This moped electric moped goes up to 45 km / h despite its miniature format

The Motochimp Lyinh V2 ranks in the category of electric mopeds, but adopts a miniature format at least unusual. A template that does not prevent it from reaching a speed adapted to the city: up to 45 km / h.

As its name suggests, the Motochimp Lyinh V2 is no other than a second version of the electric moped of the same name released two years ago by the company Motochimp, tells us the specialized site Electrek. This product is particularly distinguished by its miniaturized format that will have the merit of standing out from the competition. A double-edged strategy: we love, or we hate, and everyone will see noon at their door.
An autonomy confined to the city
The Motochimp Lyinh V2 belonging to the category of 50 cm3, any person aged 14 and holder of the Brevet de sécurité routière (BSR) is authorized to drive it – users born before 1 January 1988 do not need this official title last cited. So do not expect high performance, its maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h.

Weighing 42 kilos and equipped with an aluminum chassis, the electric vehicle has a removable 750 kW battery that gives it a range of 30 to 40 kilometers. A radius of action that confines it to an exclusively urban use. Once the battery is dead, two hours will be enough to restore 100% of its energy. The Motochimp Lyinh V2 has the following dimensions: 1.10 meters in length, 65.5 centimeters in width and 1.15 meters in height.
Go for Indiegogo
This small electrified racing car is also equipped with rear suspensions, a double stand intended to improve stabilization at a standstill and a USB output capable of charging a mobile device. However, the company has not taken the traditional route to introduce its product on the market, since a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on the Indiegogo platform.
The firm set a target of $ 50,000, an amount deemed necessary to manufacture and send the first models. When writing these lines, "only" $ 7400 was raised from three investors, 19 days from maturity. For the most interested, it will be necessary to disburse at least the sum of 2399 dollars. A price that increases according to the proposed colors (red, black, yellow and blue). Deliveries are scheduled for August 2019.

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