The Samsung Galaxy S10 is less easily repairable than the S9, the iPhone XS or the Mate 20 Pro according to iFixit

When buying a high-end smartphone, it is best to ensure that in case of glitch, the components can be easily repaired and, if necessary, replaced. Unfortunately, this is not really the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The latest Samsung has only collected the score of 3/10 by the specialized site iFixit.

While the first US tests of the Samsung Galaxy S10 have already been published, it is the turn of more specialized tests to appear. If DxOMark, which evaluates the photo performance of the most popular smartphones has already given the score of 109 to the Galaxy S10, the latest Samsung is significantly less side at iFixit.
The site specializing in the repair of smartphones has indeed disassembled, as usual, the latest from the Korean manufacturer. The opportunity for the iFixit to give a note of repairability of the device, in case the screen of your device would break or scratch, or if you had to change the battery. And the rating obtained by the Samsung Galaxy S10 is far from the best. The smartphone indeed harvest a score of 3/10, when its predecessor, the Galaxy S9, could boast a 4/10 close to the average. On the side of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, a major competitor of the S10, it's the same rating that was obtained with 4/10, when the iPhone XS flew over the other models with a nice 6/10 .
Too much glue and adhesives
In detail, iFixit blames Samsung for a much too important use of glue and adhesives that can complicate disassembly of the smartphone. This is notably the case of the screen for which the specialized site explains that "sticking the glass panels on the front and back considerably increases the risk of breakage and makes repairs much more complicated". The same goes for the battery that can be replaced, but with a "difficulty that is not necessary".
In this regard, note also that the replacement of the USB-C port of the Galaxy S10 will be very expensive.
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