The Google Play Store tests a gesture that simplifies navigation in its interface

The Play Store deploys for some the ability to leave an image simply by sliding your finger down the screen. This corrects a little annoying detail so far.

The Google Play Store is a platform that knows a lot of tests to make it more enjoyable. This is how we got the deployment of the white interface a few weeks ago.
This time, the app store tackles a little annoying detail so far: when you go to an app's page and open one of the illustration images , the only way to go back was to press the back button on our smartphone. It was not very practical.
Now, a good number of users now indicate that they can leave an image on the Play Store simply by sliding their thumbs down the screen. It's a reader of Android Police that recently reported – and several commentators below the article also confirm it.
Still in test
For my part, I can also enjoy this little novelty on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Android 8.1 Oreo, 12.9.30 version of the Play Store), but this is not the case for Goran using a Razer Phone 2 (Android 8.1 Oreo, version 12.9.12 of the Play Store).
This new gesture seems to be still in the testing phase, so there is nothing to say for sure that everyone will benefit, or when exactly.

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