"They are afraid of vaginas": how a "daring" sextoy raises the question of sex at CES 2019 – FrAndroid

The CES officials rewarded the creators of a female sextoy before canceling the decision by calling the product obscene. The manufacturer of the device took advantage of this disappointment by drawing attention to the issue of sexism in the tech community.

"We won a prize. A month later, they took it away. " The startup Lora Dicarlo clearly did not appreciate how the leaders of the CES returned their jacket. The story you are about to read mixes various themes about new technologies and sexism.
Improved orgasms
Lora Dicarlo has created a female sextoy called "Osé" which promises "mixed" orgasms – vaginal and clitoral at the same time – without having to use the hands. The object deals with everything. The part inserted inside the sex extends to marry the internal forms and imitates the comings and goings of a pair of fingers while the base which remains outside the body blows on the clitoris to stimulate it .
According to the representatives of the company, these mixed orgasms are not obvious to achieve and their product aims to facilitate access to this pleasure. A large number of people were interviewed to make sure that Osé could be an object that suits everyone, all the bodies concerned. So much for the few technical explanations.

Before CES 2019, Lora Dicarlo took a chance to be rewarded with the prestigious CES Innovation Awards presented by a jury of professionals. And the company won the award by being awarded the Robotics and Drones category. Except that, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, the trophy has been removed.
Obscene product
The CTA – the association that produces the CES – has finally decided to reconsider its decision and has even banned the startup to expose the sextoy on its stand. To justify this choice, one of the general conditions of the show was invoked:
Entries deemed immoral, obscene, indecent, vulgar, blasphemous or inconsistent with CTA's image will be disqualified […]. CTA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify at any time any participation that […] endangers the safety or well-being of any person or does not comply with these Official Rules.
This explanation is not very well passed with the creators of Osé who have not failed to point out that various products related to sexuality have already been entitled to their moment of glory in previous editions of CES. In response to this, the officials of the show still changed their posture by saying that the sextoy was not in the category Robotics and Drones. In this case, why did you award him a reward in the first place?
They are afraid of vaginas
Also, the sanctioned startup claims that the product was designed by the University of Oregon's laboratory specialized in robotics. In addition, Osé is the subject of eight patents currently being validated. And Lora Dicarlo concludes: "We think that the real reason that CES and CTA stifle female innovation is because they are afraid of vaginas."

Eventually, this affair allowed the company to gain visibility. His stand was beset by a plethora of visitors. This is an opportunity for Lora Dicarlo to express her desire for a better visibility of women (among others) in the fields of pleasure and technology and to highlight the public letter written by the founder of the firm to explain the story .
Lora Dicarlo does not intend to take legal action to obtain compensation. Its goal is primarily to draw attention to this case.
Price and availability
Osé will be launched in the course of the third quarter of 2019 between 250 and 300 dollars. A manager told me that those who do not live in the United States will still be able to import the product. A mobile application is envisaged to provide artificial intelligence features or possibly an experience in virtual reality.

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