The best WordPress plugins to install in 2019

WordPress remains the leader of CMS in 2019. We are still very likely to use it for our professional or personal websites. In order to ensure optimal operation of our site and to satisfy our visitors, we will surely need the latest and most powerful plugins. A reminder: plugins are small software to install and provide new features compared to the basic version of WordPress. Discover our selection of the best plugins (paid and free) in 2019.Jetpack (all-in-one pack for the management and security of your site) Jetpack is a powerful all-in-one plugin that equips your WP site with functions for traffic generation, SEO, security, site backups, content creation and community development and engagement. Jetpack comes as a complete package that allows you for example to consult the statistics of your site at a glance, to automatically share new messages on social media, to protect your site against attacks … You do not have to search and download a dedicated plugin for each specific function. It is very easy to use, even for a beginner. Disadvantage ? Some features weigh down your site and dramatically increase loading time. Jetpack is offered for free, but more elaborate and more efficient paid versions exist.Yoast SEO (improve your site for SEO) If you want to optimize your WP site for search engines, and thus start to rank at the top of all search terms targeted on Google, Yoast is the plugin for you. With Yoast, you will know if your title is too long, if you forgot to put keywords in your "Alt" tags of the image, if your meta description needs to be worked … You will have relevant details for improve the SEO of your site. Yoast directly presents excerpts that show you exactly what your search result on Google will look like and offers clear suggestions for improving your SEO. Note that Yoast is free, but it is possible to upgrade to a Premium version. Unfortunately, support is only available if you upgrade to this premium version. MailChimp for WordPress (mailing tool) MailChimp is one of the most popular email list management providers for subscriber collection and management. mailing campaigns. MailChipmp is therefore mainly for professional sites. What distinguishes MailChimp from its competitors is above all its user-friendly email forms that can be added to your site quickly and seamlessly. What we can blame MailChimp is a lack of control and customization on the appearance and functionality of registration forms. MailChimp is also available as a free version, but you get some extra tools with the paid version. WP Smush (image compression and optimization) Images that are too heavy can have a considerable impact on the loading time of your site. That's why WP Smush is indispensable to you. This plugin resizes, compresses and automatically optimizes your images as you download them to your site. You no longer need to do it manually. Unfortunately, the free version ignores images that are larger than 1MB. To increase this limit up to 32 MB, you have to go through the paid version. WP Smush offers you 1 month of free trial, so enjoy it.Akismet (anti-spam) Everyone who owns a WordPress site and who allow comments know how spam is invasive. Akismet solves this problem by automatically filtering spam so you do not have to deal with it. We especially liked to see that Skymet keeps a history of spam and messages erased by a moderator. The disadvantage with Akismet is that you have to register to get an API key for the plugin to work. It's not hard to do, but it's an extra step that we would rather not have to go through. Again, Akismet is free with the ability to get paid versions. Wordfence Security To cope with various security threats, an advanced plugin such as Wordfence Security is needed if needed. This plugin offers a variety of robust security features, including a firewall, brute force intrusion protection, malware scanning, security alerts, login security options, and more. The team also offers support and excellent customer service to free and premium users. The only drawback of this plugin is that for a beginner, it can be difficult to configure the settings in the plugin properly. However, it can be remedied by documenting with the Wordfence Training Center to gain at least an understanding of the basics of WordPress security. Wordfence is free, with the ability to upgrade to a Premium.WP Fastest Cache (speed up your site) Even if you have a fairly light site in the content, with well optimized images, forgetting to put in "Cache" can slow it down considerably. You must then use a cache plugin like WP Fastest Cache. Simple and fast, this plugin removes all cache files when a post or page is published. It also gives you the ability to block certain cached posts or pages. We tested it, WP Fastest Cache is really effective. However, there is a lack of support to explain to WordPress users how caching works so that it can better configure all settings. WP Fastest Cache also offers a free version and a Premium version.

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