The best smartphones in 2018 of the FrAndroid community

Many of you have participated in our FrAndroid Awards and voted for your favorite smartphones. Here are the smartphones that have been most popular with our community.

The year 2018 comes to an end and will soon make way for 2019. It is therefore time to take a look in the retro to take stock of the 12 months that have just passed, including choosing what was the best smartphone of the year.
If of course we will give our opinion on the question, we also wanted to have yours and launched, at the beginning of the month, our FrAndroid 2018 Trophies.
FrAndroid Trophies
Each year, you have the opportunity to vote for your favorite smartphones, and we look every year to improve our voting system. This year, to answer some critics, we chose to go through a neutral platform, independent of our servers, and you know how it works: Instagram! No cheating possible, and a multiple vote for the most undecided … that's what motivated our choice. We have seen, however, that this format has not satisfied 100% of our community – especially because of the need to create a profile on a platform related to Facebook – and we will take these comments into account for next year.
The rules were simple: we pre-selected 18 smartphones that marked the year by their qualities and you let "like" on our Instagram account for as many elected as you want.
We recorded the votes on Monday, December 17 at 15:30, and here are the 3 smartphones that received the most votes in total, but also, in the interests of fairness for devices less sides, 2 mid-range devices and the entry-level ones that have been the most popular.
The top of the top
OnePlus 6T, the big winner

Remember, last year the OnePlus 5 won the 2017 FrAndroid Trophy. Once again, the Chinese brand won the vote as the smartphone with the most votes is none other than the OnePlus 6T.


As always, it is positioned this year as an excellent quality / price ratio (pulled up by its great qualities and not only its price below average) and surf on the success of its predecessor by correcting its main defect : the quality of his photos! As said in our test, "the OnePlus 6T is like the OnePlus 6: an excellent smartphone, not only for its price range, but also in absolute terms".
Where to buy the OnePlus 6T at the best price?
Huawei Mate 20 Pro, a second place very honorable

Arrived just behind, in second position, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro clearly does not usurp his place! It must be said that after the excellent P20 Pro at the beginning of the year, it was not expected that Huawei still raises the bar so high a few months later.


"The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is as close to the perfect smartphone as it can be at the end of 2018". That's how we concluded our test of the Mate 20 Pro, a smartphone that has managed to impress us not only for its intrinsic qualities as a smartphone, but also for all its small, well-felt innovations like reverse wireless charging, PC mode wireless or its photo options.
Where to buy Huawei Mate 20 Pro at the best price?
Oppo Find X, it impresses with its look and features

If there is one brand that we did not expect inevitably in the best smartphones of the year, it is Oppo. Still unknown to the French public last year, she managed to make an impression on her arrival with a smartphone with an innovative design, the Oppo Find X, which came third in this contest.


Except for its low introductory price despite the absence of certain technologies (NFC, wireless charging …), the Oppo Find X had everything to please when it arrived on the market, starting with its totally borderless aspect obtained by a sliding shutter system containing the cameras. "This is a real technological showcase and a design feat," we said when we tested it, pointing out that Oppo has everything to position itself as a challenger for Samsung or Apple.
Where to buy the Oppo Find X at the best price?
Honor 10, the mid-range solid

In just a few years, Honor has managed to forge a name for herself on the French market and to establish herself as a reference in the mid-range. On this point, the Honor 10 is no exception to the rule and it is not surprising to see him win the vote of the community in this segment.


"The Honor 10 remains a safe bet, particularly nice in hand and far from unpleasant to use," we said during the test of the smartphone. Behind some small defects like its propensity to quickly heat up, it offers a worked and easily recognizable design, and general qualities that we absolutely can not deny.
Where to buy the Honor 10 at the best price?
Pocophone F1, the performance / price ratio

A year ago, Pocophone did not exist. Xiaomi's brand, however, made an impression with its first smartphone, the Pocophone F1, which has managed to create a new market by itself: that of good performance / price.


A smartphone with a Snapdragon 845 and less than 400 euros? This is the challenge that the new Pocophone brand has successfully launched. The conclusion of our test perfectly summarizes this device: "a smartphone among the most powerful and autonomous market at a very aggressive price." Clearly, Xiaomi has managed to create a striking new lineup, and we hope it will find its audience and that it will continue. Maybe we will find a new representative in the 2019 FrAndroid Trophies.
Where to buy the Pocophone F1 at the best price?
Entry level
Honor 8X, the standard meter of the entry-level

Of the different ranges of Honor, the X range is certainly the one that is best to win on its market each year with a perfect price / quality ratio. Not surprisingly, this year again the Honor 8X seduced.


In our test, we confronted the Honor 8X with its biggest challenger: "Whether for its design or for its performance, the Honor 8X certainly helps revive the Chinese brand in the battle against its competitor Xiaomi." And despite very good models on this price segment, the Honor 8X has managed to impress us, especially by its elegance, its very borderless screen, or even its neat photos, elements that are found all too rarely in this segment of price.
Where to buy the Honor 8X at the best price?
The 12 other competitors of these FrAndroid awards do not demerit, and we can only advise you to take a look at our tests to learn more about the different smartphones available on the market. In a few days, we will also reveal our favorite smartphones of the year, and we will meet again in 2019 for new Trophies.

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