedroom.

The best bedside lamps cheap
Entry-level models are usually quite basic. While inexpensive bedside lamps do their job perfectly, the quality of materials and finishes can be seriously flawed.
If many models are available, we will take the time to sort out and examine the technical characteristics of each model carefully. Caution in particular with the wood: if in the case of a model like the lamp House World Miss Bloom Ball, it is indeed pine, a model like the Lightning Ever is indeed a "wood effect ".
Philips Limba: the best price

Philips is usually expected in the sound and picture categories or for home appliances. It is a bit of a quick thing to forget that the Dutch manufacturer is also producing luminaires of very good quality. The proof with the Limba bedside lamp, a sleek design that goes everywhere.
The Limba model is all that classic, since this table lamp consists of a metal base surmounted by a sober shade cream. We appreciate the little touch of wood: a detail that is enough to give it character.
With its sleek design, this model is almost universal. No matter the style of your decor: the Limba lamp knows how to blend in with the decor.
This lamp is designed for a halogen bulb with an E27 cap. Attention: it is not included with the lamp: you must therefore plan to buy it independently.
The Limba model is 50 cm high and 26 cm in diameter. It therefore naturally finds its place on a traditional bedside table. This table lamp is also quite versatile, since it finds its place in any room of the house.
The main asset of this lamp? The Philips quality, which is well and truly at the rendezvous. Despite its small price, it is a model that can be kept for a long time.
Like most models equipped with a shade, it is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning, or even for the makeover if you want to change the lampshade.
Sober and reliable, the Limba lamp is undoubtedly a bedside table that does its job extremely well.
If it is possible that the lampshade gets tired or goes out of fashion in the long term, the structure of the lamp itself is thought to last and allow you to revise it if necessary. Definitely an excellent basic!
Lightning Ever: the classic alternative


 Easy to assemble and disassemble
 Medium quality materials


When it comes to lighting at a low price, Lighting Ever ensures … in general! We are not going to lie: this bedside lamp is not his greatest achievement.
But it offers a good value for money. If its design appeals to you, then you can let yourself be tempted.
This bedside lamp is relatively compact: 14 cm side and 32 cm high. It consists of a dark wood effect foot and a shade of a very light beige. Its contemporary design is decidedly classic, but it is still quite elegant.
If the finishes are quite neat, we must admit that this model can still be a little "cheap". The fault to one foot certainly stable (it's the main!), But a little too thin to be convincing. The finishes are correct without being exceptional …
The shade is also a little light: pay attention to the power and color temperature of the bulb used, you could quickly be blinded! The Lighting EVER bedside lamp is equipped with a base for E27 bulb (not supplied).
A good first point for this model: its generous power cable: 1,5m. It is also quite easy to assemble and disassemble, which is another very good point, this type of shade is still a dust catcher.
Hard to imagine more classic than the Lighting Ever bedside lamp. This is certainly not the best product offered by the manufacturer, but this model does its job.
If you're looking for a reliable, purely functional bedside lamp, without committing a big budget, this is a purchase to consider. If you are attached to the aesthetic aspect, it is better to orient yourself towards a model realized in materials of better quality.
Maison du Monde Miss Bloom Boule: the ultra-low price


 Good quality materials
 As decorative as off
 Pretty girly style

Maisons du Monde is no longer presented, one of the most popular decorative signs available. From crockery to household linen to furniture: the brand offers everything you need for a "cocooning" and stylish interior.
It is also committed to offering several new collections each season, which allows it to always stick perfectly to the latest trends. With such an abundance of styles and products, its catalog is not necessarily irreproachable.
It is therefore a matter of doing a little sorting, especially in the lighting department, and it becomes possible to find nuggets. This bedside lamp is one of them: it will not fail to seduce lovers of deco!
This Maisons du Monde ball lamp is from the Miss Bloom collection. The profession of faith of the brand was to offer a chic and bohemian collection, "girly", but not too much. Let's be honest: this bedside lamp is pretty "girlie" anyway … we will love or we will not like!
This model consists of a cubic wooden foot, surmounted by a glass globe. The interior is decorated with a rather fine floral pattern. We also appreciate the traceability of materials, still too rare when it comes to lighting. In this case, the mark indicates that it is pine native to New Zealand.
This bedside lamp has relatively compact dimensions: 20 cm in diameter and 24 cm in height. The lamp is also equipped with a cap for E27 bulb (not supplied, by the way).
First very good point: the Miss Bloom is as decorative of day, when it is extinguished, that of night, when it is lit. We appreciate the quality of the materials and finishes rather pretty for a model at a low price.
Zanflare: a good mood model


