The Samsung Galaxy S10 + costs 10% more to produce, the fault on the screen and the camera

The cost of manufacturing the Samsung Galaxy S10 + has been estimated, which allows to have an overview of the distribution of the price of each component of the smartphone. The main price increases come mainly from the screen and the camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 + is an undoubtedly premium smartphone. Edge-to-edge screen pierced with a pill bubble, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the screen, triple camera … Samsung has evolved its flagship smartphone quite impressively, technologically speaking.
10% more than a Galaxy S9 +
But this technological evolution, it has of course a price. If we omit the cost of research or patents related to these new technologies, the components themselves are more expensive, which partly explains the increase of 50 euros that we see between the Galaxy S9 + (marketed at from 959 euros in 64 GB) and the Galaxy S10 + (marketed from 1009 euros in 128 GB).
Like every year, Tech Insights delivered its detailed estimate of Samsung's smartphone manufacturing cost. The Galaxy S10 + would cost $ 420, or about 370 euros, in components. This of course excludes logistics, or even R & D and marketing, which obviously explains the difference with the selling price: do not deduct from these figures that Samsung earns 640 euros by phone.
Last year, Tech Insights estimated the cost of manufacturing the Galaxy S9 + at $ 379, which gives a rise of about 10.8% between 2018 and 2019.
More expensive components
The most interesting of course is not the total cost of the Galaxy S10 +, but the detail of each part of the phone. Tech Insights notes, for example, that the increase in RAM and storage space is offset by lower costs for these components. Thus, offering a smartphone with 2GB of additional RAM and 128GB of storage does not cost more to Samsung. The processor however, although more efficient (and engraved at 8 nm instead of 10), costs less, which would save Samsung $ 10 per unit.
Several elements on the other hand come to weigh down the bill, starting with the screen which passes from 72,50 to 85,50 dollars because of its edge-to-edge design and its "bubble" to accommodate the frontal cameras. Similarly, the addition of an ultra wide-angle and a second sensor in front makes the cost of the camera from 48 to 56.50 dollars.
The battery is also an important point of the latest Korean born. It passes not only 3500 to 4100 mAh, but also, according to Tech Insights, from 5.50 to 10.50 dollars.
A move upmarket for the user
These figures are of course estimated and therefore omit many factors, including the tariff negotiations that Samsung has been able to carry out with its partners. This nevertheless allows to relativize a little the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + compared to last year.
If the last flagship of the number one phone is a little more expensive than the Galaxy S9 +, it will be easily forgiven him by noting that this increase is almost entirely related to the rise in the cost of manufacturing.
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