This invisible joystick wants to change the way you drive a drone – FrAndroid

At CES 2019, we saw a radio control for a particular drone that requires to put a ring and move his thumb over a housing to maneuver the device.

For FrAndroid members in Las Vegas to cover CES 2019 – Ulrich, Goran and myself – the day of Thursday, January 10 was dedicated to exploring the many booths installed. A context conducive to the discovery of products that we did not know.
This is how my footsteps brought me to the stand of the Tie brand specialized in drones. The company launched a small quadricopter called Shift. And the great particularity of the latter is the format of its radio control. It consists of two parts: a rectangular box and a kind of small split ring.
The principle is simple. We pass the ring around his thumb and we grab the case. The latter is equipped with proximity sensors that detect when the ring is just above the top of the object. So by moving your thumb, you pilot the drone. For example, by raising your finger, the device goes up. Moving it to the right, the drone follows the same direction. A small knob on the back of the case rotates the quadrocopter laterally.
Not easy to take in hand
It is therefore a kind of invisible joystick. I could try the product via a software simulation. The grip was not obvious and I crashed the dummy drone several times. After a while, I got used to it a little more and my movements were better insured – roughly speaking, it must be understood that sudden movements are to be avoided.
Moreover, when the ring is too far from the housing, the controls are disabled until the user reactivates the radio control. Meanwhile, the drone remains in the air.
Tie Shift will be released in March with this radio control. The brand specifies however that a universal radio control of this kind is planned before the end of the year 2019.

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