The first test of Snapdragon 675 at CES 2019 creates confusion – FrAndroid

A HiSense smartphone incorporating the Snapdragon 675 was demonstrated at CES 2019. The opportunity to test the performance of the SoC.
Credit: Roland Quandt
Free-to-air smartphones at CES 2019 present the ideal opportunity for journalists to get their first grip, and even to conduct some tests. Here is the Hisense U30 (HLTE720T) that was approached by the journalist Roland Quandt.
This smartphone has the distinction of being one of the first to integrate the Snapdragon 675 unveiled by Qualcomm at the end of 2018. A grip was therefore the perfect opportunity to do a little performance test with the famous Geekbench tool .
The Snapdragon 675 is more powerful than the 710
It is always difficult to draw conclusions from this kind of tests, when they are made on smartphones whose software is not finalized. We always prefer to wait to have a commercial version to put in the same context as the consumer who would have bought his smartphone in store.
However, here, and despite software in beta, the smartphone manages to get a score of 2273 with a single heart, and 5827 with the test on several hearts. We are far from the 2400/8900 points obtained on average by the Snapdragon 845. In contrast, the scores obtained exceed, or approach, the Snapdragon 710 which obtains 1835 points with a single heart, and 5944 with several hearts.
Technically, this is explained by the more recent architecture used by Snapdragon 675.
A complicated nomenclature to follow
However, one wonders about the logic of Qualcomm's nomenclature. The creation of the 700 series seemed to follow a certain logic since on the one hand a new range of smartphones appeared on an intermediate segment, between devices equipped with Snapdragon 600 and those with 800.
On the other hand it clarified the role of Snapdragon 600. Until now we had processors rather moderately powerful, but very energy efficient with Snapdragon 620/630, or processors rather powerful, but voracious as the Snapdragon 650 / 660.
With the Snapdragon 675, the 670 series shows that it can be more powerful than a series 700 yet very recent. Something to confuse consumers.

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