The App of the week: this application of public transport has become indispensable on my smartphone

Apps to help find a public transport route, that's not missing. Citymapper has quickly become one of the best applications in this field, and my favorite. Here's why.

Taking public transport is not like taking your car. However, many applications offer the same type of route for both modes of transport, without having thought about the constraints of public transport. This is not the case of Citymapper, my favorite application for this purpose.
A route adapted to public transport
The use of the application is extremely simple. Citymapper uses the geolocation of your smartphone, so you only need one destination. He then proposes you the possible transports for your trip, in particular if you want rather to privilege the rail transport or the bus.
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                        3 reasons to download this application
                        One application for all transport and all cities
                                                                Real time traffic information
                                                                Showing subway exits and ideal placement in the trains
The strength of Citymapper is in these small details of interface throughout this route. The application displays the price that will cost a trip without a subscription to the transport service. The transport schedules are displayed in real time, using the data of the transport service (the RATP for example). Above all, the service guides you to make the trip as easy as possible, step by step, by telling you which subway mouth to prefer, or in which part of the train to place. The app can also notify you by a vibration when it's time to go out, and make a connection.

Beyond these smart and practical features, Citymapper offers to save some important places like your home or workplace, as well as working hours. This allows me to be notified if there is a problem on my favorite trips, and to have an estimation of the arrival time.
The estimates, let's talk about it. Citymapper is able to predict with great accuracy the arrival time of a route. I've never seen such accuracy, even with Google Maps, which tends to underestimate my market speed.

Over time, Citymapper has simply become one of the apps I install first when I set up a new smartphone. It is so light and malignant that it has gradually become one of my favorite applications. This is, I think, a model that developers should follow.

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