The city of Paris is a candidate for the commissioning of flying and autonomous taxis – FrAndroid

A source told us that the city of Paris was a candidate to test and commission flying and autonomous taxis before 2030.

At CES 2019, Bell exhibited a prototype of Nexus, its autonomous flying taxi. This company and its partner Uber want to see this aircraft flying in major cities around the world between 2020 and 2030. The machine was one of the great stars of CES 2019, including its six impressive rotary propellers.
However, when we discovered the vehicle, we were obviously wondering if Bell and Uber were not going to meet legislative concerns to obtain flight authorizations. We think especially of a city like Paris whose overflight is prohibited at less than 2000 meters of altitude. Luckily, we met Philippe Lagarde right next to a flying taxi. He is an assistant to the Head of Research and Technical Program at Safran, the French company that designed the propulsion system for the machine.
Flying taxis in Paris
We were able to ask him if he was not too optimistic to expect a commissioning of flying taxis in the French capital in just a few years. To that, Philippe Lagarde replies that "Paris is a candidate to test and even put into service this machine like Los Angeles and all the big cities of the world".
"Bell is working with the US authorities and we on our side are also working with the European authorities to implement and develop European corridors for the operation of these machines," says the head of Safran. In other words, it is not incongruous to think that the skies of Paris will soon be crossed by taxis flying and autonomous. Let's be careful though: it's not for now either.

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