The Galaxy S10 is 559 euros by exchanging his old smartphone on Volpy

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¬†¬†¬†¬†Announced a few days ago, the Galaxy S10 are among the most attractive devices of the beginning of the year. Seductive … until we learn their introductory price. At 909 euros for the Galaxy S10 and 1009 euros for the Galaxy S10 +, these are almost unaffordable devices for everyone. A price that can be dropped several hundred euros by exchanging its old smartphone via the application Volpy.
The Galaxy S10 +
Samsung introduced its new Galaxy S10 two weeks ago now. The device has no shortage of arguments: a large screen where the front camera was directly integrated in the display, in the form of a bubble, a fingerprint sensor placed directly below the screen or the presence of three sensors dorsal photos (one for wide angle and another for zoom √ó 2). A true concentrate of technology that has a price: 909 euros for the Galaxy S10 and 1009 euros for the Galaxy S10 +.
Resumption of the old smartphone and sending the Galaxy S10: Volpy takes care of everything
To reduce this prohibitive tariff, there are not thousands of solutions. It must either go through a mobile operator and take a new expensive monthly fee with a commitment of 12 or 24 months or sell his current smartphone. This is exactly what the Volpy application proposes: it allows the price of the Galaxy S10, S10 + or S10e to be lowered by several hundred euros and to be received 48 hours later at home. As long as his current smartphone is recent and in good condition, it is possible to preorder the Galaxy S10 for less than 560 euros.

The principle of Volpy is simple: rather than spending hours on reseller sites between individuals to find a buyer, Volpy takes care of everything: estimate the price of your current smartphone, take charge of his return, but also send you the Galaxy S10. Once Volpy is installed on your phone, the application will ask the user to perform a series of tests. Functional tests of the touch screen, cameras, speakers, Wi-Fi or GPS. The user is also asked in what state the screen and the phone shell are, if it is broken or cracked, if it shows signs of wear or looks like new. Tests that take place in 5 minutes shows on hand and do not require registration.
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From the results of this test, Volpy will then give the user a certain number of points. Depending on the status and age of the phone, the application then displays discounts on a selection of new or refurbished smartphones or simply offers to sell its old smartphone following a specific argus application.
Never stay without a phone, receive your new mobile before sending the old one
It is thus possible to acquire a new and recent smartphone at a lower cost. The Galaxy S10 has just made its appearance in Volpy. And it is already possible to pre-order and receive it as soon as it is released by exchanging its device. For example, by exchanging a Galaxy S9 in new condition (no trace of wear and perfectly functional components), it is possible to preorder the Galaxy S10e at a price of 409 euros (against 749 euros usually), a Galaxy S10 at the price of 559 euros or the Galaxy S10 + at a price of 659 euros. Payments that can be made in 3 or 4 times without charge.

Even better, the pre-order bonuses of the Galaxy S10 also apply to Volpy. By pre-ordering the Galaxy S10 or S10 + until Thursday, March 7 at 6 pm, you will receive a pair Galaxy Buds, worth 149 euros for free in addition to the smartphone. The pre-orders will receive the phone between March 9th and 12th.
Get the Galaxy S10 quickly and return your old smartphone 4 days later
The advantage of Volpy is that once you have ordered your new smartphone, it is then delivered quickly with Chronopost. The package then contains not only your new device, but also a special envelope to return your old phone. You then have 4 days to transfer data between the old and the new smartphone before returning your old smartphone to any La Poste mailbox.

Volpy is a French company and engaged. This means that their service and support teams all speak French. The official website also includes many answers to questions that can be asked about payment. Finally, Volpy is also a committed company, since the recovered smartphones are then sent to refurbishers who will take care of giving a second life to your old device. In addition, for each phone collected, Volpy pays back ‚ā¨ 2 of its margin to its Pur Projet partner to contribute to a reforestation project in the four corners of the world.
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