The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 would also be entitled to its 5G variant

The Samsung Galaxy S10 are fresh out, and only one special device is entitled to its 5G version. It seems that for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 scheduled for the end of the year, the same logic applies.
Galaxy Note 9 for illustration
The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e are now available on the French market. However, there is one variant that we will not be entitled to any sooner: the 5G version.
Orange has made it clear that the latter would not be available in France before 2020. By then, it could be joined by another high-end smartphone of the Korean manufacturer.
A Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G would be under study
XDA Developers argues that a Galaxy Note 10 version 5G could be in development. The team determined it by analyzing the code of the last kernel available for the Galaxy S10.

In this one, we can see the mention of a device named "DAVINCI5G". But this is not the first time the code name appears: Ice Universe, semi-famous leaker on Samsung, revealed it a few months ago. The mention "5G" attached to it is rather explicit.
Note that XDA Developers also found another code name: "sled". This one could refer to the folding smartphones in development of the firm, but it is only pure conjecture for the moment.
What interest ?
Note that this mention in the code does not amount to a confirmation. In itself, Samsung could only study the possibility of a 5G variant of the Galaxy Note 10 and decide otherwise to launch the phone. It would be surprising, however: the new network is more deployed and commercially viable in China and the United States, two markets on which the brand is important, so it would be logical for it to invest in this way. In France, the situation is more complicated as you explain Geoffroy video:

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However, we are talking about a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, whose importance will be more pronounced at the end of 2019 … or even the beginning of the year 2020. In this case, if Samsung decided to release it in France it would not be surprising if this variant appeared at the beginning of next year to accompany the commercial launch of the network.
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