 Multipurpose mood light
 Average design for the room

Zanflare is one of the many discount brands that have recently appeared on the market. His specialty: LED luminaires, with a particular penchant for connected models.
In its catalog, we find this very nice mood lamp, which is actually not really thought to take the place of bedside lamp. But with its very relaxing "flames" effect and its speakers, it can be used in the bedroom, where it distills a really nice atmosphere.
This Zanflare lamp is originally designed as a mood lamp for use both indoors and outdoors. Unlike other models in this selection, which display a classic IP20 for bedside lamps, it displays an IP65 that allows it to operate in a humid environment.
If you can turn it into a bedside lamp, it is always good to know that it is still ultra-versatile!
Equipped with LEDs that produce a warm light, this lamp mimics the lighting of a flame: all you need to install a relaxing or romantic atmosphere. It is also equipped with a speaker.
If it is not a bluffing quality, it already allows you to play music, or a sound conducive to relaxation, according to your desire of the moment. Located on the top of the lamp, the control panel is simple and very intuitive.
The Zanflare lamp is a bluetooth model that charges via a USB port. It boasts 37 hours of autonomy in lamp mode, 4 hours only in "light and sound" mode. It should be noted that it is quite complicated to make it work when it is in charge.
The design of this lamp, modern and high-tech limit, does not lack elegance. But in the room, we must admit that this is not the most deco model, especially the day.
The Zanflare lamp is not necessarily the most delicate and efficient bedside lamp. But if you are looking for a mood lamp at a low price, it is a good choice.
The best mid-range bedside lamps
The mid-range models are quite simple: little chance of finding a high-tech model! On the other hand, the big names of deco propose an immense variety of models, which are declined in all the styles.
It becomes possible to find a model with simple design or more worked, but made of good quality materials.
Nirvana World House: the best mid-range

 Light visible only in low light

If Maisons du Monde strives to stick to trends, the brand also offers some safe values, especially in terms of lighting. The Nirvana bedside lamp is one of them.
Timeless, it adapts to the majority of interiors. A functional light, which should find its place without much harm in your room …
Composed of a floated wood stand and a white cotton lampshade, the Nirvana lamp is a classic. Not surprisingly, this lamp is equipped with a cap for bulb E27 (not included).
We can wonder about his name, all the same evocative of exoticism, because this model is inspired rather by the decoration "Atlantic". The fact remains that this model is found in many decorations: Atlantic, classic, rustic … and why not exotic!
It is appreciated that each model is unique, since driftwood is not really the kind of material that can be produced in series. It should be noted that this bedside lamp is quite impressive: 30 cm in diameter and 55 cm in height.
Given its generous size, no question of missing out on the stability of the lamp. No problem at this level: the lamp fits perfectly in place! Whether it is the quality of the materials or the care given to the finishes, nothing wrong either: Maisons du Monde is quite reliable in this area!
The Nirvana lamp mounts and disassembles without problem: it is easy to clean the set. This is a good point, as this type of "quirky" foot (and moreover wood) can easily catch dust.
Unlike a model like Miss Bloom Ball's House of the World or Miss Bloom's House of Feathers, Nirvana does not display a style of exceptional originality. But this timeless lamp is enough mat to find its place in the majority of interiors and it is extremely good job.
Maison du Monde Miss Bloom Feathers: a 100% fancy model

