The app of the week: the management of a budget has no secrets for me

Managing a budget is not easy, let alone when you are domiciled at two different banks. Thanks to Bankin ', I monitor at a glance the status of my accounts and I manage my budget better.

It all started with my subscription to the N26 neo-bank, in addition to my "classic" bank: how, at a glance, to know the situation of my accounts of two different banks? After a short search, an application seemed to solve my problem: Bankin '.
This French fintech company has a simple commitment: to simplify the management of its money. And that starts with the aggregation of accounts of several banks within the same application. It is indeed possible to add several bank accounts, from a multitude of institutions: from Société Générale to Revolut via La Banque Postale. Simply enter his bank ID and password in the Bankin 'application to allow him access. The balance of each associated account is displayed along with the total balance available to you. Borrowings in repayment are also apparent.
Note in passing that Bankin 'is accessible from the Android or iOS application, but also from your computer, by connecting directly to the website.

While Bankin 'had already filled my main wait, I discovered other features that have strengthened my belief that this application will become my must have. Including budget management. At each purchase, transfer or withdrawal, the Bankin 'application will categorize – more or less efficiently – each transaction.
For example, the application recognizes that when I make a purchase at Franprix, it is food. More importantly, there are subcategories for each sector. Inside "Food & Catering", we find:
Fast Foods
Other (include bakery, butcher, etc.)
Coffee, which here corresponds to the hot drinks you consume in the trochets
And when Bankin 'is wrong category, what happens, it is possible to change it.
But categorize for what do you say? Well each month, I find a graph in the form of a circle, clearly showing the proportion of my expenses in each category. This allows me to have a quick overview of my situation, but also to identify in which sector I over-used during the past month.
It is also possible to impose limits in each category, but they are there for informational and preventive purposes: the application will not prevent to adjust this pint too much.
Free application requires, Bankin 'can offer you "opportunities": understand bank loans and partner savings solutions. We imagine that Bankin 'earns a commission for each service sold through its application.
And security in all this?
So yes, consolidating access to all these accounts in one place is probably not the best way to secure access to them. But Bankin 'seems to have taken sufficient steps to secure the data of its users.
Firstly, a long 6-digit PIN code or your fingerprint secures access to the application, as well as bank transfer. Then, no bank identifier is visible in the application, either the account numbers or your authentication number at your bank. Finally, Bankin 'is certified by the ACPR, an institution of the Banque de France, which is responsible, among other things, for the protection of bank and insurance customers.

As you can also see in the illustrations of this paper, it is impossible to make screenshots within the application. A "demo" mode is also available, which masks the amount of money available on your accounts when you show Bankin 'to friends to praise it.
                        With Bankin, discover a simpler way to manage your money with everything you need in one application.
Bankin you …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Access all your accounts in one application
                                                                View graphs of your expenses to find out where your money is going
                                                                Receive notifications and track all your transactions
A Premium and Pro version of available
All features shown above are accessible from the free version of Bankin '. But it is possible to go even further, with two types of paid formulas. It is :
Bankin 'Plus at 4.99 euros per month, which allows you to add customizable subcategories and export your transactions in .xls format, to view your data in a spreadsheet
Bankin 'Pro at 19.99 per month has the same features as the Plus version, but also allows you to create your own categories and account management for your company.
Pay solutions that will suit people who organize their budget in an extremely rigorous way. But in most cases, the free version of the application meets a large part of the uses.

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