The RCS, the successor of the SMS, is already appearing at the Google Fi operator

The Google virtual operator Fi deploys the RCS protocol, successor of the SMS, on its network and its devices.

Google imagined the protocol RCS (Rich Communication) with the intention to replace the good old SMS. In practice, it is mainly to enrich the text messages that we send. With the RCS, users will be able to create group conversations to find out whether a contact has read the message intended for them, send a large number of content or make video calls.
It was already known that Android Messages should spearhead this "revolution" while Android Q should allow third-party applications to exploit the SCR. We now learn, in a blog post, that the Google Fi virtual operator is already starting to deploy the RCS on its network and on devices that are connected to it.

Several smartphones involved
Present in the United States – and maybe soon in France? – Google Fi offers this messaging service on all Google Pixel, as well as Motorola Moto x4 and Moto G6 or the LG G7 and V35. These devices have been designed with special attention to the RCS.
Other smartphones compatible with Google Fi may support the RCS. But to find out, you need to install Android Messages on it and wait until the application confirms that the protocol can be used. With this initiative, Google adds some cards to his game to have more chance to see the SCN stand out as a standard. There will still be a long way to go.
Recall also that instant messaging applications are on the rise.
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