The best waterproof and shockproof smartphones in 2019

Highly active people, such as those who work in construction sites, for example, or who are constantly exposed to multiple hazards, are required to have a strong smartphone. In addition, owning an unbreakable smartphone would be wiser when departing abroad.Some unbreakable mobile phones were designed on military standards. They are infallible against shock, dust and water as well as extreme temperatures and vibrations. They must be submersive enough to stay underwater for a while.We chose 4 waterproof shockproof smartphones among the best indestructible mobile phones so you can make the best choice before purchase. They are compatible with all market operators.The most indestructible smartphone in 2019The most robust smartphone supporting the most extreme conditions is certainly the Blackview BV8000 Pro which is on sale with excellent value for money. This is the new version of the Blackview BV7000 which has been a bestseller and still remains a very good alternative. For those who are concerned about design and versatility, there is also the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 that can suit the majority of people. For low budget, it remains the Nomu S10 is quite effective and sold at the best priceThe Blackview BV8000 Pro: the indestructible phone the safest characteristics Blackview BV8000 Pro are quite impressive. It has a fingerprint sensor above all. It has a quad-core MT6757 mediatek processor. It also has 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of expandable storage up to 256 GB. It has a 16 megapixel camera and a full HD camera. He is the worthy successor to the BV 7000. He is IP-68 certified. Promo Blackview Mobile Phone … Smartphone full Netcom: That is to say it is compatible with all … More powerful portphone: with a higher processor of MT6757 … Its manufacturing quality is certainly part of his sales mark. Its solidity is in line with the expectations that anyone can make of a reinforced phone. It has a metal frame with end caps making it waterproof. It is waterproof and dustproof and is almost unbreakable. However, it turns out a little heavy. The only negative side is that its battery is not removable. Some screws, visible on the case confirm the impression of having a very robust device. It turns out that even with a lot of effort, it is almost impossible to fold the device with your hands. It also has a flip closure with four screws to cover the micro SD slots and SIM card. The Blackview BV8000 Pro has a screen 5 inches of excellent resolution. However, the size of the device becomes larger than that of a 5.5 inch smartphone. This is the price to pay for its solidity. People with small hands may feel moderately harmed. This model is waterproof and shockproof. It has been designed with On / Off power buttons, the camera button, a button for the sound and a last one, which must be pressed for a long time to make a call.This device has on its right side a sensor of fingerprint so you can unlock it. This one is quite accurate and has a fairly high accuracy rate. It offers excellent sound quality and 4G and GPS connections work great. It enjoys a very good autonomy that can last a full day for regular use. It has a battery of 4180 mAh. Its recharge time is less than 2 hours. It is certainly the most successful smartphone for any active person or for adventurers. It is difficult to find more solid on the market for less than 300 €. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4: a versatile waterproof and shockproof smartphone The smartphone Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 is certainly the most resistant smartphone of the Samsung brand. It is even thinner than its old model the Xcover 3 which it is the fourth generation of the range. It is not really light with its weight of 172 g but it is very nice to hold in hand. It is designed with a rubber-coated surface that allows it to be completely non-slip. At first glance, this smartphone appears as an ordinary Samsung. However, it has been designed to withstand extreme conditions such as high impact, underwater immersion, dust and extreme temperatures. The resolution of its screen is 1280 × 720 pixels which brings it up to the standards of its range. This standard-looking smartphone has the IP 68 standard which makes it waterproof underwater underwater for almost 30 minutes at a depth of 5 m without fear of being damaged. It is also certified MIL-STD-810G, which means that it can also withstand salt water from the sea as well as extreme temperatures or at low pressures.However, the back of the smartphone is removable as well as the battery. The protective covers of the USB port and the audio jack are not included. It is sold with the operating system Android 7.0 which also allows to obtain all the security patches. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 smartphone is sold with a capacity of 16 gigabytes of storage expandable with a micro SD card and 2 gigabytes of RAM. The most of this model is to have a speaker quiet enough to have a conversation without being damaged by the surrounding noise.This model has a camera of 5 megapixel front and 13 megapixel camera. back. The photos are very successful with natural colors. Most videos can be recorded with full HD resolution. This unbreakable unit is sold with a 2 year warranty. This applies especially to its IP certification, which is supposed to be a totally waterproof and dustproof device, as long as the smartphone is used according to the specifications of use. The battery, meanwhile, has a 1 year warranty. The charger is covered for a period of 6 months. This model Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 has been greatly improved over its predecessors regarding protection against water and dust. It works perfectly even when it is completely wet. It is recommended for anyone looking for a solid, high-end smartphone with all the useful features.The Blackview BV7000 shatter-resistant smartphone: a shock-resistant smartphoneThe 4G Blackview BV7000 smartphone is particularly popular with fighters. It is much more elegant than the BV 6000 left its predecessor. It has less aggressive lines and many more curves. The yellow plastic bands that were apparent were replaced by others of white and silver-gray color. The brand of this model Blackview BV7000 has changed the design of the shockproof smartphone by making it thinner and reducing its size from 4200 mAh to 3500 mAh. Promo Blackview BV7000 Smarphone Waterproof … ۝ IP68 long lasting military quality: This unlocked mobile phone has a … ۝ Long battery life: Thanks to its 3500 mAh battery and Mode … The Blackview BV7000 enjoys the standard IP 68. Which means like any unbreakable smartphone that it resists dust and can be immersed in fresh water at about 1 m deep without risk. Provided you have taken the precaution of securing it before that thanks to the rubber flap. This model Blackview BV7000 has three menu buttons below its five-inch screen. It also has a slot for micro SD cards up to 64 gigabytes of memory. This device has been designed with excellent quality of materials. It is very powerful thanks to its 4 gigabytes of RAM and its Octo-core processor As it is a high-end unbreakable smartphone, it also has a fingerprint sensor, a 13 megapixel background camera and one in the back of 8 megapixels. There is also the combination of LTE and wifi to run fast downloads. It is provided under Android 6.0 Nougat. It also has a 5V2A fast charger. This phone remains a reference in the market for unbreakable all-terrain phones. Its strong point is to be accessible to all budgets. It is therefore sold at the best value for money of the momentThe Smartphone Nomu S10: a solid smartphone for building site sold at the best price The ultra-resistant smartphone Nomu S10 was designed with the IP 68 standard to make it resistant to water and dust. It has a battery of 5000 mAh allowing it a comfortable enough duration of several days. It is robust and has been specially designed for people working in harsh environments such as construction sites or forests for example. This shockproof model is very thick because of its battery that takes a lot of space. However, its weight becomes secondary compared to the benefit of its autonomy. However, it takes no less than four hours to charge the entire battery.This model was designed with an unbreakable surface made of a rubberized plastic with the exception of its Gorilla Glass screen. This makes it less slippery compared to all other smartphones designed in metal or glass. It is almost impossible to let it escape from the hand. The power button and volume keys are located on the upper right side of this model. The speaker is at the back. It also has a 3.5mm jack and a micro USB port at the bottom of the device. They are both protected by a rubber flap that allows this device to achieve its IP index of water resistance. This indestructible model has a very good sound. These only weak points come from its screen 1280 × 720 of 5 inches which is not of high quality. It has a 13 million pixel camera that is average for dark environments. This robust and cheap smartphone is sold at a price of about 100 € in the trade. It has been specially designed for extreme conditions. It does not have a nice design but it does however for what it was designed.

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