The best free email boxes in 2019

What are the best free mail boxes? In front of a multitude of possibilities, will you be able to fix the criteria which will decide your choice? Free mailbox Gmail Created in 2004 by the giant Google, Gmail is a free mailbox which gathers more than one billion users. Since 2012, Gmail has announced that it has exceeded Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. Although Gmail is a complete and fluid email, and the 15 GB free it offers, the current success of Gmail is mainly two ways.First, there was the association of the email address with the Chrome navigation software, whose coupling frees up many features such as access to Google Drive, Google's Clould service, and its associated applications such as the Gdocs suite (spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, agenda …). Several tools like Google Adds and other applications intended for professionals or amateurs of the web are as accessible to you as if you have a Gmail account. Then, the fact that Android is the market leader as a system of exploitation of mobile devices will also explode the use of Gmail. Indeed, it is almost impossible for a non-holder of one of his devices not to have a Gmail account, which here also unlocks a multitude of features and gives access to Google Play, Google application farm .ZohoZoho mail is less known than Gmail, but is among the best choices for professionals, as for individuals. Zoho also offers features for collaborative work, especially useful in the professional environment. An instant messenger is integrated directly to Zaho, enriched with several features such as discussion groups, people tags in messages … The mails are organized very clearly, in folders, tree … with the ability to follow the thread of messages.Zoho also offers a cloud and a suite similar to Gdoc, including online software for word processing, spreadsheet, calendar, notes, presentation … You are entitled to 5 GB of storage for your emails and An additional 5 GB for your documents. For 2 €, you are then entitled to 30 GB of additional storage, then with 5 €, you are entitled to 100 GB.The most positive point: Zoho does not scan your mails to find illegal content, unlike other Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is "new," and has only existed since the decision of Microsoft to make its Office suite available online. In reality, the mail service is not new since Microsoft Outlook is linked to MSN Hotmail, which exists since 1996. Microsoft Outlook is very close to its basic version, if we talk about features. What makes us take advantage of several useful gadgets, such as the rules of automatic classification, the organization of the folders … The Agenda and Contact part of the offline version of Outlook is also found in its online version. Finally, the association of the mailbox with Onedrive and related applications belonging to the Office suite, led by Word and Excel makes Microsoft Outlook the main competitor of Gmail.Yahoo! MailParmi pioneers free mail, but exceeded in recent years by its direct competitors, Yahoo! Mail is getting a second wind thanks to two new offers: the ability to import other email accounts and a free storage volume up to 1 TB. Yahoo Mail is also very interesting thanks to its "Smart Views" tool. On the left side of the screen, you have the ability to quickly access your messages that are categorized into 7 groups: Unread, With Star (Followed Messages), People, Social, Shopping, Travel and Finance.Apple iCloudApple iCloud is a free service for Apple device owners. The associated application is preinstalled on the device, but also offers an online version, even if it is a little disappointing compared to the basic version. The integrated application can indeed contain several accounts (Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo) while the online version is exclusively reserved for iCloud. However, you benefit from several interesting features such as setting up rules, managing contacts, creating VIP boxes for particular contacts … iCloud offers free 5 GB of storage.TutanotaTutanota is an encrypted mailbox offered to professionals and individuals who want to protect themselves from hackers and prying eyes. The messages go through Tutanota's online servers before distribution. If your correspondent also uses Tutanota, the security will be maximum, but this is not mandatory. Tutanota offers 1GB of free storage volume and then offers several subscription plans related to higher volume or other features. For example, it is possible to have several aliases with Tutanota, but this feature is only available with certain paid versions. AOL MailAOL Mail was also one of the leaders of Internet messaging in the 90s, before newcomers do not turn him off the podium. However, this mailbox has always existed and works very well. However, there is something wrong with AOL Mail. When you open the app, the first page that appears is a news page, which can distract you. For the observers, AOL Mail is especially intended for private individuals.ConclusionToday, the use of collaborative tools has become very common. That's why Gmail and Microsoft Outlook are still in the lead. The choice will then depend on your materials. If you use an Android device for example, Gmail is almost inevitable. To go further in collaborative work, Zoho is also an excellent choice. In addition, it can be used on all types of devices (PC, Android, Apple …). If, on the other hand, the security of your data is your priority, Tutanota is the unavoidable choice.

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