The return of GoPro's Karma

Since its official release just before the announcement of the DJI Mavic Pro in September 2016, Gopro's Karma seemed doomed to failure and was soon buried by many specialists in the field. Once released, Karma has unfortunately suffered many problems with units losing power in flight due to a battery problem. Approximately 2500 units were recalled by Gopro in late 2016 and a refund program has been set up which has opened a boulevard for DJI on this segment. Now, a few months have passed and Karma is ready to make its come back again . This time, with a lot of improvements after Gopro, and hopefully ready to hit hard against the Mavic Pro.But is not it too late now? Gopro have they managed to correct the shot and the real question that everyone asks is: is it a good investment for Gopro camera owners and will it meet the expectations of the market? Gopro, the problem that caused loss of power in flight was completely solved! GoPro indicates that they have reworked their batteries and added additional locks to secure them, which seemed to cause problems on the model of last year . In addition, the new model is quieter than before, according to the manufacturer, the compartment that houses the battery drone was completely revised and they added a little plastic padding to prevent scratches on the drone foldable arms . The first reviews are beginning to fall all over the web for a few weeks and the least we can say is that they are not always very favorable. The main criticisms that are made to him are its plastic finish that is "cheap" according to some, his holding position in flight that may leave something to be desired, his lack of intelligent flight modes, the autonomy of his battery … One of the presentations having made the most noise lately … In my opinion, it is much less than what should have been done to put this device back on track, because it still lacks a lot of features compared to its main rival – the DJI Mavic Pro. It seems that GoPro is trying not to fail again and now wants to limit the damage to its investors and its public, but will they manage and survive in this brutal market? I guess we'll find out in the coming months. Karma still offers a relatively complete and versatile kit and its audience. We will try to get one in the coming months to offer you a complete test. The Karma is back for sale end of March 2017 and will soon be available on the following sites: FNAC: Delivery from 29/03 / 2017I will add additional links on this post for the best prices of the web in the coming weeks.

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