The future seen by Samsung: its new video filled with avant-garde concepts salivates

Samsung has made a video in which a series of giant tablets and other AR mirrors are on display. A foldable smartphone concept also points the tip of his nose.

What new technologies will punctuate the daily life of our near future? If it is still difficult to answer this question, although everyone has the right to have his little idea by giving free rein to his imagination, the South Korean multinational Samsung has his own vision. And she does not fail to show it in a teasing video posted on YouTube, and then removed. It has since been recovered and put back online on Slashleaks.
This content is an opportunity to see avant-garde technological concepts that should – or have already – emerge in a few years. Like this mirror in augmented reality with which a designer creates a garment of any piece, and adjusts according to the desired size. The beginning of the video also highlights a vibrant bay window that activates when it detects the passage of a human being.
A foldable smartphone concept preview
Today, robotic arms have already attracted several companies. To push the concept a little further, Samsung imagines connected to a tablet (giant) and a stylus, which are used remotely by a tattoo artist. With each movement of the latter, the arm performs the same precise gesture on the body part of a future tattooed. Not to mention, obviously, the brief appearance of a foldable smartphone.

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The company's flexible phone is fast approaching, and is expected to benefit from an official presentation on February 20, 2019, alongside the new Galaxy S10. The Korean chaebol pursues his dreams a little further: in the future, ultrasound will be done directly from a smartphone, through a device plugged into the connector terminal.

Augmented reality pushed to its climax
Pokemon Go has been an interplanetary success: multiplayer video games in augmented reality will be an integral part of the world of tomorrow, according to Samsung. In the idea, the users could therefore meet at the same place to fight together a final boss in a virtual environment broadcast on the smartphone screen.
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