The app of the week: my face becomes a meme, to me the glory on the Internet

The application Morphin is quite absurd since it proposes to replace the faces of people appearing in famous memes by your head. It's totally futile and that's why this "creative" process makes me laugh so much.
The drop the mic by Obama
The drop the mic of Barack Obama, the gesture quotes of Dr. Denfer or Salt Bae that season with disquieting sensuality his pieces of steak. All of these memes are ultra famous and are an integral part of the benevolent pan of the web culture that we cherish so much, as absurd as hilarious and weird.
If you are an enthusiast of memes and GIFs, then the Morphin app might be of great interest to you. This one offers a rather amusing experience by replacing the faces of the people immortalized by the best known GIFs of the Net by yours.
                        Have you always dreamed of seeing your face on a famous meme on internets? That's good, the essential application Morphin is …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Create your own GIF with your face
                                                                Large catalog of GIF
                                                                It's really very funny
To do this, the app requires you to take a selfie – with good light and a neutral expression. With this photo of your trombine, Morphin will model your face in 3D to integrate it into the contents of your choice.
A bit nil and very funny
Note that GIFs also pass through the 3D modeling box. The result is far from perfect, but it always pulls me a smile. Here are some examples of creations that I could create with my trowel.
Barack Omarba
"Creative process"
That one, it makes me scream with laughter
More classy than DiCaprio
We are very far from what we could consider as high quality graphics or a faithful representation of my boil. But this is the charm of this application: a good dose of humor, self-mockery and a hint of indulgence. For some, the experience will be funny for just a few minutes, for others – who knows? – Morphin can eventually become an indispensable tool to react to some comments on social networks.
I will end with two nice details. The first is that it is possible to add a short text on the GIF that you just created history to customize a little more. It's very basic, but welcome. The second is that the application offers small trivia quizzes while the image processing takes place.

A good way to accumulate some knowledge while one lends itself to a rather futile activity, let's admit it.


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