The OnePlus 7 will still not be compatible with wireless charging – MWC 2019

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said in an interview that his company's next smartphone, dubbed OnePlus 7, would still not be compatible with wireless charging.

The MWC Barcelona is not really the usual playground of OnePlus. However, the Chinese manufacturer was very present on the event to talk primarily about 5G.
As for its future smartphones, it will take a little. Still, his rather talkative CEO Pete Lau has delivered interesting information about the future OnePlus 7 interview for Cnet.
Still no wireless charging on the OnePlus 7
His opinion on wireless charging has not changed: he continues to prefer wired charging, especially its proprietary Warp Charge technology launched with the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. The big boss said: "The OnePlus wired charging is one of the best. Wireless charging is much lower.
These are comments that would not lend to anyone who was preparing to launch a phone compatible with wireless charging. It seems like a new year will pass without the company integrating it.
Pete Lau said that OnePlus is working hard to ensure that wireless charging is at a level deemed satisfactory for the company, but that it has "no date" to provide for it.
High end but not too
It is not totally surprising that OnePlus is not totally excited about the current wireless charging, which at its maximum is currently sending 15W. One of the main marketing arguments of its devices is after all its recharge speed.
However, if the company has the ambition to be a premium brand in 2019, such a feature missing its image. After all, even Xiaomi – who fights on the same fare lands as him – incorporates wireless charging to its devices, including the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 which even comes with a free charging stand.

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