The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the best smartphone for Instagram

Looking for the best smartphone to browse Instagram and post your best stories? Stop everything, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is here for you!

If Facebook loses speed with young people, the group can always count on Instagram to attract millenials (and others at the same time). The application nevertheless deserves to be more intuitive and better integrated into the system. Not only does not making a story obvious to those who are not used to it, but it's often frustrating not to have the entire picture on the screen once it's cropped to fit story format.
When designing the Galaxy S10, Samsung worked hand in hand with Instagram to integrate the social network on its smartphone. Thus, if you take a picture with your Galaxy S10, you can directly send it right into your Instagram story to share your slices of life with all your contacts simply and without a hitch.
                        If you have the soul of a photographer, the desire to admire the works of the largest photo community in the world or to follow the life of …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Edit and share your most beautiful photos
                                                                Follow influencers and popular accounts
                                                                Join the world's largest photo community
Clearly, Samsung is trying to reforge itself a new image to regain its status as a "cool" brand. It remains to be seen if these Galaxy S10 will arrive there, but our first impressions on these phones are very encouraging. With its quality in photo, there is no doubt that the Galaxy S10 will convince the influencers, but also the general public.


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