The OnePlus 7 would benefit from ultra-fast UFS 3.0 storage

The OnePlus 7 will not be introduced for some time, but it seems that this one would have the right to UFS 3.0. Its storage memory would be more than twice as fast as it is now.

In 2018 Samsung introduced its developments in the field of smartphone hardware. Among them, the manufacturer has put forward the LPDDR5 RAM for 2020 and the UFS 3.0 storage space for 2019.
Precisely, here we are in this last year. But while the Galaxy S10 should be the first to enjoy, we learn that it would also be the case for the future OnePlus.
It's the Ice Universe leaker that says it in two new tweets. The first one presents the results of a test under Androbench, which measures read / write speeds of the integrated storage of smartphones (this is also the one we use in our tests).

UFS3.0 Crazzzzzy!
– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) January 6, 2019

A OnePlus 7 with UFS 3.0
We can see a reading rate of 2279.8 MB / s and a write rate of 1801.1 MB / s, the promises kept by UFS 3.0. For comparison, the current generation – UFS 2.1 – offers around 800 MB / s in reading. We are therefore on more than doubled scores, which will naturally affect the fluidity of the smartphone to use.
In its next tweet, Ice Universe said these scores were presumably from the next OnePlus device. If the source is known to our services, all its predictions are not equal: it is therefore necessary to take the information with tweezers.
That said, the information is fairly consistent in the current context for us to believe. It's a safe bet that the OnePlus 7 currently in design is tested on these platforms, and it naturally includes UFS 3.0. In which case, we would have our first look at what promises to be a very powerful new generation of smartphones.

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