 Shade difficult to keep clean

Through its Miss Bloom collection, the Maisons du Monde brand wanted to offer a "girly" collection, but not too much. Failed cooking with the Plumes table lamp, which will be willing to turn into bedside lamp … it is clearly on a very girly model (to the point that more, it would be too!).
Forcibly: we love it or we do not like it. But we must recognize that it does not lack originality!
With its slim pink copper metal legs, surmounted by a rounded shade of pink feathers, this bedside lamp is reminiscent of a pink flamingo. It's not too far from cotton candy … In other words, this whimsical model is not for all interiors!
It should be noted that the Miss Bloom feather lamp has XL dimensions: no less than 35 cm in diameter and 55 cm in height. It must be said that originally, it is a traditional table lamp. If his funny look seduces you – and you have a little room in the room – it will not be less a very nice bedside lamp.
Side brightness, nothing revolutionary: it has a base for bulb E27. Be careful of its rather dense shade, which promises a rather subdued light: perfect for a relaxing atmosphere, a little less if you have a taste for reading!
The lampshade is also the main weak point of the lamp Miss Bloom Plume. While it gives him a lot of character, but it is also a real dust nest.
Although it is easy to disassemble to dust off, the feathers do not have the same strength as a traditional cotton shade. It is therefore likely that this lamp loses its beautiful over time.
With this feather lamp, Maisons du Monde proposes a nice model, which does not lack personality. But it is not necessarily intended to last … to see, therefore, according to your desires and your priorities!
House of the World Sarramea: an alternative XL

 Beautiful shade in natural fibers


In the category of "safe values", Maisons du Monde offers the very nice model Sarramea. If it is a little less successful than the House of the World Nirvana, this model is a bit more original. And it remains fairly timeless and go anywhere to find its place in most interiors.
The Sarramea is a table lamp XL: 40.5 cm in diameter and 67 cm in height. It will not necessarily find its place on all bedside tables, especially since it is equipped with a tripod. It is not an ultra-functional model, but from an aesthetic point of view, it must be recognized that it ensures.
Its little plus: a braided lampshade, which gives it a touch of character. The lamp Sarramea is a perfect balance between originality and classicism, and it blends easily into most decorations.
As for maintenance, be careful not to let the natural fibers of the lampshade get dirty. Especially since this type of materials can last for many years, provided we take a little care!
Small flat on the tripod. Nothing to say about the quality of the finish, but rather the choice: this ultra-bright white produces a contrast a little embarrassing with the lampshade trend "craft world". This gives the unpleasant impression that this tripod and this lampshade were not necessarily intended to meet …
It must be said that this tripod is not really a novelty at Maisons du Monde: it is a classic that the brand relooks regularly by offering a new shade.
Some will find the contrast between the tripod and the lampshade interesting, others will find it rather embarrassing … a matter of taste and color! This lamp is nonetheless very nice quality.
If you have a little room in the room and its design seduces you, do not hesitate to be tempted!
The best high-end bedside lamps
The high-end models are high-tech bedside lamps, which know just about anything. This can range from setting the intensity and the light temperature to the alarm function.
The challenge is to distinguish between gadgets and truly powerful models.
Philips Hue Go: the best high-end


 Adjusting colors and light temperature


We do not necessarily expect Philips on the side of traditional lighting. But when it comes to high-tech lighting, unsurprisingly, the Dutch brand ensures. The proof with the Hue Go model, one of the smartest bedside lamps on the market!
The Hue Go bedside lamp is a compact connected model: 12 x 12 x 7 cm. Normal: it is thought to be easily carried everywhere. It will find its place perfectly on your bedside table, but you can also move it from one point to another of the house (although its autonomy is not exceptional … count 2h to 2h30).
In terms of look, this small size ensures. Its half-moon shape, sober and refined, allows it to blend in quite easily with the decor.
On the other hand, it must be admitted that this is not necessarily always very practical. The manual control knob is located on the rounded part of the lamp and the socket to put it in charge, which seriously affects its balance. So it is sometimes tempting to use the lamp by simply putting it backwards … its look is less pretty, but it works just as well.
As its name suggests, the Hue Go is compatible with the Hue Bridge (the Philips Smart Lighting System).
The Hue Go bedside lamp offers a wide choice of settings: white light or 16 million colors. You can also opt for one of Philips' five dynamic effects: warm candle, Sunday coffee, meditation, enchanted forest and night adventure.
Let's be honest: the very marketing titles were cleverly chosen to sell dreams … but even if they are not as revolutionary and unique as Philips would have us believe, they are still very nice.
If you have the Hue bridge – Philips' intelligent lighting system – this lamp is of course compatible. It's even the best way to take full advantage of all its possibilities, because it offers a range of settings quite stunning.
We also stop on its price: if we are indeed on a high-end model, the Hue Go remains less expensive than many equivalent models. It therefore offers a good value for money.
The Hue Go bedside lamp is as discreet as it is efficient. One regrets without doubt not being able to take full advantage of its possibilities if one does not have the Hub, but it already offers extensive possibilities.
The best, if you want to have a reliable and durable model, without committing a very big budget.
The products of my selection on offer at the moment

