the best deals in January 2019

Orange and Sosh, Bouygues Telecom and B & You, SFR and Red, Free Mobile … The 4 operators and their low cost divisions are engaged in a price war, regularly selling their 4G mobile plans. Here is our permanent summary of the best deals on non-binding packages.

Our recommendations

                        Free Special Series 4G Package – 50 GB January 22
                        Unlimited calls
                        Unlimited SMS / MMS
                        50 GB
                        RED SFR 4G Package – 40 GB January 21
                        Unlimited calls
                        Unlimited SMS / MMS
                        40 GB
                        10 €
                        Sosh Package 4G – 20 GB January 24
                        Unlimited calls
                        Unlimited SMS / MMS
                        20 GB
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What are the best deals on non-binding packages?
Free: 50 GB / month for 8.99 euros / month for one year
Free has unveiled a new limited edition package that offers 50GB of data with unlimited calls, SMS, MMS at 8.99 euros per month the first year, then 19.99 euros per month with double the GB, or 100 GB.
Offer ends January 15, 2019.
RED by SFR: 40 GB / month instead of 1 GB for 10 euros / month for life
The promotion on the unlimited 1GB SFR RED package is back until 21 January 2019. It allows to benefit from 40 GB for 10 euros per month, instead of 1 GB usually.
As always with RED, the offer does not include a validity limit. The promotion will therefore apply "for life". This package also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 3GB / month to use from the European Union and the DOM.
             Find the RED 40 GB package
Cdiscount Mobile: 40 GB for 7.99 euros / month for one year
The Cdiscount Mobile 40GB package is 7.99 euros for the first 12 months with code CD12M. The subscription then goes to 15 euros / month. It gives access to calls, SMS, unlimited MMS in Metropolitan France and 5 GB of 3G + data in Europe.
To take advantage of this offer, you have until January 23, 2019.
             Find the 40 GB package for 7.99 euros / month
NRJ Mobile: 50 GB / month for 8.99 euros / month for one year
The 50 GB package is 8.99 euros per month for 12 months with the promo code SL50G. It then goes to 16.99 euros at the end of this period.
In addition to the DATA up to 4G +, you will have the right to unlimited calls and SMS / MMS from France, Europe and the DOM. Hurry, the offer is only available until January 21, 2019.
             Find the 50 GB package for 8.99 euros
B & You: 40 GB / month for 9.99 euros / month for life
The special B & You package includes unlimited calls, SMS, MMS in metropolitan France. Regarding the 4G, it is rather consistent with 40 GB of data. From Europe and the DOM, you are entitled to unlimited calls and SMS, including 4 GB of 4G data.
As a reminder, the package is non-binding with a price of 9.99 euros per month for life. Offer is available until January 15th, 2019.
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B & You: 60 GB / month for 14.99 euros / month for life
The second special serial package also includes unlimited calls, SMS, MMS in mainland France, but gives access to a larger 4G data envelope: 60 GB per month. From Europe and the DOM, you are entitled to unlimited calls and SMS, including 6 GB of 4G data.
This flat rate without commitment is at 14.99 euros per month for life. Offer ends January 15, 2019.
             Find the B & You 60 GB package
Sosh: 20 GB / month for 9.99 euros / month for one year
The 20 GB mobile internet package without commitment is 9.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros for 12 months. In addition to this 4G data envelope, this package allows you to enjoy unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from mainland France to Europe.
The offer is valid until January 24th at 9am.
             Find the Sosh 20 GB package
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What are the best Quadruple-Play offers?
The majority of operators offer discounts when you take your mobile package (s) in addition to your internet subscription at home. Find all current offers in our dedicated guide.

What are the best non-binding packages?
Our guide to non-binding packages makes it easy to compare permanent offers, excluding promotions, from operators.

Which operator has the best mobile network in 2018?
Beyond the content of the offers and the prices, the quality and the coverage of the network count. Our file based on data from ARCEP and ANFR gives you an overview of the quality of service of the different mobile networks as well as the coverage of their network. We have also gathered other tools that will be useful in a dedicated folder.

How to recover your RIO and check its duration of commitment?
Also check if you are not under commitment with your current operator, which could cost you more than the savings made by changing operator. To do this, simply call the number 3179 from your mobile. You will automatically receive an SMS indicating your commitment period.
This number also allows you to recover your RIO, a login needed to carry a portability (if you want to keep your current number). The new operator will then take care of all the steps, including the termination of your previous operator, and you will be notified of the change by SMS.
Also check that your mobile is not simlocked by your operator, if you bought it with a subscription. If this is the case, a call to the service of your current operator will allow you to unlock your mobile and to take advantage of competing mobile networks.
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