The app of the week: I know if I'm eating junk just by scanning product barcodes

Feeding is much less difficult than before, but eating well is not necessarily easy at a time when we are easily seduced by industrialized products. But thanks to the application Yuka, we can now very easily know the nutritional quality of what we buy.

Crisps, sweets, everything we can find at fast food: that, we all know that it was not good for our health if we abuse, even if we like to crack from time to time. But some seemingly more innocuous products are not necessarily better. Excess salt, fat, calories, presence of harmful additives: we do not think of everything while buying simple breads or mixed salads.

Since a few months, the thirty sedentary promoting the appearance of a small belly, so I decided to eat better. I was then advised to use an application, Yuka, to avoid non-recommended products. The principle is very simple: we scan the barcode of a product and the application sends us an evaluation doubled by a score of 100 and the corresponding qualitative information, qualities and defects.
For example, an exhaustive list of additives, including those posing health risks, can be obtained. Calories, saturated fats, sugar and salt are also reviewed, and we realize that in the name of taste, conservation or savings, our industrial products are much less harmless than we might think.

What is interesting with Yuka is that the application is not content to point fingers at certain products: it offers real alternatives. Of course, it is true that sometimes, between a pack of Raspberry Pim's and Figs Gerble biscuits, we are still tempted by the dark side. But little by little, we let ourselves be tempted and we finally discover new brands, less known, but better for health. And habits evolve gradually.
Yuka also draws up a monthly report on your consumption, to see if your eating habits are changing and if you are heading towards more quality. If the application is not there to play the role of nutritionist and should primarily adapt its overall diet, it remains a nice little help to consume a little better, and especially think before consuming. Note that the app also offers to analyze your beauty products and cosmetics, and my colleague Nelly Lesage was happy to try this feature.
                        You have always had doubts about certain industrial products and you finally want to know what it really is? Yuka lets you …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        A database of 600,000 products
                                                                Discover what lies behind foods and cosmetics
                                                                Track your consumption and discover new products

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