If the choice of a bedside lamp depends largely on the decor of your room (and therefore your personal taste in the field), it must also be motivated by some important points, such as design, type of bulb (LED, connected, halogen) or the place you have.
I am here with you!
The different types of bedside lamps
There are mainly two types of bedside lamps.
Lamps to ask
They are the most flexible, since you can move them as you wish.
These are fixed appliques or models to clip on the headboard, which have the advantage of taking up less space.
A bedside lamp can also be fixed or equipped with a swivel neck (the latter option is the most suitable for reading enthusiasts). The choice depends on the configuration of the room, your tastes and your habits.
Light intensity
The bedside lamp is a very special light, because it is intended to be used in different circumstances. It can be nice to have a powerful light to read or to look for something in the bedside table, a softer lighting to relax and a very soft lighting when you get up in the middle of the night and we do not want to be dazzled.
The choice of intensity also depends on the configuration of the bedroom. The bedside lamp is generally complementary lighting, the main lighting being provided by a ceiling lamp.
In small spaces, however, it may happen that the luminaire provides the main lighting of the room. In this case, it must be relatively powerful.
With very few exceptions, the entry and mid-range bedside lamps are equipped with a bulb. You will have to choose its power according to your needs and your habits.
If you are ready to commit to a slightly larger budget, do not hesitate to opt for a variable intensity model!
The type of bulb
Nowadays, the majority of traditional bedside lamps are equipped with a base for bulb E27 (big screw base) or E14 (small screw base), which allow the use of ampoules of economic class A ++. It remains important to make sure of it.
The bedside lamp is not necessarily very energy intensive, but it is a luminaire that can work several hours almost daily. It is therefore important to make sure that it is as economical as possible.
It is also possible for fans of the genre to adopt connected bulbs; the budget is more important than for conventional bulbs, but these bulbs give a different effect to your room. So think seriously.
The dimensions
By definition, the bedside lamp must be able to be placed … on your bedside table! It is therefore important to carefully consider the dimensions you have before investing in a lamp.
Attention, especially, the clutter at the foot: if models like the House of the World Sarramea or the House of the World Miss Bloom Feathers are very attractive, their tripod occupy a lot of space and it will be difficult to ask anything else on the bedside table.
Choosing the location of your lamp is also important. Ideally, it should be 10 to 15 cm from the bed, and 40 to 60 cm above the mattress, depending on your height (no way it dazzles you when you sit!). So many elements, so it is best to consider to choose the height of your bedside lamp!
The bedroom is usually a space in which the decor is treated. Although it has a practical function, the bedside lamp also has an obvious aesthetic function. When making your choice, it would be a shame to neglect the question of style!
Caution, however. Models with a strong character, such as the Miss Bloom Feathers World House, could quickly tire you. It is sometimes more interesting to opt for a boilerplate model, like the Philips Limba.
The different functions
By definition, the bedside lamp is intended to enlighten you. There are now models offering more varied functions: dynamic effects, wake-up function, music … It is always wise to ask if this type of features really interest you.
If this is the case, rely on quality, focusing on a mid-range model or high-end, which will be more reliable in the long term.
What's more frustrating than reaching out and flipping your bedside lamp in the middle of the night?
To avoid this type of inconvenience, opt for a stable model. Certainly a tripod or square or rectangular foot inspires confidence, especially if it is equipped with anti-slip.
Do not neglect the question of weight: a featherweight will always lack stability! So carefully check the quality and weight of the material that makes up the foot: wood and metal are two sure values!
The lampshade
Exuberant or classic, compact or XL: the vast majority of bedside lamps is still equipped with a lampshade. Attention to the quality of the materials! The most common are plastic, paper and cloth.
Plastic is not the most elegant, but it has the advantage of being easy and quick to clean.
The paper
Nice and inexpensive, the paper has a limited life.
The fabric
The fabric and the natural fibers remain safe values, relatively easy to dust off.
The color of the lampshade is not just a matter of taste. A clear or openwork shade will diffuse the light well, a dark model will produce a much more subdued light
Whatever your choice, make sure you can remove the shade easily to clean it and, if necessary, replace it.

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