The audio equation according to OnePlus: disappearance of the jack = best wireless headphones

Pete Lau, the boss of OnePlus, explained on Weibo that the disappearance of the jack on the smartphones of his company will allow the latter to develop faster wireless headphones of better quality. New to wait for the OnePlus 7?

The OnePlus 6T was the first model of the brand to get rid of the jack but a few months ago, the OnePlus Wireless Bullets wireless headphones had been marketed. Overall highly appreciated, they have managed to do a little forget the frustration of seeing the jack disappear.
Now we expect the OnePlus 7 which is more and more talk about him. It is in this context that the boss of the company, Pete Lau, posted a message on his Weibo account where he explains that the disappearance of the jack will allow faster development of better quality wireless headphones.
For the OnePlus 7?
He suggests that this type of product will become better with each generation, before indicating that the existing Wireless Bullets are already very good, but that they can be improved. Some believe that preserving the jack on smartphones would not necessarily have prevented the development of wireless headphones.
On the other hand, we can think that OnePlus has been able to mobilize more engineers on its headphones since the removal of the jack. Be that as it may, this statement by Pete Lau may suggest that the OnePlus 7 will in turn be accompanied by a new generation of wireless headphones.
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