The Huawei Mate X will have the exclusivity on the 55W fast charge for a while – MWC 2019

By introducing its Mate X to MWC 2019, Huawei also unveiled a 55W fast charging solution. Alas, it will remain an exclusivity of the foldable smartphone for a while.

The Huawei Mate X has managed to attract a lot of attention during the MWC 2019 and it comes to oppose a serious competition to the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the area of ​​expensive products storefronts.
The Huawei Mate X, besides being the first collapsible smartphone presented by its manufacturer, also enjoys a very fast load of 55W. However, all Android users appreciate the reduced load times and some have focused on this novelty hoping to see it arrive on other more classic models of Huawei.

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Exclusive to Huawei Mate X
Alas, as Gizmochina points out, the boss of Huawei's consumer and mobile division told Mobile World Congress that the 55W charger would be exclusive to Mate X for a while. He added that his company did not want to deploy this solution on other devices for the moment.
It explains indeed that the charge of 55W on the Mate X is possible since the collapsible smartphone has a battery with two cells that can be recharged at the same time. On traditional devices with single-cell batteries, the technology is more difficult to apply.
Note also that a prototype of the Huawei P30 showed up in the aisles of the show.
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