The best apps to learn how to draw on Android

Drawing is one of the disciplines that many of us would like to master, whether it is to translate one's imagination on paper, to relax or sometimes to impress others. This guide offers you to discover applications that will help all beginners to learn about drawing from their smartphone or tablet.

On the Play Store you will find an infinity of applications to learn to draw, the majority being of rather limited quality. This guide lists those that offer the best designed experience and the most interesting features. Even if these applications will not make you a master of drawing, even if they will not teach you all the techniques of drawing and coloring they offer a good introduction to learn as an autodidact at any age. Most of the applications below also have a fairly large number of ads, but with the option of deleting them.
Finally, if you want to draw directly on your tablet or smartphone, go to our guide for drawing applications.
App overview

WeDraw is an ideal application to satisfy the geek and the artist who lives in you. With drawings of One Piece, Naruto, Sonic, Mario or Fortnite to realize. The application offers many models drawn from manga and video games, but also some more generic drawings. Its operating principle is simple, each drawing is divided into twenty steps that you must reproduce one by one until the end. The drawings are quite complex, but really pretty and satisfying to realize. On the same principle there is the application How to Draw, but it has a more muddled interface and simpler drawings on the theme of nature and animals. The latter is however more suitable for beginners.

For kids, great beginners or those who prefer a cartoon and cute style to realism, is an interesting app. It offers many models in several styles, but it allows you to make a drawing directly on your smartphone or tablet. Just follow the guide and use the pencil you want. Although you will of course have to go to paper and pencil to really progress it offers an introduction to drawing, fun and interactive. For more cute designs you can also download Stick figure. this application is a catalog of drawings, many and varied, broken down into several stages.

To draw, it is not enough to have an excellent stroke of a pencil, it is also necessary to know how to find inspiration! If this is your second problem, download the original What to Draw? App. This application, rather than providing you with models to replicate offers a variety of themes. In each of these, the app can generate hundreds of ideas to inspire you. What to Draw? is ideal if you are looking for ideas or a list of drawing examples to practice intensively.
Download the best drawing apps
                        WeDraw is one of the best apps for learning to draw on Android. The app has dozens of models explained step by step …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Learn how to draw step by step
                                                                Characters from geek licenses
                                                                A clean and ergonomic interface
                        How to Draw is an application to learn drawing on your smartphone. Pretty simple, it offers dozens of models …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Learn to draw
                                                                Dozens of models
                                                                A simple application suitable for beginners
                        With you can learn how to make cute and successful designs from your smartphone or tablet.
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        An application to start in drawing
                                                                Very simple and interactive
                                                                Wide choice of drawings
                        For children, beginners and anyone who wants to learn how to draw in a cute and simple way, Stick figure is an application to …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        What to Draw? is a drawing application totally different from its competitors. Rather than allowing you to draw on your …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Easily find inspiration
                                                                Train your drawing skills on original themes
                                                                A variety of ideas to explore


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