This is not a joke: Samsung put ears on a hull to record the ASMR

At CES 2019, Samsung plans to present 8 experiments using artificial intelligence. Among them, a smartphone shell with ears to be able to record the ASMR easily.

Those who love technological innovations necessarily listen to CES 2019. The big technology fair is often the one where we discover the most zany projects, which are not necessarily destined to arrive on the market.
And for those who love the web culture, you can not miss out on the ASMR, a popular YouTube practice that wants you to sleep soundly with soft sounds and whispers. Samsung does not turn a deaf ear to this trend, and instead wants to help with artificial intelligence.
A smartphone shell with ears to make the ASMR
The Korean brand has unveiled today the 8 projects under artificial intelligence that will present CES 2019. Among them, we can not ignore aiMo.

Yes, this is a smartphone shell with two ears. These make it possible to simulate human hearing, so that the creators of ASMR can play with spatialization during their recording.
That's not all: artificial intelligence will serve here to improve the final sound by optimizing the sounds made in the ASMR practice. This would allow you to create it even outdoors in an uncontrolled sound environment. After all, even the hard-of-ear see their ASMR wasted by the noise.
A project primarily focused on AI
For many, this information will go into one ear and go out the other. However, it is amusing to see that Samsung is listening to the major trends of the web and seeks to optimize them through artificial intelligence.
This is not a major project: no one will get an ear in the R & D team of the Korean manufacturer for putting this idea into action, and no boss of Samsung has ears that heat to the sight of the hull. It will probably never be marketed.
It is especially here to promote the artificial intelligence in all the vast applications that it can have. And also train him, of course, for missions of larger sizes thereafter.
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