The app of the week: I pressed everything to create my farm and look for love in the meadow

In Stardew Valley, we take pleasure in playing a farmer who takes care of his fertile plot of land. But since life should not be reduced to work, one must also leave in search of love by discovering the other inhabitants of the village where one settled. A very cute and addictive game!

Metro, work, sleep. Metro, work, sleep. Metro, work, sleep. Daily life is not necessarily a part of fun and when a weary routine sets in, there is no room for fulfillment. To put an end to this vicious and infernal circle, we want to tackle everything and go back to nature and the simple things in life. The step is not easy, but it is this decision that takes the avatar that we embody in the game Stardew Valley released recently on Android. The title is already well known on other platforms, but it is on my smartphone that I really discover it.
                        At the crossroads between the RPG and management game, Stardew Valley offers a pretty seductive concept: go to the countryside to create your own …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        A nice mix between RPG and management game
                                                                Taste the pride of creating your own farm
                                                                More than 50 hours of content
After spending too many years working without passion in a big multinational, your character discovers that his benevolent grandfather bequeathed him a farm in a distant little village. Neither one nor two, he takes his cliques and slaps to go to deal with this fertile land abandoned.
A busy life in the countryside!
But that's not all ! In addition to growing vegetables, it will also be necessary to create a breeding and invest well the money duly earned by all this hard work. But in Stardew Valley, fulfillment does not go only through rewarding work. To enjoy life to the fullest, we must also make friends and find love! That's good, the villagers of Pelican City will make you a nice welcome – for the most part. It is among them that your soul mate is!
Pelican City, it's not worth the Bourg Palette, but it's not bad.
I've been playing at Stardew Valley for only a few days and I'm particularly hooked on the game mechanics. I take pride in harvesting parsnips, beans or cabbages.
My parsnips are ready to be harvested!
Each time, I have to take into consideration the season when I plant my seeds and correctly evaluate the yield of each plant. Fortunately, I have all the equipment to clear, dig, water and plow.
Explore the surroundings, get to know each character that we meet, try to understand what such or such likes …. all this is exciting. And to this is added the progressive discovery of certain mystical intrigues that are wrought in the village.
After going fishing for a nice sardine, I go to plow my land, plant some seeds. When evening falls, I go to the tavern to see which inhabitant of the village I will offer my heart – I have not decided yet, I like to take my time.

Beautiful immersion
The immersion starts from the creation of the character and the choice of the type of farm that we want to create – for my first part, I opted for a piece of clay classic to discover the game at my own pace. The 16-bit retro graphics are very engaging and enhanced by portraits that almost seem to be drawn by hand each time you interact with a character. As for maneuverability, the game had the good idea not to bother with pseudo joysitck. Just press where you want to go to get around.
Far from the hassle of the big gray and gloomy city, my avatar soberly baptized Garou regains a taste for life. The daily routine is still there, but it is much healthier fun. In Stardew Valley, I'm determined to make my character the happiest farmer!


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