The best kids tablets in 2019

Since the introduction of tablets touch, it did not take long to realize that they particularly interested children. However, a touch pad is as personal as a smartphone sometimes. Especially since some contents are reserved for adults. It is therefore necessary to remedy this to make the purchase of special touch pads for children. As much for the container as for the applications dedicated to them.What tablet for a child in 2019? We offer a choice to choose from five tablets chosen from among several so that you can take into account the different educational games they offer and you know exactly which one to buy for your children.5. The Leapfrog Tablet: A High Quality TabletThe Leapfrog Kids Tablet is a new generation tablet. It has been designed for children in the age range of 3 to 9 years. It is sold with 20 sets of cartridges as well as multiple educational applications very entertaining for children. You can create an account for each of them on this same tablet. It has a 5-inch screen, easy to handle by toddlers thanks to its fluid screen. It has a secure wi-fi connection and is fast enough. The only thing that could put parents off buying this tablet would be its price. However, it is a tablet that has been studied and adapted to young children to which we have added all the necessary protections. This Leapfrog tablet is safe from falling. So you can leave it to children without fear they will damage it.Furthermore, the tablet has a very good battery for a long enough use. This allows you to take it away during your travels without fear of breaking down. There is also a stylus that can be stored on the back of the device, with a foam tip that allows its silent use when the child taps with the tablet. Finally, it is certainly the tablet for children who offer a design much closer to a real tablet than a toy. Any parent wanting a solid and complete device should first look at this tablet to buy.4. The Dragon Touch tablet: A tablet for children sold at the best value for moneyThe Dragon Touch tablet has been designed with a design to appeal to children. But despite its toy appearance and its flashy blue color, it is a machine with great power. It is however very easy to use is very intuitive even for beginners. Its content is designed for very young children. However, parents will not hesitate to borrow it to small in order to view HD videos on it. The sound is good enough and the HD image is very suitable. The interface is quite fluid and intuitive. Its battery is moderately powerful but does the trick. It is a fairly light tablet but with reinforcements to resist falls. The tablet is sold with a protective case that will ensure even more protection of it during outings. System updates are quite common to allow the device to keep its performance. This is a tablet that has everything you need for a first learning of the use of tablets for young children. In addition, it is sold with excellent value for money. Dragon Touch- touch tablet for … Very good tablet for both children and parents – With Zoodles … Great for kids – With Zoodles, kids can have their own … 3. The JYJ tablet: A mini tablet for small budgetsThe JYJ tablet is much smaller than its competitors. It is a tablet that is sold at a very good price and that is why it was designed. It is no bigger than the size of a Samsung Galaxy S3. However, thanks to this, it allows a good grip for small children. It is easy to handle and very easy to use. It is very reactive for a product of this range. We can even play, we find educational games, games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja which can make it interesting for children of different ages. The wi-fi is secured through a parental control which allows a secure and improved connection. Its design is solid so to withstand shocks easily. The only downside is that the battery only takes a few hours. However, at the price at which this tablet is sold, that is quite honorable. In summary, this is a very well-designed and robust tablet for small children that will help them learn easily the use of a tablet and its applications for a very low cost. JYJ Screen 4.3 "Inch Mini Cute … The Product is a Mini Tablet R430C For RK2928 Single Core Kids, 512MB … Android 4.2 Capacitive Touch Screen, Single Core RK2928 1.0GHz, 4GB Ram 512MB … 2. The iRULU BabyPad Tablet: A tablet with a very good resolutionThe iRULU 7-inch tablet has a secure mode for children so they can not access the Play Store without permission. that the access is reserved for the parents and that they can in this way use this tablet also as they wish.The shimmering colors of the tablet are quite enough for children to use it constantly. has been designed to withstand all shocks and comes with hundreds of distinct educational apps to suit all age groups.The stunning, high-resolution screen delivers crisp images and vivid colors.The tablet is equipped with 2 cameras and the sound is very good. The iRULU brand is making its way into the world of high-performance children's tablets at attractive prices. It's the perfect tablet for any parent wanting to share learning through a solid and reliable tablet. iRULU BabyPad 1 Tablet (Y1), … 7 inches; System: Android 4.4 KitKat; Capacity: 1G + 8G; Resolution: 1024×600; … Super gift for children: there is the play store, you can download … 1. The Alldaymall A88X tablet: The best kids tabletThe Alldaymall A88X tablet and certainly the best kids touch tablet on the market today. This 7-inch tablet is ultra-light and ultrafine for a child model. It is almost similar to an adult tablet. You can increase the memory by adding a micro SD card for storing movies, music, photos and applications. It allows easy manipulation of its large screen which remains very fluid. It is possible to watch movies without hurting the eyes thanks to a protective screen provided with. Its battery is very powerful. It is about 6 hours of autonomy. This is without a doubt the dream tablet for children. It is sold at a fairly affordable price to be able to give your toddlers an experience worthy of the great ones.

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