This attractive electric motorcycle is manufactured by a French company

Founded five years ago by a French entrepreneur, the start-up ETT has made new electrical solutions of tomorrow its true spearhead. One of his latest projects is based on an electric motorcycle whose prototype has reached its final stage.

The landscape of electric motorcycles is structured slowly, but surely. And models as original as each other continue to grow like mushrooms: ARC Vector to Zeus through more classic products like the Harley Davidson LiveWire and SuperNEX, fans of two-wheelers have an ever larger catalog over the years.
While the major motorcycle manufacturers are increasing their investments in the electrical sector, start-ups that are still little known to the general public are also trying to find a place for themselves in this niche with high potential. Among them, ETT, a young tricolor founded five years ago by Hadrien Le Flanchec. The goal: "To produce for the first time an electric two-wheeler incorporating performance, technological innovation and design", can be read on the official website.
Three already designed electrical products
Over the course of the projects, ETT has managed to finalize three products with a singular and original style, marked by frames surrounded by two aluminum panels: the Raker electric scooter, the Trayser electric bike (to buy or rent) and the carbon electric scooter. (Expected release in March 2019). To all this beautiful world is added a fourth guest: a brand new electric bike called HL1, presented in a press release published November 30.

Visually, the HL1 is appealing by its robotic design and its imposing adjustable rear suspension. The company's teams also focused on the product weight of 100 kg, thanks to the installation of a lattice frame and parts made of carbon and aluminum. This equivalent of a 125 cc also offers a power of 6000 watts, or 6 kW, giving it a maximum speed of 130 km / h.
Price and release date
Side autonomy, the two-wheel of the French brand will allow you to swallow 120 kilometers in one charge. What to do short distance trips only. Especially since the battery pack is charging in the space of eight hours. Contacted by the editors, Hadrien The Flanchec has cracked some additional information about its future price and its release date.

"As for the price, it will normally be 6490 euros, excluding possible help, because in general the equivalents of a 125 cc have an aid of 1000 euros, potentially 5490 euros for the case of the HL1", explains us -t it. Regarding the date of marketing, it will be necessary to wait until September 2019 to touch with the fingertips this electric model. For information, ETT has a sign in Paris, at 36 rue Ballu, in the 9th arrondissement.

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