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The CES is one of the most important exhibitions of the year on television and technology. We take stock of the ads that should not be missed for this 2019 edition.

If one were to summarize the CES to two categories of products, one would definitely choose television and the automobile. While the Las Vegas show covers many other topics, television ads, or related technologies, take a prominent place. The CES 2019 is no exception, and we have prepared a summary of the major announcements of the show.
New TVs that should not be missed
LG Signature OLED TV R
LG has announced that its new Signature TV OLED TV R will be released this year. His particuliarity ? Being rollable, which guarantees the "wow" effect when you see the screen come out of the base of the TV where are intelligence and connectivity. The LG Signature range is known for its bold design choices and this case is a perfect example. With a price that should be above 8,000 euros, this TV will not be more accessible. It can be imagined to sit well in the middle of upscale hotel rooms.
Samsung QLED 8K 98-inch
Pending the development of its next technologies, Samsung continues to rely on the QLED to market TVs. At CES, the Korean manufacturer did not do things in half by unveiling the Q900R, a gigantic model of 98 inches diagonally (2.5 meters) with a definition equally crazy, the 8K. The firm has not revealed the price, but the 85-inch model is 15,000 euros.
HP Omen X: the 65-inch BFGD on Android TV
This is not a TV as such, since it does not include any access to television, but it is still a 65-inch monitor designed for the living room. The HP Omen X Emperium offers the ultimate in screen performance: 4K resolution, DCI-P3 color space, HDR compatibility, and display frequency up to 144Hz. It will be ideal for the video game, especially as it runs on Android TV and incorporates the technologies of Nvidia Shield TV.
Difficult to speak of a grip in view of the volume of the device, but Ulrich was able to approach in the aisles of the show.
The Panasonic TV that wants to govern them all
Panasonic has long since abandoned plasma to focus on OLED. At CES 2019, the manufacturer introduced the GZ2000, the first television that is compatible with both Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 +, the two leading HDR standards on the market. There will be no need to choose between standards with this device. The 4K OLED screen also offers Dolby Atmos sound and includes Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
LCD makes resistance at HiSense
We do not find OLED in the aisles of the Las Vegas show. HiSense has launched its new ULEDXD TV that incorporates a ULED panel. Despite the proximity of the name, it is indeed an LCD, or rather two LCD screens (a color and a black and white) superimposed for, the brand promises, improve the contrasts. Prices are necessarily much more accessible, under $ 1,000 in the United States.
Hisense H8f
Ultra short-throw projector at LG
To bring the cinema home, and benefit from its enormous diagonal display, the best is still to invest in a video projector. The problem is that a video projector can be difficult to integrate at home, placing the device at the top at a good distance from the screen. LG wants to solve this problem with the CineBeam Laser 4K HU85L, an ultra short-range projector. It promises a brightness of 2,500 lumens and a 120-inch diagonal image with a distance of less than 20 cm.

Technological changes
The CES is also the ideal place to present technologies that will end up in our televisions in the months or years to come, without announcing a specific and marketable product.
AirPlay 2 and iTunes arrive at the competition
One of the surprise trends of this CES 2019 is the arrival of Apple technologies on competitors' TVs. For example, Sony has announced that its new Bravia Master Z9G series, 8K LCD TVs, and Bravia Master A9G, 4K models, will be compatible with Apple's AirPlay 2, and will include access to Apple services such as iTunes and Apple Music. . Note that these products also run on Android TV, and its also compatible Chromecast.

Samsung has also indicated that its TV releases in 2019 will be entitled from the spring to TV series and iTunes movies, and compatibility with AirPlay 2. Apple has also confirmed that other manufacturers would be party like LG and Vizio.
Samsung's 4-inch, 4-inch MicroLED display
According to Samsung the future will not be OLED, but MicroLED. The manufacturer presented at the CES a slab of 75 inches with a 4K definition. This technology promises to bring together the qualities of OLED and its perfect contrast, with a longer life and especially a much lower consumption. The demonstration was impressive in any case.

An HDR standard for OLED and MicroLED displays
To highlight the OLED and MicroLED displays, the VESA Group has announced a new HDR standard, the DisplayHDR True Black. As its name implies, it imposes strict conditions on the contrasts that only OLED and MicroLED screens can fulfill. A new label that manufacturers can affix on their products alongside Dolby Vision and other HDR10 +.


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