The Mad Box console is here: here is its definitive design

The final design of the Mad Box has just been published.

No more prototypes, the president of Slightly Mad Studios has just presented the latest version of Mad Box. As a reminder, it is a project of the living room console of the founder of the studio in charge of Project CARS.
As you can see, the Mad Box is not minimalist, with two rear fins and an integrated touch screen on the front. This touch screen displays backgrounds and icons based on what's running on the console, including video game visuals and other features like volume control when used to watch Netflix or listen music. It also incorporates RGB LEDs to customize its appearance depending on the game that is launched.
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Regarding its power, the CEO of the company promises to run games at 60 ips in 4K, no current game console can do. This is undoubtedly an attractive and surprising proposition, especially if it achieves its promises with a competitive price and a global launch.
But it is especially important to take with the tweezers this type of ads: there are plethora of stillborn consoles and some aspects of the market do not predict the success for the Mad Box. You probably remember the Ouya … and again this is only one case among many others.

The public has spoken and we've listened. This is the design we're going with. It might be slightly over time … Thanks for your feedback
– Ian Bell SMS Group (@bell_sms) January 11, 2019

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