The first 1TB SD card is signed Lexar

Lexar has announced its first SD card up to 1 TB of storage. This class 10 UHS-I card offers data rates of up to 95 MB / s (633x).

On the sidelines of the CES 2019 that is currently taking place in Las Vegas, Lexar has announced by press release its brand new SDXC card. The particularity of this card is to offer a storage space of up to 1 TB.
In 2016, during the Photokina, SanDisk presented the first SD card of 1 TB, but it was then a prototype and the card has never been marketed. Lexar cuts the grass under the feet of his Californian counterpart.
Planned for 4K
This SD card is class 10 and UHS-I certified for a reading rate of 95 MB / s (633x). With a Speed ​​Class U3 / V30, its writing speed is guaranteed at 30 MB / s, although Lexar announces a write speed of up to 70 MB / s.
Lexar says it has thought of its map for midrange SLRs, HD camcorders and 3D cameras to shoot in Full HD 1080p, 3D or 4K. It is of course on this last point that the storage space of 1 TB makes sense.
The price of storage
Such an innovation, of course, has a cost. Also, the price of this 1 TB SD card is set at 500 dollars (about 430 euros excluding taxes) with a guarantee "for life" (or 10 years in some countries). A very high price knowing that the same model in 256 GB is proposed around 60 euros. The 512 GB model is offered for around 230 euros.

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