The ideal travel charger was introduced by Satechi at CES 2019 – FrAndroid

The new Satechi charger takes advantage of the USB Type-C to become the ideal power strip charger for travel.
The CES 2019 is not just the playground of the big manufacturers. It is also an opportunity for props like Satechi to unveil their novelties. The brand launched at the Las Vegas show a new range of chargers designed to be used at home or to be carried on a trip.
USB Type-C to 60W
Among the advertised products, the most interesting is probably the Satechi 75W Dual Type-C PD (for Power Delivery). It has four ports:
1x USB Type-C 60W ideal for laptops
1x USB Type-C 18W for fast charge of a smartphone, or a Nintendo Switch (with a USB-C / USB-C cable)
2x USB Type-A Classic (up to 12W per port, or 12W cumulative for both ports simultaneously) for headsets and other accessories
This means that the charger can in fact simultaneously recharge the current electronic devices that are taken on a trip. With a single socket, the accessory can charge your laptop, smartphone and Bluetooth headset for example.

The charger's power port is compatible with the typical two-pin cable that is commonly found with this kind of product. This means that it will be possible to install a cable suitable for the type of plug for trips abroad, especially since the charger is compatible with a voltage ranging from 100V to 240V on a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz .
The charger is already available on Amazon in the United States for $ 70. It should soon be available in France where the previous version is well marketed.

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