The Google Home app finally changes the color of its connected bulbs

It may sound incredible, but it was not possible to change the color of its connected bulbs through the Google Home app. A weakness that has just been corrected in the latest update of the application available in APK.

Like a hub, the Google Home app allows remote control of all connected devices available: speakers, smart TVs, thermostats or bulbs. The latter become objects more and more widespread: they are accessible products whose dimension "connected" brings a real added value.
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While it was possible to change the color of his bulbs by voice, it was impossible to change them through the Google Home app. An annoying gap, since it is easier to change the color of these through a graphical interface, without forgetting that it is more discreet.
But this period is over, since the Google Home app now offers users the ability to change the color of their bulbs via a dedicated interface. It's Android Police who spotted this update. Without a bulb connected to our range, we attach below the screenshots made by this site.
       Credits: Android Police Credits: Android Police Credits: Android Police
A feature at first glance basic, but that should delight the owners of colorful connected bulbs, such as the Xiaomi Mi LED or Philips Hue. A drop-down menu gives access to a palette of 42 different shades, some of which seem rather close. Something that is difficult to communicate orally to his Google Assistant.
As shown in the screenshots, however, it is not possible to change the color of a single bulb, but only an entire room. This prevents, for now, to have different colors within the same space.
To find this new feature without reaching the update deployment, the Google Home 2.9 APK is available on the APKMirror site.
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