The mobile version of PUBG is as popular as Fortnite

The developers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have announced that the mobile version of the Battle Royal game has more than 200 million players, as much as Fortnite. What feed the rivalry between the two titles.

PUBG Mobile, the version for smartphones and tablets of the famous battle royal game, has just exceeded the symbolic bar of 200 million registered users according to TheVerge announcing its information from "the company" (certainly Tencent). It competes with its main competitor, Fortnite, which also reached 200 million at the end of November.
Note that this is, in one case as in the other, the number of registered players and the number can not decline. In contrast, both titles claim 30 million active players daily. A perfect equality that could surprise some.
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For some time, Fortnite has gained visibility in Western Europe and North America, but the one who gave the genre its nobility has not said its last word in the rest of the world where its mobile version is very popular. Moreover, the figure announced here does not take into account the 50 million copies of the original game sold on PC and consoles.
But Fortnite has not yet said its last word. With its mobile version – which now arrives on more smartphones – the title of Epic Games will attract a new audience, especially in China where mobile gaming is widespread.
The battle between the two market leaders will therefore continue more, on our PCs, our consoles, our smartphones … but also in court.
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