The most expected novelties of CES 2019

Next week CES 2019 will open in Las Vegas. A few days before the show, FrAndroid announces the main announcements expected for this 2019 edition of the new technologies fair.

Next week, Las Vegas will host, as it does every year, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the annual high-school event devoted to technological innovations. Naturally, the FrAndroid team will be present on site to make you live highlights of the show.
While it is generally during the MWC in Barcelona that smartphone manufacturers present their new products, the CES 2019 should still reserve its share of surprise. A few days before the opening of the show, here is everything we can expect:
Foldable smartphones finally unveiled
Samsung Infinity Flex Display Technology Introduced in November 2018
At the end of last year, Rouyu and Samsung launched a small battle to know who would be the first to unveil its collapsible smartphone screen technology. If the Chinese Rouyu was finally the first to open the ball with his FlexPai, the Korean giant quickly followed with its technology Infinity Flex Display. Nevertheless, in both cases, it was about concepts, the smartphones not being officially presented.
We should finally know more about these two foldable screen smartphones at CES Las Vegas. Royole, distributor of Rouyu, has confirmed that the FlexPai would be present at the show, while some rumors also evoke the presence of the Samsung Galaxy F in Las Vegas.
A third manufacturer could also be in the game. Indeed, LG could also officially unveil its own collapsible smartphone on the CES, even if we still know everything about the device. For the models of Huawei and Oppo however, it will probably wait until the Mobile World Congress in late February.
8K TVs
The Samsung Q9000R presented at IFA Berlin
At the last IFA in Berlin, Samsung and LG hit hard by unveiling each their first 8K TV. To do this, the two Korean manufacturers have each developed their own upscaling technology to transform Full HD or 4K content to display in 8K on screen.
Like IFA, the CES Las Vegas is a show largely dedicated to screens, display technologies and televisions. Logically, it is expected that at the show, more manufacturers will communicate on 8K TVs.
It must be said that after 3D screens, OLED TVs, curved tiles, 4K definition or HDR, the 8K is the next building site on which the manufacturers of TV. Even if the content is not yet present, upscaling technologies, like the one based on artificial intelligence at Samsung, should allow to push this new definition of 7680 x 4320 pixels.
Cars connected in 5G

If the CES is a show primarily dedicated to consumer electronics, image and sound, since a few years the car manufacturers have also stormed the Convention Center.
This is for example that they often unveil their new hybrid vehicles, but also they share their progress on autonomous cars. Last year, it was the case of Lyft who announced launching a fleet of autonomous cars on the roads.
As for smartphones, this year could also see the arrival of the first vehicles connected in 5G within the Las Vegas show itself. Although the networks are not yet in place, manufacturers should demonstrate the possibilities of this new communication technology which should in particular shorten the latency of connections, particularly for autonomous vehicles.
Always more voice assistants

In recent years, the CES is a battleground between Amazon and Google for the supremacy of voice assistants. Everyone goes for their integration into a TV, a speaker, a headset or a car designed by a third party manufacturer.
This year, the battle could go further and finally see the arrival of Samsung. In addition to smartphones and televisions, the Bixby assistant should indeed be proposed in a speaker, the Samsung Galaxy Home. This one, designed by AKG, was presented last August, but has not been released commercially. We could find out more, especially about its availability, during the CES 2019. This could also be the case of Huawei who had already presented his Huawei AI Cube speaker, still not released in Europe.
Another trend expected is for speakers with screens equipped with smart wizards, like the Google Home Hub. These devices should multiply on the show after emerging shyly in recent years.
The first PCs under Snapdragon 8cx
In early December, Qualcomm not only announced its new Snapdragon 855 Smartphone chip, but also unveiled its new PC processor, the Snapdragon 8cx.
The one who comes to succeed the Snapdragon 850 was nevertheless presented without partnership. The first computers and laptops equipped with this new chip could be unveiled by the manufacturers at CES Las Vegas.
As a reminder, the main interest of this new processor is to allow computers to be permanently connected to the Internet, while theoretically doubling the autonomy through the burning in 7 nm, compared to an x86 processor.
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