The sound makes its revolution: we discuss audio material with PP Garcia

The second episode of Hi Techie in the presence of PP Garcia is available to listen! After the future of the TV, we are talking about the revolution of sound, from true wireless headphones to noise reduction headphones.

In recent years, audio has undergone several significant changes: true wireless, improved Bluetooth codecs, the popularization of noise reduction … Whether you're headphones or rather headphones, there is now a whole range possibilities, be it with historical brands of sound, or with newcomers. We take this opportunity in this podcast to give you some tips.
Hi Techie, episode 20
Once again, we have the daring PP Garcia, a Tech journalist with a keen eye, who can be followed on his YouTube channel. This episode is heard here, and you can also use the player below.

See you next month for two new episodes of Hi Techie, with a new guest. So remember to subscribe to listen to our podcast everywhere! You will find it of course in your podcasting applications, but also on Deezer, on Spotify, or iTunes, where you can support us by giving us stars and by putting a comment! See you soon and have a good listen!

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